Thomann Irish Bouzouki M1089-P BK


Irish Bouzouki

  • With built-in pickup and active electronics
  • Solid spruce top
  • Flat, solid maple back
  • Maple sides
  • Maple neck
  • Acacia fingerboard
  • Scale: 66 cm
  • Tuning: GG - dd - aa - e'e'
  • Stringing: D'Addarío J81
  • Colour: Black
  • Made in Europe
available since October 2013
Item number 317204
sales unit 1 piece(s)
tuning GG - dd - aa - e'e'
scale-length 665 mm
gigbag included No
pickup included Yes
fingerboard Acacia
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Nice Irish Bouzouki for the price
JohnLuke 12.07.2017
The instrument has a elegant look.
As mentioned in another review the original chords are almost not playable and yes, the low strings are octaved and not unison like Irish Bouzoukis should be.
Thank to the mentioned review I ordered also a set of D'addario strings (EJ81) and I restrung the instrument almost immediatly.
Well the sound is really better and enjoyable. Begun playing Monaghan Jig and sounds quite nice.

The piezo in it is good and can be used while performing (take extra care equalizing it and the result will be good).

Now, cosidering the price, this Romanian-made bouz is very good and a bargain to start with.
One customization to do: replace the keys. Considering the price they are cheap (that's expected) so some of them become too stiff and hard to turn while others remain loose. Currently they're doing the job. But l'm planning to replace them.
Once done, well, it will be an average good instrument.
Only the time will answer on wood quality but it appears well made.
The black finish is good to see and performing on stage is going to have success.


get more than what you pay for...
eoinc 19.05.2021
this is one of a series of bouzouki's I owned over the years - the last being a quite expensive electro-acoustic one which I used to play live but never really bonded with and have sold recently.

I wanted one to play aboyt the house, record with, and potentially play live at some point again.

I went for this model as I reckoned the dark finish was perhaps hiding wood that was cosmetically poor, but structurally and sonically equivalent to the more expensive clear finish versions.

The big pro - this bouzouki sounds great. bright and loud without being overly thin. Onboard electronics work fine also.

I had to adjust the intonation, but there is enough play on the bridge to do so relatively easily.

the finish is nice, the tuners... well with this form of tuners unless you're spending big money they are all equally limited. These work better than I feared they might, fine in fact.

The big problem for most people would be that the action isn't great (fine up to about the 10th fret) - this can be remedied by sanding the bridge saddled (which is a removable separate piece) - not every play might feel comfortable doing this, but its a relatively easy mod.

the takeaway - great value for money for a beginner or someone more experienced who is happy to do a few simple mods or adjustments


A Jolly Reasonable 'Zouk
Simon4003 23.09.2014
This is a Romanian-made instrument perfect for a beginner or someone who is looking to experiment like me. As with all Thomann products it is remarkably reasonable and a good instrument. I use it to 'beef out' acoustic guitar chords which works well in standard CFAD tuning. Original strings were ropey but replaced with some D'Addarios and the sound is beautiful and unexpected. Best price-quality ratio on the market


Irish Bazouki
bluesbrotherbaz 30.07.2019
Great instrument for the money. Very good pick-up too