Thomann Guitar Case Single Cut


Moulded Case for Single Cut Models

  • Weight: Approx. 3.9 kg
  • Colour: Black

Interior dimensions:

  • Length: 100 cm
  • Upper width: 22 cm
  • Lower width: 32.5 cm
  • Height: 8 cm
Available since September 2004
Item number 172299
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Cases For ST-Style Guitars No
Cases For T-Style Models No
for double cut models No
foe semi-hollowbody models No
Cases For V-Style Guitars No
for single cut models Yes
Cases For Jazzguitars No
For Other Models No
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933 Reviews

Decent case - but READ
The Dali 09.04.2020
The case is very nice-looking, and the hardware seems fine. There are 5 latches so even if one breaks you are still not going find the lid opening up on you. Looks nice, and it is a guitar case so who really cares what it looks like. The interior is fine and fits the HB single cut I have very snugly. Almost too snug.

The biggest issue it that the headstock area is TOO SHALLOW and the edge of the headstock hits the floor of the case. This is a bad thing since if this case falls over there is stress on the neck and could snap the headstock. I put my ESP EC in the case and it didn't hit. I'm guessing that the HB headstock is TOO BIG and bottoms out. Be aware of this. If you are using this for an ESP, Epi or other brand you are probably ok because they have smaller headstocks. I won't use this for my Harley Benton Goldtop because the headstock hits the bottom of the case. Be aware!


Does the job brilliantly!
Jamie W. 18.02.2020
I bought this case to accompany an SC-400 gold top I bought as a project and expected it to fit the guitar but be a bit loose, allowing a lot of movement. I was, thankfully, quite wrong.

The guitar fits nice and snugly in the case, the foam padding squashes slightly to mould to the guitar’s shape, keeping it firmly in place.

The pocket is a decent size and would probably be big enough for a pack of strings, a couple of cables and an effects pedal at a push so more than enough for me.

The only down side I’ve found is that the neck support height allows the guitar headstock to sit on the bottom of the case slightly. I found that this affected the tuning slightly on the D and G strings but I tend to tune my guitars as soon as I take them out of the case anyway so that’s not really an issue for me.

The construction of the case isn’t perfect (a few nicks in the tolex and the handle is a bit stiff to move) but it feels very solid and I would certainly trust it with a more expensive guitar which for £45 is amazing.

In short, if you have an SC Harley Benton in need of a case, get one of these. You won’t be disappointed.


A great alternative to an original
Anonymous 13.03.2016
I have ordered this case to accompany my Epiphone Les Paul Standard and I have been using ever since. I believe that the pros definitely outnumber the cons.
To begin with, it is a solid case that has never failed to transport my guitar once,that alone can describe why I still use it.
Secondly, despite the fact that it costs considerably less than it's Gibson, or even Epiphone, equivalent it doesn't feel cheap at all. I haven't had the chance to see any of the above up close but judging from what I own it is a well built, fairly priced product. The materials all feel nice and the locks are quite assuring as is the grip(which may lack a little in comfort due to my large hands and it's plastic nature).
Now, about it's drawbacks I can only think of one.
I've been carrying my guitar around the city for a while during a rainy night. Once I have reached my destination and opened the case I found out that there has been a leak. Considering that it was only some drops of water and that the case is not designed for use in a downpour it only a minor weak point for the product.
To conclude, it is a workhorse of a case that does the job more than decently.


very good fit for singlt cuts, great build quality.
TheHarleyBentonFanatic 05.07.2020
i purchased an SC500BK and had bought this case for it to keep it in during the day and night, to prevent humidity issues.

overall, the case fits the SC500BK VERY tightly, and the guitar is extremely secure in the case.

the case comes with 5 locks AND a keylock, im very confident that the guitar would NEVER somehow fall out of the case. when the guitar is in the case, i do not feel like i have to worry about bumping into things and damaging the guitar inside as well.

the only con that i can name with the case is that the accessories compartment on the inside seems a little bit small, enough for strings and a tuner and a few picks. but don't expect to fit an in-box cleaning kit into the compartment.

overall, build quality is great, and is a reliable case. the thomann badge under the handle is a good bonus too! would definitely recommend this case to anyone who needs a good case for a good price!