Thomann AC Triple e Ocarina


Triple Ocarina

  • Handmade unique piece
  • Tuning: alto C major
  • Range of over 2 octaves: 21 notes from a1 - g4
  • Dimensions: 15 x 10 cm
  • Weight: 322 g
  • Incl. fingering chart and bag

Note: the special straw firing creates an individual pattern on each instrument.

available since January 2022
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Material Ceramic
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A great choice for any advanced or even professional Ocarina players!
HeroSade 17.12.2022
The instrument coming right out of the box is extremely beautiful, and the sound it produces is as crisp and clean as its looks. The fingering system is a bit more "unique", with the inclusion of two sub-holes for both the second and third chamber, as well as a thumb whole for the high C.

All of these aren't a problem, as i find the layout one of the more intuitive ones i have come across, and probably my favorite one thus far. The first chamber holes are arguably a bit too close together, but you generally get used to it pretty quickly, and by having the holes not eat-up too much space, the instrument actually manages to be pretty light, which is a massive plus for a Triple Ocarina!

The range on this bad boy is incredibly solid, with a total range of 3 octaves. From A4 to A7. The site is actually wrong on the scale, as it says it's from A4 to G7, which is false. It actually has one more extra note on the highest chamber.

Overall, with the included trinkets, like the book and the case, it is more than a worth-while purchase, and i am confident that it will fit any ensemble and any setting you might choose to partake in!