t.akustik Diffusor Manhattan eps set


Set of 2 Acoustic Diffusers

  • Material: Cured EPS foam
  • For the optimisation of acoustic reflections and room sound
  • Suitable for sound studios, radio stations, home recording and hi-fi rooms
  • Effective range: approx. 900 - 3250 Hz
  • Can be painted or varnished with water-based paints (use solvent-free paints only!)
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 600 x 600 x 150 mm
  • One kit consists of 13 individual elements
  • Colour: White
  • Includes: 2 Pieces as a kit plus assembly instructions
  • For preparing and fixing, acoustic adhesive (177265) is recommended
Material EPS
Colour White
available since July 2014
Item number 340340
sales unit 1 carton(s)
Dimensions 600 x 600 x 170 mm
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Available at short notice (usually 2-5 days)

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Not a must-have, but not useless
Kappadegoodboi 02.12.2020
If you're studying guides to set up your home studio or listening room this may seem at first as something that's just not worth spending money on, and you're not completely wrong.

In my opinion it takes a fairly trained ear to understand how a diffusor REALLY makes a difference in the room acoustics. It took me about a month to configure my home studio in a way that this diffusor would actually work.

Now that it does, i'm glad that I got it early. If your budget allows it, get it and give it some time. Don't go expecting miracles though, but trust the math!

Can be easily set on any kind of wall with a strip of double-sided duct tape, wouldn't recomend using the adhesive as it seems that chunks of the base will easily brake off along when you decide to dismount it.

Try not to get too frustrated during assembly, can be infuriating for those who have no previous LEGO experience. Just breath and follow the steps!

Handle with care, don't mount it near doors or passageways! The material is fairly fragile, if you brake it though, that is definitely on you. Don't go asking refunds!


Proven design at an affordable price
Set Iron 08.12.2019
This 2-dimensional QRD is based on well-known mathematical parameters and offers exactly the same performance as much more expensive products. Of course EPS foam doens't look too good, but it's not terrible either and for the price you can't ask for more.

An upside of the foam is that you can assemble the thing in minutes with simple glue and hang it easily with putty tabs: no holes in the wall with the bonus of being able to reposition them if needed.



Great value for the money
Ben910 19.09.2014
When I first opened the box, I was a bit disappointed at the quality — it looks and feels just like standard poly-styrene — but when I put it up in the studio, it did a really great job at deflecting sound, doesn't seem to affect sound quality that much, and it looks really smart (at a distance, anyway).

Unfortunately, since it is made of EPS, it's a bit crumbly and I damaged one of the pieces placing it up so you'll need to be careful but it's great value for money (as always) and it does the job just as well as the wooden stuff, but at a fraction of the price.


APMonteiro 06.12.2018
I bought 4 units of these to use in my recording room. There are a few reviews saying it looks bad (cheap) and it's fragile because it's EPS. I disagree, they actually work and I managed to improve my room's acoustics a lot without spending a lot of money. Concerning the looks, I glued it together and then painted it with water-based paint before installing, they look way better. One big advantage these have over the wooden diffusers (apart from price) is the weight, my studio walls are dry-wall, it would have been impossible to fixate 8 of these things weighing 25-30kg each to the ceiling without causing damage.