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Thomann Xtreme Style Guitar Gigbag


Standard Xtreme Gigbag

  • Suitable for Kelly, ESP EX, Warrior, Firebird, and Randy Rhoads style models
  • 20 mm Foam padding
  • Backpack straps with metal fittings and outer pockets
  • Inner dimensions: 118 x 37 x 7 cm
Available since May 2006
Item number 190366
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Model EX-Style
Padding (Strength) 20 mm
Finish Nylon
Outside Pocket Yes
Backpack Yes
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In stock within 1-2 weeks
In stock within 1-2 weeks

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540 Reviews

Great bag for large guitars!
jrakus 30.09.2020
I bought this for my Harley Benton Ex-76 explorer which is an explorer copy with a smaller body. This bag fits the guitar well but it's made for even bigger guitars and with big headstocks. With the EX-76 inside there is still 5cm of space above it and 6cm to the elongated side (for banana headstock). There is also 2cm space on each side of the smaller horns of the body. But because of the lower big horn this guitar sits well in the bag.

This should fit the big Gibson explorer very well!
Inside length from head to longest part is 122cm. Width at the middle of the bag is 30cm.

With the guitar inside it balances well. When you carry it by the handle the bag balances straight.
It sits well on your back. Good thing is the straps are positioned so that the bag sits lower on your back. So the top of the bag will be at the same height as in usual guitar bag. Good for door clearance.

The straps could be attached better. I feel these will not withstand a lot of back carrying.
Bag is Made in India.

- Great overall
- Padding
- Position of straps so it sits lower on your back - very very good
- Big pockets

- Could be made stronger where the straps attach
- Straps may be uncomfortable for people with wider necks
- No other cons, great bag!

I have seen 3 of these bags (because I was returning and reordering stuff). They varied a bit in shape. One looked really classy and one looked lower quality (just the look, functionally they were all good quality bags). I feel like the previous production run was better looking.


not just for explorers....
Anonymous 30.01.2015
I have just built an unusually shaped guitar and was trying to find a case for it I remembered I had used one of these a few years ago for another guitar and realised it would be perfect.

The first guitar I had one for was based on the Gibson explorer Pro. This is a bit smaller than the usual Gibson explorer so finding a fited hard case would be an impossibility without goign for something custom made. Obviously this case is made for a full sized explorer but the explorer pro still fit quite nicely. Essentially, it was my only option for a bagfor that guitar, and I was overjoed to see that the quality was actually very good.

The recent purchase was because I needed somethign that would fit a custom made guitar, based on the legndary Gibson Moderne but with a flying V headtsock. the chances of finding a moderne case were very low, but finding one that would fit a longer headstock was nil. I am happy to report that this gig bag is a perfect fit for the moderne shape even with the longer headstock.

Anyway, onto the gig bag. The first one I had never failed me and kept the explorer safe through a few train journeys and is now with a different ownver. Its nicely padded with strong stiching. the zips appear to be heavy duty . The second one I have ordered seems just as good. I have paid a lot more for gig bags that were nto a patch on this, even when factoring the postage to the UK.

The only thing i would say is watch out for doors. when its strapped on the back it sits quite high - anyone who has worn a bass gigbag on the back will knwo what I am taking about!!


Solidly padded soft case gig-bag. High quality materials
AkuNoHana 09.01.2021
I bought this specific case to house my Explorer shape guitar. It is specifically designed to house these kinds of guitars, with odd shapes etc.

It arrived so quickly and well packaged even though it was basically an empty gig-bag when in transit to me. Thomann did a great job over all with the shipping!

The inside is nicely padded, as you'd hope and my Explorer slides nicely and comfortably into the bag with no fuss. All handles feel sturdy and it comes with a double strap, on the back so you can wear it as a backpack if you so wish.

Two large zipped pockets on the front, with plenty of room for spare cables and even pedals etc.

Neck section of the bag feels strong although I don't know if there is any strengthening pieces in the neck section, but it feels SAFE.

Double zipper for the main opening of the case and it slides easily in both directions. Sometimes zippers can catch a lot on the material inside a case, but this has never given me a problem yet. Thomann stuff always feels so strong despite never costing too much money. This is no different.

A cheaper alternative to a hard case, of course i'd recommend always buying a hard case instead, though for those of us on a budget and a funny shaped guitar, this is certainly useful and of high quality.


Better than some "major brands"!
Small Shed Luthier 16.01.2022
Well, is! Sturdy, good stitching, good carrying balance ( I guess it will depend on the type of guitar ), good padding and zippers.

I bought it to carry a Vester Rhoads ( Korean made ) and I can fit also a Maison Explorer ( also asian made ).
As for the Vester Rhoads it gets a little spacious on the sides, but overall the guitar sits well and can be carried without any issue.

And yes, better than some "major brands", who sometimes present us with a simple bag, with no padding, no back straps or lesser quality materials, at a high price tag.

The pockets are spacious with good zippers ( better than velcro, because we all know that velcro in the pockets has a strange effect on the picks we store inside - they tend to evaporate, or something...) and you cannot carry your whole gear, but you can fit a lot inside.

Affordable without being "cheap", this is a great bag.