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Thomann Classic Violinset 4/4


Violin Set

  • Size: 4/4
  • Made completely of solid wood
  • Fingerboard: Ebony
  • Top: Spruce
  • Back, sides and neck made of maple
  • Tuning pegs: Ebony
  • Chin rest: from man-made material
  • Tailpiece with fine tuners
  • Made ready to play in Germany in the Thomann specialist string workshop

This set includes:

  • Violin
  • Composite-bow
  • Case with backpack straps
  • Rosin
Incl. Bow Yes
case included Yes
Fretbboard Ebony
no tropical wood used No
Flamed Back No
Strings Simple Steel Strings
Fine tuners Yes
Fine Tuning Screw for E string No
available since September 2006
Item number 193599
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Available immediately

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Excellent as a beginner violin
justindoran 08.04.2020
This comes with everything you will need to start playing the violin. I am a complete beginner so I can't say the exact quality in terms of sound produced by the instrument but from a beginner's point of view it is perfect.

It comes with the violin itself, a good quality case, a bow, rosin, and a shoulder rest. It has allows me to get started using this product straight away.

The instrument came fully set up and stringed and almost in tune. Just be aware that this adds a day or two to delivery times (at least it did in my case) as the violin first went to Thomann's strings section to set up. This very slight delay was fully worth it though as I could take it out of the box, make some very minor adjustments to tuning, and start playing (albeit very badly as I am a complete beginner but that is me not the instrument).

The shipping time was very good and the packaging it came in was perfect. I had one or two question for Thomann and the customer service was excellent.

All in all I would highly recommend this to anyone who is starting off. The service, quality, and value is excellent. I know there are much better quality violins available at much higher price points but for someone who is starting to play this is ideal.


Good value for this price
Constantin de Est 04.12.2019
I have this violin for 3 months and I used it daily as a teaching instrument / for playing in rough conditions: it does the job greatly! It came fully prepared for playing, I only needed to tune it
very clean, honest and strong construction (no Stradivarius, but in no case a bazar toy).
I feel the initial strings are very poor (cheap) and the included bow feels pretty 'synthetic' (but, then... again: very good value for the price!)


amendaaa 18.01.2016
im a beginner violinist and this is my first violin and i dont really have a teacher just a friend who i ask for help sometimes because im new to this she started learning violin at the age of 5 my friend is also the one who chose this one because the wood is better

good things: the violin is matte which i like very much and the sound is very nice thats what my friend said and you get the whole set so thats good for that price nothing is wrong with it yet and as i said good wood

bad things: almost every thing you get is made in china stuff the violin the shoulder rest the case. the bow you get is just a cheap bow so is the rosin

all together for a made in china thing is this very good for the price i know i have been saying that its very good remember how much you are paying it wound be a 1k sounding violin but for the price its quite decent

Update: this current version is not the same as when i bought it, they changed some wood


A very nice instrument
Christine1200 19.02.2014
I bought this instrument because I want to learn something about the Strings. I knew that i wouldn't take instrumental lessons so i only searched something with low costs.

I am very happy with this violon. You get a full set, a nice case and a good bow.
The quality is very good, it's a violon which doesn't shine high. The only bad thing is, when you want to tune it, you have to push the eddys hard because here you see the low cost. But without this little shortcomming you have a violon which has a very nice sound and which is perfect to learn it and to play it. So I would recomand it to others!


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