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the t.bone MS 200


Pop Filter

  • Two widely spaced fabric layers (distance: 2.5 cm)
  • Screw-on
  • With 30 cm elastic arm
  • Diameter: 15 cm (incl. Frame), 13 cm (nylon Schrim)
Component type Popkiller
Item number 209033
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Simple yet functional
And.M. 18.08.2021
Very good double layer pop filter - catches most plosives without dulling the sound of the microphone.

The filter material is quite thin, but works very well.

The mounting hole on the filter seems to be the only "weak" part of the product, but for now it's holding up very, very well.

The included gooseneck is sturdy enough to let you place the filter when needed, and keeps its position very well.

Overall, very good filter, especially for the price.
I would recommend getting this one if you're looking for an inexpensive yet perfectly functional pop filter.


Good but fragile
Richard0401 31.10.2019
This dual fabric pop filter does its job really well. I could blow at my microphone and this pop filter would block all of it. Fantastic.

What is not fantastic about it is its build quality. The flexible arm thing is connected to the metal with a thread. But the thread doesn't go into the metal bit. It goes through it and you have to put a plastic washer thingy on it on the other side (I'm sorry I don't know the technical term). Thats what holds it there. Mine wouldn't screw on properly after the second time I used it. Had to keep it there with superglue.

The arm itself also feels very fragile. It makes strange noises when I move it and it isn't very solied either.

It's not the worst product, especially for the price. If you want something quick and cheap for home and you can be careful with it, this will do the trick. But if you want to be moving it around a lot and abusing it then spend more money.


Does it’s job
nmdias 18.01.2020
- I use it to protect my AT2035 from the constant spitting, the pop filter feature is just a bonus.

- This may scratch your microphone’s boom when mounting, so I placed a little piece of rubber in the thing that attaches to the boom before driving in the screw.

- It’s not very maneuverable in the beginning, and it feels like it’s gonna crack every time you adjust its position. But then again, you probably won’t adjust it very often, after it’s properly mounted. It does seem to get better with time, but also a bit looser.

On a final note:
- It’s probably a solid pop filter, considering it has dual filters, but I really wouldn't know, I actually use it more to protect the microphone from spit and breath humidity than anything else. And for that use case, it serves me perfectly.


Excellent quality and value
Camaron 12.05.2020
Easy to install - I have it on my mic desk arm.

The filter's arm is flexible and allows you to easily place the filter where you need it. Double filter so it stops most unwanted noises.

I can now talk and sing much closer to the mic and therefore have better "sound isolation" - my mic doesn't capture as much room noise.



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