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Thomann Träumereien mit der Ocarina


Songbook for Ocarina

  • 29 Pieces arranged for 12-hole ocarina
  • 2nd edition
  • Edited by Johann Rotter
  • With piano accompaniment
  • With fingering diagrams
  • Consists of 2 booklets: Ocarina part, and score with ocarina and piano parts
  • Easy level of difficulty
  • ISBN: 9783902631138
  • Format: DIN A4
  • 48/40 Pages
4 Hole No
7 Holes No
10 Holes No
11 Holes No
12 Holes Yes
Volksmusik No
Folk No
Cinematic Music No
Christmas Songs No
available since October 2010
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Great collection... If you like the sort of thing
Adil Ahsan 05.01.2018
FIrst off, it comes with 2 separate booklets, one for playing the song on an ocarina, another in case you happen to have a piano lying around and are really into multitasking. :)

The collection is broad, in the sense that it was taken from multiple cultures like Ireland, USA, Russia, Germany, Italy and South America among others... The notes for some of the songs are quite difficult to find online as well...

I think for 8 of the songs, the videos of a really nice ocarina player are available on the author's youtube channel, so that's nice, as you can see how it's meant to be sound...

While it's a nice composition, just make sure you like this sort of stuff.. Because the tempo for most of the songs is quite similar, so if you like these kinds of songs, then you should certainly get it... Otherwise, for a more broad category of songs (in the sense that they cater to different moods), you may want to check out either the Irish songbook or the camping song book, by the same author... I found those 2 to be more fun to play... But of course, to each his own... :)

Just go through the list of the songs, listen to some of those songs, and see if you'd like to learn how to play them, and then go with this one...


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