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the t.bone MB 60 Set


Dynamic Microphone Set

  • With switch
  • 3 pieces in a set
  • Polar pattern: supercardioid
  • Sensitivity: -52 dB
  • Impedance: 600 Ohm
  • Weight: 266 g
  • Incl. clamps and plastic case
Available since February 2004
Item number 164557
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Microphone Set For Guitars No
Microphone Set For Drums No
Microphone Set For Vocals & Speech Yes
Microphone Set For Cameras No
Microphone Set For Wind Instruments No
On/Off Switch 1
Polar Pattern Supercardioid
Colour Black
Diameter 50 mm
Length 170 mm
Weight 262 g
Frequenzy Range from 20 Hz
Frequenzy Range to 18 kHz
Clamp 1
Bag 1
Windscreen optional available 164731
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In stock

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722 Reviews

Chris-ruislip 23.04.2018
T Bone MB 60 set
great value for money
ive used them regularly with an 18 piece big band and the tight polar pattern
is great for isolating spill from adjacent players
3 niggles
the bass response rolls off quite shaply from 150 so not good for Baritone of bass Trombone
the capsule in soft mounted and works well to remove handling noise BUT unfortunatly the wiring to the capsule has no slack to accomate movement of the capsule
I've had 3 fail after falling out of clip and landing windshield first ( the windshield was fine but)
the capsule bounces forward and beaks the connecting wires ( was able to rescue them)

The plastic 5/8 to 3/8 reducer supplied with clip
isnt deep enough the thread only just engages with 5/8 clip socket by about a turn and a half as a result they soon fail ( why oh why are metal thread adapters such a rip off
you will need adapters with lip as the plain thread version screw right through the 5/8 socket into the plastic below and if over tightened can shear the thread from rest of the clip.
despite these problems i had 15 of them


Good mic for many use
KarmOH 19.07.2021
I have this as a rental mic for low budget set and for that it works the best because they are rugged and heavy and sounding decent for the price. Also Im using them as a karaoke mics and for that the switch is the must have.

There are many cheap mics on the market that feel more plastic and I have seen few that are breaking after first drop. This mic have been dropped and abused many times and still working. Also metal body helps to keep it with good feeling in hand. Sound wise the microphone is not so clear and crisp as some more expensive models but for that pricetag its more than enough. Microphone holder are cheap plastic and this is not holding the microphone so well so I have changed these for more known brand ones. And the case is good to keep the microphone safe.

In conclusion - for that price there is more than enough microphone to use and it feels real sturdy. Good budget mic for rentals or FOH talkback.


Surprisingly good
Martin Dtz 06.02.2024
I recently did a microphone test with these, the t.bone condensers and a self-built "Death Star" Kugelflächen-Mikrofon (like the one Schoeps used to build).

I was quite pleased with these. They are warmer than the condensers, but still sound amazingly transparent. They are quite rugged and they've already been through a lot. The on/off switch needs getting used to (or else you will look for mistakes elsewhere) but they are quite useful.

I used to consider these spares for spares, but after this test they went up in my ranking quite considerably.


Trust me I'm a jazz singer!
Neil P. 24.06.2018
Long story short. My brother has been running his Motown group for years. At least 15. He has been playing here there and everywhere and hefting around his Mackie SRM450's and his Mackie bass bins in his bog standard white Ford Transit. Standard music, standard equipment, standard van. Guess what mics he uses? Well done! You guessed it right first time! Shure SM58's. I did a gig with him last weekend. Big marquee rich clients. I brought along these mics. I let him test them. I said next to nothing. A bit later he said he preferred them to the SM58's. He said they have more gain, they are clearer and they sound better. You have now reached the end of my review!