the t.amp TSA 4-700 B-Stock

B-Stock, the t.amp TSA 4-700 Power Amplifier - 4x 810W / 4Ohm, 4x 490 W / 8Ohm, 4x 930W /2Ohm, 2x 1600W / 8 Ohms, 2x 1800 W/ 4 Ohms bridged mode, XLR input and output, Speaker Twist output. Dimensions: 19"/2U. Depth: 488 x 370 x 97 mm. Weight: 10,7 kg, B-Stock with full warranty, may have slight traces of use

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Channels 4
Rack Units 2 U
2 Ohm stable Yes
DSP/Frequency No
Convection cooling No
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TSA 4-700 load test

Michael804, 05.03.2012
The TSA is well and solidly processed.
Compared to my heavyweights, the case seems to be manufactured according to the principle of the "most necessary" weight and not to the possible weight, while the TSA leaves a really very serious impression.
The level indicators can also be read in the rack from a certain distance.
The controllers have latching steps and can be set precisely.
Due to the design, the TSA front plate sits slightly opposite to other output stages, which, in addition to the missing handle pieces (in 2HE anyway, not practical), I think in my opinion as a comsmal aspect, that is to say negligible and by no means disturb.

The plug-in field for signal and load is also convincing with sufficient space between the jacks, which must also be urgent when plugging 4 Speakon and 6 XLR (with bridges).
The power cord supplied with the unit shows that these are serious performance recordings, due to the processing and the cross-section. This cable should never be interchanged with 0.75mm², could be warm.

1 Use only with 2 fullrange monitors 12/2, initially as a welcome and learning. Of 4 channels only 2 used and these also strongly braked. With the Soundcheck the main PA was deliberately limited to the test of the TSA on tried and tested monitors, which allowed a subjective comparison.
The TSA had to be dampened to 1/4, in order not to destroy the monitors directly, which was clearly clear by the possible power output before.
The sound was subjectively very well balanced, strong middle and tranzparente height. To evaluate the bass on the monitor is in my opinion very untrustworthy, therefore, for this more equal at the employment 2. A noise disturbing for PA operation is not noticeable. At full load of the monitors and enormous volume, the TSA developed no noticeable temperatures.

2 application
The TSA had the task to replace 2 pcs. CS800 in active separate bass continuous operation (event 2.5 days). According to data sheet it should even be able to replace 4 pcs. CS800 or even 8 pcs. CS400. Well 100kg are 11.5kg opposite, which in advance alone already very enthusiastically.
Be it drum, 2pcs. Heavy CS800 was the forehead to offer / replace.
Load: 8x 15 "subwoofer (2 per channel), 30Hz to 120Hz
Generator operation: YES

The TSA has mastered this task to my enthusiasm without any problem. Also the horror of an event, a short power failure under full load was not a disaster. The limiters of the TSA were deliberately provoked, so that they then got into the clipping and protection, which with 3 sec. Interruption in 2.5 days of deployment was not only feasible, but also provoked itself.
The speed of the recording I felt was very fast and convincing, direct precise playback, high volumes were achievable with low lift deflection, even in clipping.
The temperature and thus the cooling air requirement was higher in this application, but at no time was a concern for some hand back tests.
At the end of the event the high quality as well as the qualitatively inferior pair 15 "on a channel quit your service (6x high-quality 15" and 2x inferior 15 ")
This has captured the TSA with effective protection and signaled, whereby the TSA tries to resume the operation immediately after the 3rd sec break.
What is striking is that in the case of protection, a channel pair comes to shutdown and not just the affected channel. Initially, I would have liked this channel-wise, but then I estimated this shutdown, since only the overhaul of a sub-area was noticeable and the pest could be put out of operation in order to prevent further. With the turning of the channel, the TSA continues to play, nothing has to be deconnected.
The performance of more than 800W RMS at 4Ohm is, in fact, very much to be taken seriously, so an application with 18 "is also imminent.

All in all, I am very positively surprised by the quality, the sound image (stands by my heavyweights in nothing) and the high availability of performance.
Four fully - fledged channels / amplifiers in one housing, independent of each other, here also versatile applications are possible
Channel 1: TOP links, active 2W separated MidHigh
Channel 2: SUB1 or 1 + 2, active 2W disconnected LOW
Channel 3: TOP Right, active separately 2W MidHigh
Channel 4: Monitor, Mono, active 2W MidHigh bridged or Fullrange sep. Controlled

And this power stage is accessed by the small size and weight "just" under the arm and it presents itself both big and small tasks!

Good equipment at an unbeatable price, if the longevity and reliability go in the direction of my heavyweights (which will show up), I am completely satisfied!
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The t.amp TSA 4-700

Andreas039, 17.12.2009
After unpacking the amplifier I immediately noticed the missing filter mats for the generously designed fan inlets on the front of the amplifier. Would be great, if it would be like the original. Anyone standing on front panel handles will be very disappointed. Also not available. You only need to install or remove the rack. Otherwise, the processing makes a fairly reasonable impression.

From there, without test, into the Amprack because the thing has to work. Due to the lack of grips, the part sat after 20 minutes as the lowest amp in the rack, above it two 26kg of iron pigs.
Setting: stereo bridge mode, but as a monoblock. With the link sockets on the back no problem. Via Speakonadapter two MTL bass horns connected, finished.
Turn on. Robert Bosch Memorial minute. CLICK. Light in the proverbial is still on, background sounding is not dead either. Silence from the bass horns. Level adjuster to 12 o'clock at the amp and .... It rushes. Output stage off, all inputs short-circuited to ground. Power amp and .... It rushes. Not good, sounds like a fan runs quietly. Level meter full, roars even more. This is absolutely useless for mid- and high-frequency applications. Switch network partial artifacts are not to be heard.
In the bass range up to 100Hz you can live with it just like that. Output state restored, crossover, signal on. Absolutely killing. I am impressed. Thus the indicated noise voltage distance of 105dB probably probably again again, whereby the value is surely only father of the thought. I am going to measure myself.

The level indicators are difficult to read, since they are more likely to radiate into the next segment.
The built-in limiter are probably a bit too sensitive. But you can live with it.
Now the hardest. Everything HF sender is there is switched on. All Freeports one, ok. Nothing to hear. First Nady one, Ok, second Nady one, oops, there we hear a nightingale from the bass horns. Probably not quite so HF tight, what. Distance to the Amp approx. Five meters. Antenna twisted, nightingale away. Returns trigger in the A note. Next test, 80Hz drauf, 80% austeuert, light off, door to, to the Chinese food. 45 minutes later door open, light on, signal off, amp touch. Perfectly OK. My old AC30 is also not warmer (or?).

Conclusion: Who wants for relatively small money and who does not disturb the animal noise, the thing should increase. For beginners Ok. If you want more, you should take the original.
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