Thomann Renaissance Lute Deluxe 7C


Renaissance Lute

  • 7 Courses
  • Platanus body
  • Walnut inlays
  • Platanus neck and pegbox
  • All inlays are made from walnut and platanus wood
  • Walnut fingerboard
  • Platanus fingerboard inlays
  • Pegs: Coconut wood
  • Tuning: Ff - Gg - cc' - ff - aa - d'd' - g'
  • Bridge is made from platanus and features a walnut veneer
available since December 2016
Item number 385717
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Lute kind Renaissance Arch-Lute
tuning Ff, Gg, Cc, ff, aa, dd, g
scale-length 600 mm
fingerboard Walnut
case included No
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Good starter instrument - with one reservation.
trad_fiddler 01.04.2019
I am on the whole very pleased with this instrument:
It is well-made and looks good.
It is light and resonates well.
The finish seems to be a very thin coat of satin varnish and looks great.
The nut is made from bone and is, correctly, not glued to the neck but held in place by the strings. The action is, if anything, slightly high but this could easily be fixed.
The frets are single-tied and came positioned correctly to give what sounds to my ears near perfect intonation. The higher glued frets are also correct.
The pegs fit well, move smoothly and the instrument is surprisingly easy to tune.
The rose is obviously laser-cut but it looks great and I would expect nothing more at this price. It is also integral to the table and not glued in later.

Mine had a problem: the fingerboard was slightly concave across its width meaning the frets did not lie flat against the wood causing rather bad fret-buzz in places. Fortunately I have the skill to fix this - I flattened it with a cabinet scraper and re-finished with brazil nut oil. Be ready to return yours if it has this problem.


Great Lute for a Great Price.
I. Masterson 07.10.2020
I purchased this lute as my first lute ever, and it's a great beginner instrument.
+ It sounds good, not too soft, not too loud. Not too sharp and not too dull.
+ The lute is very light and easy too hold.
+ The frets can be moved into a more accurate position.
+ It's easily playable and learnable (I would say that it's even easier than a guitar) and anything you play will always sound good.
+ The lute is easy to transport and comes with a sturdy and protective gig bag.
+ The instrument looks great ;)

- The lute is difficult to tune.
- The strings are hard to replace.
- The strings go out of tune easily.


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Un très bon luth pour débuter
Rabrinda 07.08.2017
Un luth qui présente un bon rapport qualité/prix, idéal pour débuter.

La finition est très convenable (notamment d'un point de vue esthétique), l'instrument est très léger et plutôt agréable à jouer une fois qu'on l'a pris en main.

Après, certes, il n'a pas la qualité de ce que vous pourrez trouver chez un luthier (les chevilles ne sont pas parfaites, les cordes avec lesquelles il est livré ne sont pas de 1ère qualité) mais au regard de son prix, il est de bonne qualité et offre un très bon compromis pour qui veut débuter sans casser sa tirelire ou louer un instrument.

À noter que contrairement à la description (mais conformément aux photos), il est livré dans un étui souple adapté.


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Dobra lutnia w bardzo niskiej cenie
Józef z Radomia 17.04.2020
Lutnia wygląda ładnie, nawet stroi choć kołki nie są bardzo dobrze dopasowane. Struny są słabej jakości i warto dokupić markowe.