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the t.bone MB85 Beta

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Dynamic microphone

  • Ideal for drums, vocals and guitar amp recordings
  • Polar pattern: Supercardioid
  • Very full, round sound
  • Frequency range: 20 - 17,000 Hz
  • Max SPL: 155 dB
  • Sensitivity: 2.4mV/Pa @ 1 kHz
  • Without switch
  • Weight: 256 g
  • Incl. Microphone clamp and plastic box
  • Suitable windshield: Article Nr


    (not included)
On/Off Switch No
Polar Pattern Supercardioid
Color Grey
Cable no
Item number 149640
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Available immediately

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Excellent microphone, a steal!
cigilovic 18.07.2021
I bought this microphone particularly for quick & easy recordings. I'm not a singer or any sort of artist, however, I do often need to record my voice in various scenarios. Since recording vocals was not my goal, I aimed for the cheapest options around there.

We all know this is Thomann's exclusive brand, releasing clone products. But hey? It's totally fine for bedroom producers and for people who don't have or are not willing to invest in microphones for quick recordings.

Comes with a durable plastic case and a microphone mount. For this price, I would say this is a steal! As a side note, I dropped this microphone to the floor (unintended mic drop) from 1m height and thought it was dead already!

Surprisingly, nothing happened! Still works, with no alterations in the sound capture capabilities.

I don't really understand people really digging into details about how these mics perform and fail to deliver some fine details about their voice. It's so affordable and I don't see any reason to criticise or give fewer stars than 5!

Totally recommend it to anyone who prefers extremely cheap dynamic vocal microphones! Thanks, Thomann, thanks t.bone! Excellent stuff as always!


Good mic for the price
Braddie 22.03.2020
It's a cheap dynamic mic, but not cheap in a bad way. It sounds great and build quality is high enough that I don't worry about breaking it. Comes with a case and a holder, but the holder is a bit too stiff for my liking and it's hard to mount the mic in. Records voice well as well as my amp and the range is decent enough. I can't compare it to other microphones because I don't have any besides the one on my headset, and this definitely outshines that microphone by 100x in both dynamic range and clarity. I mostly use it for talking to my friends over Discord or streaming on Twitch, but it also works well for recording both my acoustic and my electric guitar.

+ Cheap
+ Good dynamic range
+ Good build quality
+ Accessoiries

- Mic holder not the best


Arrived today - great first impressions
Stuart8279 09.07.2020
So the mb85 Beta arrived today, and first impressions are really great. Like it's brother, the mb75 Beta, it's well-built and the case it comes in is really useful.

I recently placed a review here on the 75, where I expressed a little disappointment at it on both vocals and guitar when compared to a Beta57 that I owned a few years back. I've since come to quite like it, having done some vocal singing home recording, with the gain increased a bit.

I A/B'd the mb85 Beta today against the mb75 Beta and it's slightly more crisp and present, with similar output and useful but not over-bearing proximity/bass increase. I also compared it with my Rode M2 and it's certainly not too far off in terms of open/airy sound - it's a typical dynamic mic in the sense that it's more punchy and direct, when compared with a condenser's more open tone.

I also compared it to a Behringer XM8500, and the MB85 Beta was hotter and had a greater emphasis in the upper frequencies (without every being harsh). I can see that this mic would be a far better option than an sm58 (which I've never been a fan of personally) and understand from hearing it that they've aimed to get it closer to the Shure Beta variant.

I think it's going to be a great asset - and one that I'll certainly not hesitate to use live should I need something a bit more punchy than my M2.


Absolutely fits my needs
O_chen 26.08.2019
I bought this mic because I sing some back vocals at some parts on my band's songs. Since I'm the guitar/keyboard player I wasn't really keen on spending a lot of money on a singing mic, so I ordered this one.
So far, it's very decent and honestly I'm starting to believe that tbone mics are as good as Shure's and Sennheiser's ones with the advantage of being almost 50% cheaper.
It's not the first mic I own from T.Bone and I couldn't be happier.


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