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the sssnake DD1015


Patch Cable Set

  • 2x Mini jack mono
  • Length: 15cm
  • Set of 6 cables
Available since May 2016
Item number 378874
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Length 0,15 m
Connector 1 Jack 3,5mm TS male
Connector 2 Mini Jack 3,5mm TS male
Length in cm 15 cm
Colour Different Colours
Input connector Jack 3,5mm TS male
Output connector Jack 3,5mm TS male
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In stock

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188 Customer ratings

4.4 / 5

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82 Reviews

Very good, but WAY too short
Ago5tino 10.02.2018
I bought these patch cords for my Eurorack modular synth: they are really well built, but I didn't expect them to be THIS short.
They are only usable for connecting patch points that are REALLY close, not more than 5 or 6 centimeters - great for self-patching a module, tho.


A Euroracker's Best Friend
Victor Stan 10.04.2022
You really can't fault these patch cables. They are well built, sturdy yet flexible, the soft touch sleeving is very nice and the colours are vibrant and can be easily mixed with other sets of sssnake patch cables of different lengths. They get the job done and seem like they will last quite a long time. I can definitely recommend them to any Euroracker, novice or veteran ;)


Patch Me! Patch You! Patch it Together, naturally!
CovilStudio 10.06.2024
Ah, the sssnake DD1015 Patch Cable Set, the interconnect superheroes of my modular synth setup! Let me weave you a tale about these mighty cables that keep my Eurorack rig dancing to its own beat.

Firstly, let's talk about abundance. This set is like a cornucopia of connectivity, offering cables in all lengths and colors to satisfy every patching need. Short ones for those tight spots, long ones for when modules are playing hard to get, and a rainbow of colors to make patching feel like a psychedelic art project. It's like having a magic toolbox filled with just the right wand for every spell I want to cast on my modular universe. But these in particular are very handy. Big, long and fat is not always the Best!

Now, onto resilience. These cables are tougher than a steel-plated rhinoceros. I've twisted them, bent them, and accidentally yanked them out mid-performance (curse you, clumsy footwork!), yet they soldier on without a single complaint. It's like they're forged from the same stuff as Thor's hammer—indestructible and ready for battle.

But wait, there's more! These cables are so flexible, they make contortionists green with envy. No matter how convoluted my patching schemes get, these cables bend and flex with the grace of a ballerina. They're the acrobats of my modular circus, flipping and twirling to connect even the most distant corners of my synth.

And let's not forget affordability. I've spent more on artisanal coffee than I did on this entire set of cables, yet they deliver performance that rivals cables twice their price. It's like getting a Michelin-star meal for the price of a fast-food burger—a gourmet treat for my modular appetite.

So, if you're in the market for patch cables that are versatile, durable, flexible, and won't drain your bank account faster than a hungry oscillator devours volts, look no further than the sssnake Patch Cable's Set. They're the unsung heroes of the modular world, quietly keeping the sonic magic flowing, and they deserve a standing ovation.

Long Live all the Cables that connect us to the MUSIC!


Eurorack patchcables for a decent price
N.F 17.12.2019
These cables helped me alot to patch short distance modules to each other. The quality seems extremely durable and they come in many lengths. Impressed overall