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the box pro DSP 112


Active Full-Range Speaker

  • Power: 300 W RMS, 1200 W Peak
  • Speaker components: 12" woofer and 1" compression driver with a 1.4" voice coil
  • Built-in DSP with 4 presets and low cut
  • Class D power amp
  • 2 XLR/TRS inputs
  • 1 XLR output
  • Max. SPL (sound pressure level): 134 dB
  • Dispersion pattern: 90° x 60°
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 348 x 607 x 355 mm
  • Weight: 14.6 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Suitable cover available under Article Nr 410589 or Article Nr 421049 (both are not included)
  • Suitable case available under Article Nr 489874 (not included)
Depth 355 mm
Height 607 mm
Weight 14,6 kg
Type Standard
Woofer size 12
Number of woofers 1
Ways 2-Way
Power (manufacturers info) 300 W
Monitor slope Yes
Inputs 3
Low Cut adjustable
Fan Yes
Housing Plastic
Color Black
available since June 2017
Item number 401529
Number of Tweeters 1
Number of Mids 0
SPL in dB 134 dB
Beam angle 90 °
Frequency range (-3dB) from 53 Hz
Frequency range (-3dB) to 19000 Hz
Summary EQ 1
Line Out XLR
Flyable No
Manufacturers Cover 421049
Thomann cover 410589
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53 Sales Rank
Very good budget speaker.
Whistleblower 05.03.2021
I bought this speaker for many different applications (live music with mostly acoustic bands, background music but also for a little DJing...mostly it's with about 40ppl. but sometimes it's also about 80-110ppl.)
But I'm a student, and that's what my budget was like - small.
Because of the price and because I was already listening to the 15" version, and well...I as quite impressed, I decided to buy two of them.
While ordering the speaker, I was not really convinced about quality and so on...but when the speakers arrived, all those sorrows were washed away.
While testing them for the first time (hi, mid, bass all equally on 0) I noticed that they have relatively noise ground sound...but when you put music above, you won't notice ;).
The sound is just amazing; fresh highs, good mids and a fantastic bass. If you ask me, this speaker is definitely comparable to some 15" ones.

Unfortunately one of them had an issue with the stand-by mode. But after sending it to Thomann, everything was nice (so thank you, Thomann team:) )

Long story short, I'm very impressed and I recommend this to everyone who is looking for very good speaker for a very good price. Because you can easily put this speaker in any situation, and the speaker will fill your expectations.


Great for the money!
Sebastian_T 13.05.2018
Bought this. Intended use: a live event (a small gig in a small pub and as monitor for another bigger gig). This speaker held itself really well on stage, along with a bigger PA system I had from before (2 215 fullrange passive speakers).
The clarity is good, up to big volumes. Even when the input signal is clipping, the speaker knows what to do and handles the job well. At higher volumes I have noticed increased treble, which is a bit annoying to the ear, but with a slight EQ adjustment from the mixer or the DSP on the back of the speaker, all goes well.
I totally recommend this if you don't have a ton of money to throw at a PA system, but not only if you're on a budget. This is a great speaker for any budget.

Later edit:
Also, if you don't buy a B-Stock, don't forget to leave the speaker with music for a while to break it in - I seem to have forgotten this small detail, that's why I've been hearing that harsh treble back then, but now after breaking the cone in and having it play music for a while, everything sounds fine and in place!

Later edit:
After a couple of days of using it at home to play backing tracks while recording, I found out that the integrated DSP has some weird computing, because sometimes the sound fluctuates in volume and frequencies - for example it might cut bass once in a while. This happens after two hours of this speaker being on, so it must be something related to the heat, maybe?


ioannis rekkas 11.12.2017
First of all i would like to thank Mr Stamatios Koutouzis for all of his instant replies to my worries regarding features ,pricing and availability, and of course Thomann cause they managed to deliver the products on time ,just a few hours before the critical PA i had to set up!
Now for the dsp112 i have to say i was quite shocked getting such clear sound and such power from a low (too low to my opinion!) cost powered speaker. the pa also was consisted from a pair of zlx15p and nevertheless the sound of the dsp112 was just fantastic. Even colleagues of mine and attenders did notice the upgraded sound which made me worry in any case why spending a lot of money in speakers when you require total portability , reliability ,power and not getting angry if someone drops the speaker stand down or starts to rain etc. (imagine having a 1000 euro speaker suffering all these...) .while not playing i had a bit of noise from the speakers but nothing important and as for the quality is actually very decent. I would sure buy it again and would like to try the dsp115. many thanks again!


Price equal to quality
Arturelis 12.04.2018
I've bought two of these. Compared them with EV ZLX 15P and EV's sounds much better and even has more power, though in specification DSP112 says otherwise. I've read someone's review, taht DSP 112 are equal to EV ZLX 12p - this is not true. I would say so - if you need something cheap for medium quality sound - then OK, otherwise it's not worth even that sum. Clarity of sound is very bad, not so powerfull as says in specification. Other features are OK.


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