Thomann Europe 5-Str. Antiqued Violin

5 String Violin with Low C String

  • Size: 4/4
  • Tuning: C-G-D-A-E
  • Solid spruce top
  • Solid maple sides
  • Solid maple back
  • With antique lacquer finish
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Ebony pegs
  • Thomastik Dominant strings
  • Made in Europe

Further Information

Incl. Bow No
case included No
Fretbboard Ebony
no tropical wood used No
Flamed Back No
Strings Simple Steel Strings
Fine tuners Yes
Fine Tuning Screw for E string No
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4.4 /5
  • sound
  • quality
Nice fiddle. For the price, excellent.
trad_fiddler, 30.04.2017
This violin is very well made. Spruce top, maple back and ribs. Thomann claim an "antiqued" finish but other than it being quite a dark brown with lightening on some of the edges I cannot see any other signs of deliberate distressing. I am not experienced enough to tell whether the varnish has been sprayed on or applied by hand. I suspect the latter as I think I can see some brush marks but in any case it is very nicely done, the varnish being polished without looking like a mirror.

Sound: at first a bit shrill and thin so I replaced the supplied Dominants with D'Addario Pro Arte (G, D, A), Vision Violin C to replace the supplied viola C and a Thomastik Superflexible E which I find impossible to make whistle. The violin now sounds very mellow and responsive. The neck is slightly wider than a four string at the nut and the string spacing is a bit closer but fine after some practice.

Supplied is just the fiddle. No case, bow etc. The pegbox is longer than normal and I had to modify my cheap case to make it fit.

Summary: very pleased, worth the money.
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Very different quality ...
Ronny Z., 26.03.2019
Immediately to take it in advance: I ordered the violin 3x within 2 weeks because there were always deficiencies.

Violin number 1:

After I ordered the Thomann Europe 5 String Antik, I was very surprised and pleased when I unpacked them. A very nice and well-made instrument for the price (which actually comes from the Hora smithy Romania). Theoretically I would have to give at least 4 stars for processing for this great violin, but unfortunately it should not be the only one ...

The instrument was set up by the string service at Thomann, the vertebrae were very good and pleasant, the fingerboard was slightly hollow as it should be. The ebony fingerboard was well rounded at the edges, even though it did not quite lock with the maple neck? noticeable supernatants, which were either due to processing or wood drying. The jetty was also well adjusted, except that it was slightly too high.

The neck is very thick and is really getting used to in relation to the 4 string violin. With a width of 28mm on the upper saddle, it also corresponds to the size of the Yamaha YEV105. Unfortunately, the notch of the upper saddle varies absolutely unevenly in the string pitches. That's probably why many people think the neck is too narrow for 5 strings. Calculated he is not, provided you score the Obersattel correctly!

Sound of the violin: definitely darker but also fuller than a standard violin, the deep C-string can actually be heard in contrast to a viola and reacts to my reference test with a viola similar, although the volume is different. Actually, you should not measure the instrument at all on a viola, because it is an independent instrument.

So far so good! The 5 string violin was fun! But something was different in the resonance behavior, the violin barely resonated and always seemed a bit dull and lackluster in the sound. After 5 days under normal conditions at home, there was a strange noise in normal tuning. A short time later I saw an approximately 10 cm long crack in the area of the right bar foot. I thought only the paint was torn, on closer inspection, the crack was directly above the voice. That was also the reason why the violin did not really resonate. Probably the voice had been pressed in so much that a crack was only a matter of time.
Annoying, so return and immediately ordered a new violin.

Violin number 2:

The second violin had exactly the same characteristics but also processing taste. In contrast to the visually really chic and relatively evenly flamed first violin I was disappointed at first. Everywhere small quirks of pickling or any dross, purely surface technically not a work of art! The choice of wood also very irregular, especially the floor said to me visually not because the wood selection is not to be designated as such. Simply gripped and glued in the wood pile ... that's what I would call it. The remainder and the associated optical characteristics then made the stain or the paint.

Sound of the violin: it resonated !!! As it should be. Otherwise like the first, just with sound! Significant difference to the first model was noted in the strings: the dominant strings sounded much better, while the other violin sounded rather matte. The jetty was well cut but badly notched, way too deep and too far. Since I still saw potential in terms of surface, I immediately ordered another 5 strings of the same type.

Violin number 3:

Ruckzuck came this with the post. Optics and sound at first glance similar to the first ordered violin and I would have kept them immediately, if not ...

This time, however, the bridge was really miserable cut, so much for the variable quality of the string service! Optically slightly tilted backwards and thus the 90 degree position impossible. I would have even corrected that, but my wife then discovered the quirks and processing errors that were unacceptable:

In the field of F-hole was a kind in the factory glued crack - or the builder had slipped when inserting or reworking the chip with the knife! It was not clear what it was, but it was immediately obvious if you knew it.

In the area of the chin rest several small also filled cracks, at least 3 to 4 pieces. They ran through the whole ceiling and ended exactly on the chip. Pure gambling with this violin in the car to travel when it is exposed to temperature differences. Disappointed, I packed the violin again and again to Thomann! I did not want to risk that. Dear Streicher Service: please such failures best in the oven. Really annoying!

If you are lucky you get a reasonably nice instrument. But you can plan the walk to the violin maker, because none of the instruments seems to have a reasonably notched saddle and generally some little quirks. Who is skilled in craftsmanship and likes to do customization works himself? Who goes to the strings already running to the violin maker should just leave it!

Finally, I kept the second attempt for now, because at least the sound fit. Unfortunately there are no alternatives in the field of acoustic solid 5 string violins or they all seem to come from the same plant in Romania.

Visually, I would have liked to have a violin like the one pictured, but that's only possible with the first order. About good, wood is a natural product. After playing the instrument for a while, I was satisfied with it. Unfortunately I will not be spared a trip to the violin maker, because I would like to have my neck adapted to the Yamaha format. But I do not know what kind of abysses there are ...
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