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the box Pyrit 212 Sub A


Active High Power Sub 2x 12" with 4" Voice Coil

  • 1000 Watt RMS
  • 4000 Watt Peak
  • Peak SPL: 132 dB
  • Stereo XLR Jack Combo Input and Line Out
  • 2x Pole Mount 36mm
  • Black textured coating
  • Frequency Range: 31,5 Hz - 120 Hz,
  • Prepared for wheel mounting (hole spacing 80x60mm),
  • Dimensions: 735 x 475 x 520mm
  • Weight: 41 Kg
  • Optional matching cover: article Nr 321397 (not included)
  • Optional rollers: Art.415294 (not included)
Height in mm 735 mm
Width in mm 520 mm
Depth in mm 475 mm
Weight in kg 41 kg
RMS Power (W) 1000 W
Multi Cannel Power Amp No
Woofer Size 12"
Number of Woofers 2
High Cut Fixed
Stand mount flange 36mm
Color Black
Wheels Optional
available since April 2013
Item number 299664
Construction Type Bassreflex
Power (Manufacturers Information) 1000 W
Power Tops 0 W
SPL max. 132 dB
Frequency Range from 31 Hz
Frequency Range to 120 Hz
Input Connector Combo
Output Connector XLR
X-Over Connector No
Housing Wood
Optional Wheels 415294
Manufacturers Cover No
Thomann Cover 321397
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Valio 06.08.2017
I don't care what brand or speaker size of single sub box you've been working with so far, I can promise you that this thing beats them ALL !!!
You can point at any other brand that costs double the price of this one, and this thing will blow each and every one of them clean off, without even breaking a sweat.

I have this speaker as a set of 2x10" satellite +1 sub, and I play on open air venues for up to 200 people, and sometimes playing in bars. I play keyboards and striking a lower note is giving me the shivers now, it sounds so powerful! Up until now when I bought this sub, I finally stopped being worried about not having enough power. From the first night I've put it on stage, it blew my mind how much power reserve it has, and how low and loud it goes. I pushed it quite hard, until the point that my pants where shaking as I was 2 metres in front of it, and that thing still had plenty more to give before making it clip...IT'S INSANE!!!

Being 41kg. is not a feather, but still is much more compact than any 18" sub, and I suppose it gained that extra weight in form of structural rigidity, because 132db of sound pressure will and can mechanically destroy weak and poorly designed box, so it needs to be as heavy as it is. Still, the weight doesn't stopped me from buying it, even though I have to move it every night, but since I have a trolley to move it around, that's not such a big issue. Having to deal with the hassle of caring that heavy box every time, is well worth the pleasure to hear it roaring behind me.
And it also comes pre-drilled for wheels installation, you can use the box as a trolley on it's own.

Very soft but punchy bass.
Various presets to match it with your satellites at the back panel.
Drops very LOW powerful.
Comes prepared for installing wheels of your choice.

It would have been better if there where just holes in the middle of the side panels, instead of handles closer to the one end of the side panels.
Causes blurred vision and extreme bow movement when played loud ;)

If you have any doubts or prejudices about not buying big brand names, you can leave those worries away now, and you'll save yourself some beer money, without compromising in sound and quality...Thomann has put some serious engineering thought and know how in building this truly outstanding box...hands down to them for this one!!!

Update after 1 year of use:
Maybe I was just unlucky, but mine got bad after just 3 month of use. Both drivers started to crackle after just 10 minutes of light use, and although it doesn't appear to affect the overall sound, it is very annoying when you stay next to it. Due to how far from Germany I live, getting them back for warranty repair, it would have taken at least 2 months and extra 350¤ (for shipping) to get them fixed, so I had to get used to it :(


My personal view for Pyrite 212A
UK Soundd man 16.06.2018
i use 2 of these with 4 Mackies SRM 450.V3 at the moment with a 16 channel DSP Mixer which enhances the sound Quilty even more. I use this System setup for small to medium venues for Weddings, Christening and Party's.
My opinion is you get a big sound for such a small compact system 212A gives out such a deep round bass line that will fill out lots of Venues here in the UK and that's without even pushing them to the limit.
I think wherever buys these will surely not be disappointed just set up correctly and your all good.
I am in the process of buying more i want 8 in total and that will fill most venues without stressing them out to much.
Hope this helps anyone who is looking at buying Pyrit 212A.
You get a lot for your money.
Customer service is reaaly good also and i have always received my items within 4-5 days.


My babies
85dB 17.12.2019
Who ever is interested in buying them it won't feel disappointed. Two these beasts can hold the low end in place no matter what type of the music you play Live or DJ.
I am going to get another pair of them soon as plus the PYRIT'S PRO a Full range speaker's


Absolutley awesome for the money
Peter N. 859 17.10.2019
I was a bit wary of buying a lesser known brand but after reading the reviews posted by others I purchased one to send out with a pair of JBL 515XT's to extend their audience capacity, and hopefully also prevent them being overdriven. When I fired it up I was blown away by their performance, a single sub turned a pair of 15" JBLs into a PA suitable for an audience of 200+, they performed over and above what I would expect from a high end 18" sub @ over twice the price. I actually prefer them to my HD1801 Mackie subs. I ordered another 212 Pyrit Sub A the very same day, and will buy another pair in the near future. If you are looking for a capable sub for not a lot of money these are a great choice, don't just take my word for it, read the other reviews, I agree with just about all of them.
The only cons in my opinion are the handle positions, these are heavy subs due to their 'tour grade' construction and the handle position makes them a bit awkward to lift by a single person.
The only other is I would have liked a polarity reverse switch on the amp, but these are only minor points and they won't put me off buying more, highly recommended!


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