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Thomann E-Bass Gigbag Premium


Premium Gig Bag Electric Bass BR

  • Material: Water resistant Leatherex
  • 30 mm high density industrial-grade padding
  • Four external pockets
  • Adjustable backpack straps
  • Neck locking system with hook and loop fastener
  • Additional reinforcement for strap button, machine heads and bridge
  • Inner dimensions: Length: 120 x Width (Neck/Body) 18/39 x Height: 6 cm
  • Colour: Brown
Model Universal
Padding (mm) 30 mm
Surface Material Leatherex
Outside Pocket Yes
Backpack Yes
Colour Brown
Item number 243807
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Available immediately

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Pick this one up: A high-end gigbag that does not cost as much as a high-end gigbag
Der Student Anselmus, again 11.09.2019
When I read the endless praise of more expensive, high-end gigbags, from the usual brands that shall remain nameless, I am reminded of Ferris Bueller talking about Cameron's dad's Ferrari and saying: "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up". So, sure, get a Mono or an Access or one of the fancy ones if you are okay with spending that amount of money on a gigbag. (Mind you, if you travel on foot across Brooklyn daily and you feel like you need the full protection of an expensive gigbag, who am I to judge you? You are right to invest in the things you use every day.)

In my experience, however, a good, padded gigbag will do just fine in most situations—that is, in those situations which do not require a hardshell case: there, even a high-end gigbag might struggle. My school of thought brings me to use a hardshell case where a hardshell case is needed. (By way of an aside, yes, semi-hardshell cases are great: but they are expensive, and a little impractical because you can't really fold them over, which may be necessary for storage.)

So, this thing seems pretty much indestructible. I have used it quite a bit and it looks like it's still got a lot of life in it. Several bumps it took on virtually every component of a London tube train were not reflected in the basses that were carried in it, so I guess the very thick padding does work. The straps work well, it has space for more or less anything (music, pedals, a laptop). I am not sure what else I could ask for. Perhaps most importantly, the thing is cheap: this is the price of a very average gigbag, while this feels quite luxurious to me. So, like Ferris, "I highly recommend picking one up".

There is one final caveat I must make: if you want to use the SKB 44 ATA Roller case, be careful because it will be a tight fit. Depending on your instrument, you might want to remove some of the SKB's internal padding.


Great for Bass or Baritone Guitar
sjmDrum 23.06.2019
I bought this to go with a bass I got (also from Thomann), but it's spent more time travelling with me while holding a Baritone guitar (Denelectro Dead-on 67 Baritone) that I got not too long after the purchase of the bass. It fits both guitars perfectly. Tons of pocket space. Can hold cables, straps, picks, some notes, and even a couple of pedals if you're travelling light. I fit a Zoom MS-70CDR, a Ditto Looper, a Big Muff Nano, and the power supplies and cables required for those in the pockets with me one time while travelling. No issue.

The material has held up well over time as well. It felt a little cheap when I first got it, but now I'm thinking that my mind was playing tricks on me because of how inexpensive the gigbag was. Don't be fooled into thinking that inexpensive is the same as cheap. It has worn in pretty nicely, and it feels comfortable on my back now.

I will say that I'm using it more to protect my gear from water damage, scratches, and other surface level damage while I travel. I never put it underneath other gear in the car and I never go throwing it around really hard without a care. I still baby the guitar while it's in this bag. It has a neck block for support, which is nice, but the bag itself folds in half without a guitar inside, so I don't expect it to stop the neck of the guitar from snapping or cracking. If you're looking for that kind of protection in a soft gigbag, look elsewhere.


Igor Sedov 12.01.2018
This gigbag is definitely worth its money. Yes, it is heavier than ordinary bags, but this is a reasonable fee for protection and functionality.

I completely hammer all the pockets of this bag:
- 2 pcs. three-meter cable,
- bass processor with an expression pedal,
- tabs in A4 paper format,
- strap for carrying on the shoulder (I carry it with me),
- removable shoes (light sneakers),
- a bottle of water 0.5 liters.
It's all, though not without difficulty, but it fits.

I like to wear my Marcus Miller V7 Swamp Ash-5 TS on the back, then hands are free. The total weight of the whole set becomes big and I'm afraid that the shoulder straps will one day start to tear. I would be willing to pay a little more for the quality of the sewn seams of all the straps of this bag. But in any case, I'm satisfied with this gigbag!


nice outer material, details BUT...
Avtomat17 22.12.2017
UPDATE from the last month, it looks like the padding on the "floor" side of the case, that should support the bass when in an upright position on the floor, has collapsed and never returned back up, I am a very careful person with my stuff, and I have a feeling like I am putting my bare bass on the floor without a case. This summed up with the very bad zip ties and the super heavy weight makes it an absolute NO. I suggest to buy something else. This, after the latest review has been the absolute dealbreaker, i could go over the weight, the ziplock, but a padded case should be padded, if the padding collapses in one of the most important areas, that's not a slight defect, it's failure.

a nice gig bag, I use it every day from home to the rehearsal studio, where I use to carry my bass, a couple of cables, tuner and spare strings.

First, the case feels very solid, it looks nice and well crafted, nice details and color choice.

I have only a couple of remarks I would like to make: it is very heavy, the outer material is a sort of faux leather and it is very solid but adds a lot of weight to the whole baggage but the greater disappointment is the zip closure of the two pouches, it is too flimsy, the week after i received the case, zip lock on the front pouch broke apart and now i can only use one of the two tabs to close it, if i pull the other one it opens up. I have to figure out every time which one is it...

i would have expected more attention to this detail, considered the good material, the very good and soft padding, the retention straps inside, but it is ok, at the moment it doesn't bother me much, just keep it mind in case you plan to purchase one of these cases.


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