Thomann V2030 Black 10 Pack


Cable Ties

  • Pack of 10
  • Hook-and-loop fastener
  • Size: 20 x 300 mm
  • Colour: Black
Item number 105251
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Type Hook&Loop cable tie
Colour Black
Length [cm] 30 cm
Width [cm] 2 cm
Reusable Yes
Flame Retardant No
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Anonymous 22.06.2016
So i just made 100 meters of XLRs using the Sommer cables and the gold plated black Neutrick ends.

I figured that after i had made all of these the last thing i would want is a bag with a spaghetti monster in it, especially with other band members helping pack down gear and their terrible ability at coiling cables.

If your doing live sound or running a studio, you need cable ties! Not only do they preserve the lifetime of your cables but they make you look just that little bit more professional. Instead of your client or band members watch you wrestle the end out of a ball of string you can just set up, plug in and play.

The size on these is great for all cables, I use these with my 6 meter XLRs and my 15 meter ones and because these are so large they wrap around fine. Any excess length and you can just wrap it around the cable a few more times and stick in on with the Velcro.

Sometimes they slide off, i may have to go around my cables and superglue these on because they aren't the cheapest thing to just loose multiple lots off.

The build quality is great, just a big piece of Velcro onto some fairly stable material. The metal loop is of good quality and overall i cant see there being any problems.

Good build quality
Helps you be professional
Extends lifetime of cables
Saves time uncoiling cables

Expensive when you have to buy a few packs of these - worth it though

Get these to protect your cables and stop you spending hours uncoiling them! I use these for live gigs with a large pa and in the studio to keep things running smoothly and it's these little bits of gear that make a difference.


Highly recommend these Velcro straps
JTWINZ 01.08.2019
keep your wires neat and tidy with these super strong Velcro straps. I also use mine around speaker poles to hold XLRs in place rather than wiring dangling. Many sizes available.


djarmand 26.11.2020
No matter how many of these you have, you'll end using them all. Cable management is not a joke and will make your live better!
Absolutely recommended!


essential to keep things tidy
jonnybass1968 16.10.2017
If you're a cable nerd like me and have to wrap your cables correctly, you need velcro ties to tie them off properly and these are the best ones I've found as they actually stay on the cable all the time and wrap round easily. Should get at least a couple of years use before they give way but cheap enough to replace, Jjust wish Thomann did the extra big ones they used to do, ideal for thicker cabling