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Traps A-400 Acoustic Drumset

Get 90 Days of Drumeo Free with Your Thomann Purchase!

Get 90 Days of Drumeo Free with Your Thomann Purchase!

Elevate your drumming experience with an exclusive offer from Thomann and Drumeo! When you purchase this product during the period from 24.06. to 23.09.2024 you will receive a 90-Days Access for Drumeo free of charge on top. After your order has been shipped you will receive the licence key as well as the Download link send to you automatically by Email. The Drumeo access is non-recurring and ends automatically at the end of the period.

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Drum Set

  • Drum shells made of high-quality, durable ABS plastic
  • Remo drum heads
  • Traditional multi-screw tuning system - set can also be adapted to mesh heads and drum triggers and converted to an electric drum set
  • Chrome plated steel tubes
  • Cymbals not included

Drum shell configuration:

  • 20" Bass drum
  • 10" Tom tom
  • 12" Tom tom
  • 14" Tom tom
  • 12" Snare drum


  • Full rack system (collapsible)
  • Separate hi-hat stand
  • 2x Cymbal boom arms
  • Snare holder arm
  • Foot pedal
Available since June 2008
Item number 210274
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Bass Drum Size 20"
Number of TomToms 3
Number of Floor Toms 0
Shell Material Plastic
Shell Finish Plastic
Shell Colour Black
Sparkle No
Fade No
Burst No
Shell Hardware Colour Chrome
Incl. Snare Yes
Bass Drum size 20"
Finish Plastic
Colour Black
Incl. Hardware 1
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54 Reviews

Good for a beginner
Canis rufus 30.01.2020
If you are a drummer looking for your first drum kit, this one is a good option. I got this one back more than 2 years ago, and I still use it while playing in my room.

1. It is really compact, esp. when it comes to the bass drum. Good option if you're low on space. Makes having a drum kit in a bedroom possible.
2. The lightness of the drum rings and the rack makes transportation very convenient.
3. The rack itself is pretty solid, and can potentially be used with other toms (with the right fixtures, of course) if you're someone who prefers mounting toms up on racks instead of the bass drum or on cymbal stands.

1. The plastic fixtures on the shell where screws tighten feels fragile. I broke one of the screw folders while tightening the bass drum, and it wasn't even too tight.
2. The sound is obviously compensated for, in comparison to a regular kit, since the toms are bottomless and the bass drum is ultra-thin.
3. The setup is more constrained than a regular kit, since everything is mounted on a rack.
4. If you love sitting too high on the throne (I used to sit almost 70 cm above the ground), you might find that the snare drum a bit too low.

I use it as a practice kit in my room with mesh heads and quiet cymbals, and for that purpose I find this kit reasonable. But, if you're looking for a kit for anything more than that (jamming, gigging etc.), this kit will most likely not serve the purpose.


I was surprised at the quality - just add throne and cymbals
Jim 4 05.04.2020
Two heads on the bass and snare. Very solid setup. I had to eyeball the side of the snare to make sure I don didn’t over tighten the snare. I like the sound of the snare, but you have to be careful if you want tight heads. Cymbal strands are awesome. Overall I was surprised at the overall quality. I’l use it at home and small gigs.
Quick setup
Solid stands
Some of the joints require a lot of effort to tighten
Bass drum needs help with timing tuning but it’s doable


Traps drum kit
Henry sherwood 07.06.2020
Good solid kit,surprisingly loud enough to use for small venues( bought it as a rehearsal kit)only thing that isn’t good is the Tom holder hardware,the bracket is fine on the rack but the hexegan bar that the drums fasten to is poor,Recording wise not good cos off rattles but bought as easy quick rehearsal kit and it does the job.Hardware that comes with it is ok and all the drums(apart from kick which stays on the rack anyway) fit in a 14” soft Tom case,hardware plus extra stands fit in Millenium speaker stand bag.


Practical solution for the travelling musician
Serhat 08.04.2014
Everything in the kit was neatly and securely packed. Everything was in perfect condition when my order arrived, except for the floor tom rim. It was broken on a point very close to the tension rod hole. But Thomann replaced the item with a new one without hassle. I didn't even need to send the broken item back, they just sent me a new one. So, many thanks to Thomann team for their awesome support! The plastic parts look a bit flimsy, you should use them carefully. If you don't be gentle on the plastic hardware, if you tighten the rods too much for example, or if you let them lie under sunlight for a long while, they might break. Other than that, rack system, cymbal & hihat stands and the bass drum pedal is decent quality and useful. You won't need to replace them.

Whole kit sounds surprisingly good. Especially the toms... Bass drum feels a bit shallow as it has no shell obviously; and the snare drum is like a small piccolo snare. But neither of them is a problem especially if you have the chance to mic your drums. A good tuning and some simple eq adjustments can give you surprisingly pleasant results. Of course, expecting a full range rich maple shell sound out of this kit would be ridiculous, no need to mention...

The best thing about this kit is its portability. I suggest you to buy the bundle with the softcases as it makes everything a lot easier. You can carry your drumset in just 2 bags. You don't even need a car any more, you can go to work by bus or almost any other transport :)


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