the sssnake IPP1060


Instrument Cable

  • Both sides: 6.3 mm mono jack
  • Length: 6 m
  • 0.22 mm² / AWG 24
  • Outer diameter: 6.0 mm
  • Very good quality
  • Colour: Black
Available since January 2000
Item number 128550
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Length 6,00 m
Connector 1 Jack 6,3mm TS male
Connector 2 Jack 6,3mm TS male
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2179 Reviews

Good and flexible cable for a handy user
Anonymous 12.03.2017
The signal wire of the cable is double insulated, the innermost insulator layer around it seems to be low-loss and non-hygroscopic polyethylene plastic. The second insulator layer inside is some black and tough plastic, maybe PE-HD. Minor water or beer spills on the jacks are not necessarily going to permanently ruin the high-frequency characteristics of this cable. The double insulation of the inner signal wire also makes this cable quite tolerant for mechanical stress, being stepped on or even rolled over with a trolley every once in a while.

The grounded screen mesh or outer conductor sheath around the signal wire is rather dense, so the cable is quite resistant to electrical noise and pretty well suited to long cable lengths. The outermost rubber layer on the top of all that is quite thick, which means it is probably quite strong mechanically, even if the entire cable outer thickness is quite small.

The user could make this good cable even better by adding a droplet of superglue inside the jack, on the cable crimp which is supposed to grab the outer lining of the cable. After gluing, the cable can tolerate rough use better even if you unplug the jack by pulling on the cable and not the jack itself.

The metal cover of the jack tends to unscrew easily during use, a small droplet of threadlock or wood glue will take care of that. Because you can really open the jack cover, this cable can be repaired very easily if it gets damaged during use, unlike those cables which have molded jacks and are unrepairable.

This is basically the same cable as the 3-meter sssnake IPP1030, just longer. A good cable for the price.


Get your soldering iron warmed up...
Send Tretter 02.04.2022
I bought two. One broke after two days, the other in about four weeks.

After taking them apart to solder, it was obvious where the expense was spared. I hadn't stressed the cables in any way that merits a breakage of this nature. To get enough conductor the solder, I gad to dismantle the plugs, cut back, and re strip before the task of tinning and soldering could begin.

For two cables to break and require repairing within a month, is a disgrace, even at the very lowest price.


Just great
Chumela 13.12.2022
Bought 2 of them, always prefered flexible cables to rigid ones, and this fellas work just great! The connecter gets is quite sturdy and back string gives it some resistance to bending. Recomend.


Roman msk 16.12.2021
this cable works without any problem or interference.