the t.bone freeU Twin HT 823


2-Channel UHF Wireless System with Handheld Transmitter

  • Frequency band: 823 - 832 MHz
  • Dynamic capsule
  • Directivity: Super-cardioid
  • Frequency range: 50 - 16,000 Hz
  • 10 Preprogrammed frequency groups, each with 10 channels
  • Auto squelch
  • Frequency scanning at the receiver
  • Adjustable AF out
  • 30 mW transmitter power
  • Infrared transmission setting from the receiver to the transmitter
  • Pilot tone
  • 80 kHz frequency grid
  • Modulation type F3E
  • LC-Display
  • 2x BNC connection for antennas
  • 2x XLR output
  • 1x Jack output (mono summed)
  • Operates on 12V 1A DC power supply (+ inside)
  • Dynamic hand-held transmitter with metal housing and LC display
  • Optional antenna converter: Art.177448 (not included)
  • Hand-held transmitter with 2 x AA batteries or rechargeable batteries
  • 9.5"/ 1U housing
  • Includes microphone holder, antennas, EU power supply unit, rack kit for mounting a receiver on 1U housing

Note: In this frequency band a maximum of 2 systems (4 channels in total) can be operated simultaneously.

Transmission technology analog
Channels Handheld Transmitter 2
Capsule Type Dynamic
Pattern Super Cardioid
Receiver Type Stationary
Frequency 823 MHz – 832 MHz
Output XLR
Charging System No
Integrated Battery No
available since August 2018
Item number 432864
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Diversity 1
Receiver Width in mm 210 mm
Receiver Height in mm 44 mm
Receiver Depth in mm 200 mm
Frequency from 823 MHz
Receiver Weight in kg 0,9 kg
Frequency to 832 MHz
Transmitting Power in mW 30 mW
Selectable Frequencies 100
Switching Bandwidth in MHz 9 MHz
Frequency Display 1
Frequency Scan 1
Removable Antenna BNC
Battery Status Monitor 1
Rackkit Yes
Rackkit (Art. No.) On demand
Antenna Rackmount Kit 177448
Splitter 314056
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Information on the supported frequency ranges

Here you can see which frequencies are supported by this wireless system and the countries in which these frequencies are allowed in the future for wireless applications.

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Excellent value for money
Audio geek 16.02.2020
Bought this mainly because they operate in the duplex band which is not used that much in the UK and will compliment my other channel 38 systems where more channels are needed. At this price point it is hard to find a dual mic system with these features and build quality that also has a true diversity receiver. Two of these in a 1U space with a rack mount mixer makes for an extremely compact PA system that is perfect for the small wedding pre-dinner drinks singers I PA for a lot. You will need to get a 1U rack tray, some BNC cables and t-pieces to combine the two systems into one pair of antenna and avoid 4 twigs at the back of your rack but Thomann sell this stuff as well. Battery life is good, handling is better than average, they look and feel good in the hand and handling noise in no way bad although if you're recording it could become an issue. On the whole a very nice mic system indeed.


Good product
DJ Ikass 24.08.2020
Bought these microphones for use in various small events - weddings etc. First example arrived with dead but Thomann quickly sent me new one.
I own also Shure BLX24/SM58, so can compare to it.

Pros: It does the job - signal is strong and so far no dropouts. Sound is ok for speech and even vocals but not as good as Shure.
Cons: Noticed on about 20m distance when signal comes in one can hear some digital noises. Battteries not last as long as no Shure BLX but copes with 1 event.
Also handling noise is more prominent.

Overall good product. Nowhere near the sound of Shure BLX/SM58 but ok for the price and you get 2 mics.


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Positiv überrascht!
Chris Stetter 05.01.2021
Ich verwende das System als DJ für Ansagen etc.
Klar - nicht zu vergleichen mit professionellen Systemen!
Aber für den Einsatz bzw. Preis einfach unschlagbar!
Für mich ist das große PLUS, dass man zusätzlich über einem Ausgang (!) 2 Mikros an den Controller anschließen kann; als 2-kanaliges System hat es zudem die Größe EINES Systems, also sehr praktisch,
Bei kleineren und mittleren Veranstaltungen konnte ich bisher keine wesentliche Dropouts feststellen.


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Bom pelo preço
Gabrielgui 31.07.2021
pelo preço tem muito boa qualidade, com uma equalização o som fica bom, acho um bocado complicado de tirar as pilhas mas pode ser falha minha.