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Thomann Orchestra Music Stand (4pcs)


Orchestra Music Stand Set

  • Set of 4 desks
  • One level extensible
  • Perforated sheet music holder: 48 x 33 x 4.5 cm
  • Height of stand: approx. 65 x 119 cm
  • Maximum total height: approx. 151 cm
  • Diameter of upper extension tube: 2.5 cm
  • Diameter of the lower extension tube: 3.1 cm
  • Material: powder-coated steel
  • Connecting pieces made of plastic
  • Folded stand diameter approx. 10.5 cm
  • Tripod folded length approx. 62 cm
  • Tube diameter: top 2.3 cm
  • Tube diameter: bottom 2.8 cm
  • Weight: approx. 2.8 kg
  • Colour: Black
Available since October 2020
Item number 494804
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Height in cm 151 cm
Steel Plate Yes
Aluminium Plate No
Wooden Plate No
Perforated Plate Yes
Closed Plate No
Foldable Plate No
Conductor's Desk No
1x Extendable Yes
2x Extendable No
Colour Black
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2665 Reviews

A Sturdy Piece of Kit? I certainly thought so, but not quite ...
Dr Bassman 15.12.2019


Please note that the following section: The INITIAL REVIEW is now followed by a SUBSEQUENT REVIEW, intended to provide an update on my views and use of this particular piece of kit.


I bought this stand, primarily because it looked sturdy, solid, reliable, etc. I didn't want my music wobbling about in front of me while I was playing, and this stand looked ideal. More so, when it arrived, my reasoning seemed to be confirmed; it certainly looked like a strong, solid, reliable piece of kit. Happy days!

It's been used twice and on both occasions, it was fine. I mean, it's a stand, right?; what's to go wrong?; and nothing did. Until that was, I returned home with it and began setting the stand up in my living room. Now, I've been using all sorts of stands for decades. I've got lots of them and never have I had a problem with any of them: Until this afternoon, that is.

I was tightening the base tripod i.e., locking the position of the three legs by tightening a fixing screw/bolt against the stand's tubular column. Suddenly, I realised that the locking mechanism had come loose in my hand. A brief inspection revealed that the only part of the stand that was keeping the locking mechanism in place i.e., attaching it to the tripod, not the stand's tubular column, was a thin sheet of plastic, approximately four millimetres thick, in the middle of which was a threaded hole to accommodate the fixing screw/bolt. Apparently, whilst tightening the tripod into position, this small area of plastic had sheared all along its base and down one side, leaving it hanging loose and completely unfit for locking the tripod in position against the stand's tubular column.

As I said, stands are nothing new to me. I know how to tighten their locking mechanisms and this wasn't a case of over-tightening. On the contrary, to my mind, this is a simple design problem. The stand's designers found it acceptable to hold the locking mechanism for the tripod in place using a thin piece of plastic (absolute maximum thickness of 4mm). That doesn't sound like a good idea to me, because I'd hazard a guess that it needs a little more than that e.g., 5mm or more of steel plate, complete with a threaded hole, all held firmly in place so that it does not move, flex or shear. That might suffice to hold the thread of the locking mechanism rigidly in place, as it is required to be.

What's more, there's a real risk that this section of the stand will fail, catastrophically, rendering the stand useless. I mean, that's what happens to thin sections of plastic when subjected to any forces of any significance e.g. as will be found in locking mechanisms on music stands, etc.

And guess what?; that's exactly what has happened here. Why am I not surprised? Or am I missing something?

No matter, my advice: Avoid this product. It looks good but it has a major flaw: A wall of plastic, a few millimetres (4mm max.) thick is not fit for the purpose for mounting and securing a locking mechanism on a stand of this size. So I guess this is a cautionary tale. Systems usually fail at their weakest points and that's the case here. The problem is identifying these issues when you are purchasing such items. I certainly didn't see this one coming. But that's life; you live and learn, right?

However, ...


Based on the above, I'm not using this stand: It's useless, right? Well, no, and I am; using it, that is. Although I am sure that an appropriate application of Superglue would have dealt with the sheared edges described above (and still might), I stumbled across another solution.

I had ordered a set of standard plastic g-clamps for another project. I then found that, by attaching one clamp immediately above and one immediately below the required locking position on the stand's tubular column, the stand attained a commendable level of stability. Just to make sure, I "threw" and "knocked" the stand about a bit; a test which it passed with flying colours. The result?; a perfectly functioning music stand.

I cannot change my initial findings e.g., this stand has a major design flaw, but this does show what a little ingenuity can do, don't you think?


Wonderful Music stand
GJK123 08.10.2017
I?m really pleased with this music stand. I?ve been using this stand over the last few months and it has not let me down. I find it is very sturdy even with my heavier books. I use the book Hal Leonard Ultimate Rock Pop Fake Book which is a big heavy book!

Adjusting the height is very easy and it has a good range of useable heights. The stand is very portable and lightweight. The legs are very sturdy and rubber feet help the stabilize the stand too. You can also easily rotate and adjust the angle of the sheet holder. So it is very to get the music stand into a position that feels comfortable for you.

The only problem I have found is that there is a lip on the top of the stand and it?s makes it harder for my music clip to get a good grip.

Apart from that I have no other problems. I highly recommend this stand and I think it is well worth the price!


NicolaBH 02.01.2020
feels like solid construction.
the surface is just larger than an A3 piece of paper


framus az-10 24.04.2020
It's ok, serves its purpose well.