Thomann E-Guitar Case ABS


Electric Guitar Case

  • Material: ABS plastic
  • Fits ST style / T style and many other electric guitar models
  • Thick, soft inner lining made of black plush
  • Inner accessory pocket
  • Padded neck support
  • Three snap fasteners, one of which is lockable
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Inner dimensions (L x W x H): 100 x 35 x 8.5 cm
  • Outer dimensions (L x W x H): 105 x 41 x 13.5 cm
  • Weight: 4.2 kg

Note: Not suitable for single cut / double cut and Jaguar models

available since May 2005
Item number 177636
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Cases For ST-Style Guitars Yes
Cases For T-Style Models Yes
for double cut models No
Cases For V-Style Guitars No
foe semi-hollowbody models No
for single cut models No
Cases For Jazzguitars No
For Other Models No
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Thomann E-Guitar Case ABS
Anonymous 05.02.2015
I purchased this case for a Danelectro DC59 guitar, I couldn't find a case listed specifically for the Danelectro but the sizes online looked correct.
I already own one of the "Thomann E-Guitar Case Tweed" cases and have been pleased with it but it's a little neat for the Danelectro, this ABS case is a better fit, holding the guitar snugly with little movement.
The interior lining is soft black fur and provides a nice scratch fee environment for your guitar.
Standard Telecasters or Stratocasters, I have tried both a Fender AVRI '52 telecaster and a Fender Classic. Player 50's stratocaster and they fit but there is a little extra room for them to move around inside, personally I like a neater fit but it's fine on a "universal fit" case and the slightly wider Danelectro fits fine.
The case is fairly good quality for the price, it is a more robust case than the thomann tweed case and certainly a better choice if carrying outside where there is chance it will get wet, it's not a waterproof case but the ABS will turn a light shower better than the tweed case which tends to soak up the rain.
The black ABS is discrete and modern in contrast to the tweed cases vintage vibe, the case reminds me of the older and lighter ABS fender cases from the 1990's only not quite as substantial.
Outside you have three latches, (the middle latch locks), and the off set carry handle, it's a fairly light case and is easy to carry, handle isn't the strongest or most comfortable but it's controllable especially with the light weight Danelectro inside, it a great match for this guitar but if your carrying the case a lot then the handle may not be the best.
Another benefit with the ABS case is I find it slides better than the tweed or leatherette style cases which want to snag on everything, getting it in and out of the car is easier, the rounded corners also helps here.
Its a light duty case, offering considerably more protection than a gig bag, I am happy to use his case at home and for travelling by car, it's not a flight case but I would use it anywhere I would use any factory fender or gibson case and I am confident it will provide adequate protection for my instrument.
I have used heavier duty cases in the past but unless they are really necessary I find them to be a nuisance, hard cases and square corners do offer your guitar greater protection but they are harder to carry and hard on your car or home environment, I think this is a good compromise between protection and usability but for more serious use I'd want a stronger and tougher case.
One area that I feel lets the case down slightly are its internal storage compartments, you have two internal storage compartments separated by the guitar neck support, plenty of room for case candy, spare strings, strap, lead etc but they really would benefit from lids, small items like plectrums, allen keys, trem arm, spare batteries for my tuners etc, all slip out of the compartments and obviously can do a lot of damage to your instrument, you need to place all small items in a larger container or bag, I think this is the only area that needs to be improved.
To sum up this is an excellent little case at the price, in my opinion it is better valve for money than the other popular thomann cases, (Thomann E-Guitar Tweed or BK Wood cases), it is a little more expensive but well worth it for the extra protection and improved ergonomics, the other case only win if you want a retro vibe.


Nice fit for a Strat, cheap but decent quality.
TrEr 07.05.2021
I got this for my Strat. Basically for storage in my studio.

This case was listed as suitable for Strat+Tele and NOT suitable for any other styles of guitars ("double cut", "single cut", etc.).

It was a more or less a perfect fit for my Strat. The build quality is ok. Not sturdy enough that I would ever consider it for air travel but more than adequate for throwing it into the back of a van.

The clasps feel great, not too loose like on another Thomann case I purchased.

The only real negative is that the compartment for accessories doesn't have a lid. It's only sealed close when you close the case itself and it's not a very tight fit. Small items can get into the main compartment and scratch your guitar, which really is a shame as apart from this it's a really nice case for the price.

I also tested the case with some of my other guitars:

-Yamaha Revstar (double cut) was a perfect fit! I can't really say if this means it would work with an SG but it should be pretty close.

-Harley Benton DC Junior: Yes but it wasn't a very good fit and the inside would have to be padded with some foam or towels to avoid the guitar rattling around inside the case.

-Offset Tele (Jazzmaster body): No but it looked like a standard Tele would fit nicely.

-Gretsch G5655TG (double cut, similar body size to Les Paul): No, the guitar was simply too long for this case.

To sum it up:

This case delivered as advertised and for my needs I'm very happy with it. It's not the most sturdy case out there but I would probably trust it for most situations except air travel. Just be careful what you put into the accessories compartment as the contents MIGHT slip into the main compartment and damage the finish on your guitar.


Be careful about the size
Jojo el guitario 05.12.2018
This case is very good, well made, the guitar seems to be very protected and the case is not so heavy, really recommended.
It was perfectly packaged when delivered, and seems to be very resistant.

Just one thing !
Be careful about the size of your guitar, the inner size is displayed in the description but, there is also "Fits ST style / T style", and this, may be tricky.
I ordered a Chapman ML3, the dimensions was not displayed in the ad but it is a T style so I was pretty confident.
Well, the guitar didn't fit in the case (3 cm too long) and I had to return it.

I'm sure this will not happen with all the T style, and I think most of guitars should fit in, but if you can check the dimensions of your guitar, do it.

PS : I bought a Chapman ML3 Modern, the dimensions are (L x W x H) 103 x 32 x 4 cm. If it can help some of you ;)


Comparison review of 3 different Thomann Cases
SukiB 13.01.2020
I bought 3 different cases for my Stratocasters, in order to determine which was best to buy further purchases. This is order to store my very large collection of Strats which do not have cases. This might be useful for those making a choice between these products.

The products I purchased were: Thomann E-Guitar Case Tweed (€58), Thomann E-Guitar Case ABS (€55), and Thomann E-Guitar Case BK Wood (€48).

Here I am reviewing the Thomann E-Guitar Case ABS (€55). Please read my other reviews for the other products for comparison.

First of all, they are all fantastic value for money. Nothing else even comes close, so well done to Thomann.

The quality of the ABS case was very high. The case interior features a compartments but no hinged lid as with the others I bought, and is a real design issue if you need to store items like a tremolo arm etc. It will simply fall out into the rest of the case. This was the least favourite of the 3 cases I bought. But this is not a poor reflection on this case. It's still good value and It's only because I liked the Thomann E-Guitar Case BK Wood so much that it overshadowed the others for my purpose and also for price.

One thing about this case it it is very lightweight. If I had to carry one of these cases for any distance, I would choose this one.