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Thomann SK140 Jack mono Angled


6.3 mm Mono Jack Angle Connector

  • Maximum cable diameter: 7.14 mm
  • Metal connector
  • High quality
Installation No
Mono/Stereo Mono
Angled Yes
Item number 128508
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Thomann SK140 Jack mono Angled
WD555 30.04.2017
Thomann SK140 Jack mono Angled
I have used these Thomann mono angled jacks many times before and they are in my opinion the best value in angled jacks.
Much cheaper than the big brand name jacks and really very good quailty for the price paid.
The metal outer casing is robust and I have never had any damage to them.
The outer casing screws over the inner part and the threads are well cut without any rough edges - the two parts do unscrew quite easily and I have taken to adding a little locktite thread locker o these threads to stop them from unscrewing in use but obviously only after I have tested the final cable is working !!!
Inside the outer cover is a thin plastic sleeve which slides over the connection to prevent the inner core terminal shorting to the ground cover.
The terminals are easily soldered and the outer clamp is easy to form with a crimping tool or carefully with needle nose pliers.
I add 75mm of heatshrink tubing to cover the side joint, again only after the vale has been tested, this protects the joints and also adds some protection in the form of relieving cable strain where the cable enters the housing, this technique is used on the "pro snake" cables which I believe also use the same angled mono jack plugs.
If you are using these jacks to make patch cables for a pedal board and want the angled jacks to be as close as possible (together, back to back ) then two jacks will require approximately 32mm space between pedals.


Excellent price?performance ratio
Anonymous 11.02.2017
Feedback for "Thomann SK140 jack mono angled"
A very cheap angled jack but do not let the low price fool you, it's a very decent little jack indeed.
These are the same jacks that are used on the "Pro Snake Patch - Professional Angled Jack Patch Cables".
All metal housing, they are not the prettiest jacks but quite solid and built to last.
I use the Pro Snake Patch leads on my pedal board but needed some longer leads to run from the board to my amps.
I have been experimenting with double, triple and even quad amp rigs recently and needed some extra cables but wanted to keep the cable runs to an absolute minimum so I cut up some old whirlwind cables that were far too long and was able to make them the exact length then used these angled jacks to complete the job.
The angled jack is great with pedals as it greatly reduces the space needed on pedal boards but I like to use the angled jacks going into my amps as it reduces the strain on the input sockets.
They are very easy to use and I will be ordering more soon to shorten cable runs and tidy my pedal board as soon as I have it completed.
So far I haven't had any problems with them, the only minor complaint is that the outer cover comes loose quite easily, it's no great problem but I think I will try a little low strength thread lock just to keep them from coming loose.


A fine plug.
Boddum 04.10.2021
I've bought many of these over a long period of time.
None has left me down.
I like the form factor, very nice for acoustic guitars as endpin jack connection. You can't argue with the price, it makes it easy to buy a handful at a time ;-) p.s. Don't go past 6 mm. diameter cable.


A Jack that does its job
Dimitris K.. 16.06.2021
In essence, I prefer making my own instrument cables rather than buying them, I am not that expert on the quality of the metal that is made of however this is a great budget one with great build quality.
Easy and open to do the soldier, and still good space between (+) and (-), from an assembly perspective the jack is easy to put together, is easy to solder, and has the ability to take some really thick cable.
The delivery service by Thomann was fantastic, can it get any better, a great value !!!


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