Thon Rack Adapter 1U 25


19" Rack Adapter

  • 1 U 25
  • Various holes in the base plate for attachment of a variety of devices (e.g. 9.5" modules)
  • Depth: approx. 25.5 cm
  • Inner width: approx 43.5 cm
  • Powder coated
  • Format: 19" / 1 U
Item number 127151
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Type 19"
Height in HE 1 U
Depth 255 mm
Weight 1,4 kg
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823 Reviews

Not even anywhere close to fitting a standard 19" Rack
jonnyweston 05.05.2020
OK so I have many many racks, from gator, from SKB, from Amptown and from the Dublin FlightCase Company.

I have tried the two shelves of these that i ordered from you guys - and they won't get anywhere near even close to fitting any of the racks.

The rack shelf width internally is nearly a full cm too short for a standard rack unit - which...... makes them completely useless - there is no conceivable way that these will fit into ANY of my rack units.

I absolutely would NOT recommend this shelf.

Now that said, its clear that some batches (Going by reviews) have fitted SOME racks, but theres bound to be some reason as to why this batch does not fit ANY of mine. I suspect low quality chinese manufacturing facilities to be at fault, and poor quality control. In fact no I take that back - its probably ZERO quality control at all.

I had a target to have this rack in particular built for friday, which was why everything was ordered way into last week there - prompt delivery as always - but poor product.

I dislike leaving negative reviews but I don't wish for any one to fall into the same trap as I have done.

I hope this isn't perceived as bing too overtly negative, but Im just trying to raise awareness about this issue.

Thankyou - Jonny


Handy rack adapter for mounting random things
nikreiman 19.01.2022
I have 2 of these units in my rack, one of them contains a Mac Mini and a MOTU Ultralite MK3 soundcard (which is actually using a rack ear, so the soundcard isn't actually attached to this adapter), and the other contains a Virus TI Snow. For both the Mac Mini and the TI Snow, I used a marker to carefully mark holes and then drilled into the undersides of their cases. Both are very securely mounted, and this adapter worked pretty well for these tasks.

As others have noted, it would be nice if this adapter contained holes in the pattern of VESA 75/100 rather than just randomly placed. For my use-case, this wasn't a big concern, since I was drilling into stuff anyways, but for others, they may be disappointed that the holes aren't aligned to the VESA standard.


Great shelf
NikolaosL 17.12.2020
Well I have the StudioRTA Creation Station from Thomann I bought a few years back. I wanted to use these as shelf's. And so I did, and it worked out fine. In order to do this though I unscrewed the receiving parts from the RTA and screwed them in the back in order to have the shelves slanted downwards towards me. So I screwed the Rack shelf from the back of the RTA. By doing so I now have from one side one Thon Rack Adapter for the POD xt (i still use it on my desk) and on the other side the other for my steinberg UR24C. I have extra room now for accessories and stuff under the shelves and the entire thing was a success.
The shelves are heavy, sturdy and very well painted. I recommend them. If you plan on having something on it that has plastic rubber pads, it will stay in place. The UR24 for example is as if it is glued there.


Nice solid tray for non mountable objects
Dan_20 08.03.2022
I have two Behringer hum destroyers (great name of course) and a Behringer Mic100 tube preamp, all of which don't have rackmount capabilities, so I needed a place to put them, and well, it works.

The only other thing to say is that I don't think it could hold a lot of very heavy items as you can definitely press on it and watch it bow a bit, but keep in mind, it is metal, so providing you're not loading it, it should be fine, but your mileage may vary.

I'm not sure what else to say, other than it's a flat 1U tray to place items in a rack mount enclosure. Looking at the tray, the variety of holes makes it pretty versatile too, so I'm definitely happy with it.