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the box pro CX 5


Active Monitor / Full-Range Speaker

  • Driver: Coaxial 5.25"
  • Built-in 180 W Class D power amplifier
  • Sound pressure level: 90 dB / 1 W / 1 m
  • 3-Channel mixer with 3-band EQ
  • 1x XLR / 6.3 mm combo mic/line/instrument input
  • 1x XLR / 6.3 mm combi mic/line input
  • 1x Stereo RCA or mini jack input
  • 1x XRL / 6.3 mm combi line input and 1x link out on the rear panel
  • Frequency range: 70 - 20,000 Hz
  • With 3/8" stand mount, allows mounting on microphone stands
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 323 x 180 x 205 mm
  • Weight: 3.5 kg
Available since June 2017
Item number 402318
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Power (Manufacturers Specs) 180 W
Bass Speaker in Inch 5,25"
Ways 2-Way
Colour Black
Weight 3,5 kg
Housing Material Plastic
Analog Inputs 4
Microphone Input 2
Line Out XLR
Media Player No
Remote Control No
Effects No
Low Cut No
Monitor Angle Yes
Width 323 mm
RMS Power 120 W
Depth 205 mm
Sound Pressure in dB 110 dB
Height 180 mm
Number of HT Speaker 0
Number of HT Speakers 0
HT Speaker in Inch No
Number of Midrange Speaker 0
Midrange Speaker in Inch without
Number of Bass Speakers 1
Number of Bass Speaker 1
Accu No
Stand Flange 3/8"
Flyable No
Construction Standard
Line Input Yes
Main EQ 1
Master EQ 1
Handheld / Headset No
Beam Angle Ver 70 °
Active Cooler No
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100 Reviews

Need To Know
Neil P. 03.12.2017
So many products here on Thomann and for us mainly English speakers not enough reviews appear. Or maybe they don't appear fast enough for us! Well this CX5 I bought mainly on faith. The similar Behringer and Mackie products are both well reviewed but for my purpose I did not want to pay the extra for the Mackie and I did not trust the Behringer would be reliable enough and also without a coaxial speaker I guessed it may need a little bit of high end lift. Start messing with eq and then feedback and all that and life starts to get difficult eh? Gigs-we just want an easy life don't we? I have not used this in anger yet just gave it a quick run-through here at home and it's an admirable product I think. The top corners are so pointed they could be classed as lethal weapons! The design looks nice but round of those corners designers or you may well be implicated in a personal injury case (I say this tongue in cheek but stranger things have happened). As I guessed it goes damn loud. A little hard in the midrange but there is a midrange control to tame that if needed. The bass is a bit more than I expected and it seems like it can handle modern R&B music for example with the bass boosted even more so not bad really. It does not break up and sound unduly stressed in such use. There is detail to the sound and a confidence and assuredness to the whole package. It's solid and the buttons do their buttony thing as they should. There is some noticeable white noise/hiss on switching on. Won't make any difference in a gig situation but if you are sat just across from it and playing at a very low level you MIGHT notice it. I doubt it. I like it overall. It's what I expected and seems not to be trying to overreach with any aspect of the design. I wish wish wish they would put reverb in these things. A reverb unit is nearly always a hassle to carry and power and just an extra box to mess with. It's got a mic input so it's fair to say it will need reverb for the performer. Oh well ten years hence they will all have reverb because that will be the last way they can outdistance each other with their product. All the bells and whistle that will be included and it's always back to basics. Power clarity, facilities, ease of use these are the necessities of the singular artist at an event. It won't change. Please note I have not tried a mic in it yet. I guess it will be fine but if it is not I will amend this review. There are lots of speakers to choose from now that can do the monitor thing at a pinch. This is more suited to the job ergonomically and it is dour and plain enough to look fully professional and not upstage your handsome/pretty looks!


A Real Work Horse!
Moon K 09.05.2019
Okay I've waited a few months to do this review I wanted to give it a fair shot. I know when I ordered it I wasn't expecting anything too fancy because it was so cheap, but when it arrived I was very pleasantly surprised by its look and build (I was taken instantly back to my childhood and good old "Tonka Toys").
This thing has a robust tough plastic case and a durable metal front grill a solid handle for carrying around (you could even suspend/hang it by the handle). There are five inputs in total ample for most of my needs. It has a tripod bracket so that it can fit on top of a mic stand.

I've used this for small intimate restaurant type gigs where my voice doesn’t need much amplification
I put my VL3X pedal through it to carry the effects for my voice, guitar and running any backing tracks/loops through it.
At bigger gigs I use it as my personal (in my face) monitor for which it is more than ample.
I've used it to boost the volume of my uBass and my Acoustic guitar/bass at tiny pub garden events (it is perfect for this).
I've also used it to run my iPod through for some background music.

I've read other reviews where the reviewer wasn't happy about it not having any built in effects, well what do you expect for that price plus built in effect are overrated and have far less control.

Yes it does have sharp corners and I have noticed that the new thing these days is for music equipment to be sporting soft comfy corners like they've just stepped out of "Mothercare" I like the sharp corners if they hurt you then you are standing too close to my monitor so "get back into the audience with you". If it worries some of you too much one can always get the "Sugru" out and mamby pamby it for the softer types out there.

The thing is clear as a bell at all volumes and no feedback problems (unless you are a plonker and point your microphone directly at it).

No real cons as far as I can see other than I'd like to be able to buy a short mic pole to fit in the top so that the mic stand it sits on becomes a bit more multi purpose.

All in all it does what it says on the tin and I am seriously considering buying another.


Good quality item, but mind yer feet!
Tee Cee 23.04.2020
Hi all,

I've had this for a couple of months now and used it in anger a few times. This has a punchy sound, with a tone tuned to the vocal range - do not expect this to be some sort of FRFR cab, it's not that, However, it has been pressed into service as an emergency bass amp, which it coped with amirably.

All of the controls are as one would expect here - no scratchy pots, all parts working as they should.

The only area I would advise couation is the ounting onto a mic stand. The spigot it mounts onto does not attach to the cab - it sits in a groove. As such, injudicious usage whilst not wearing appropriate PPE will result in very sore toes. So, take extra care - especially if looking to use it as the intended design of mounting a boom on top.

A word about mounting a boom - one will need a 5/8" double male thread adapter to use this. I bought the K+M one on here, but it is a bit pricey - around £6. Some enterprising sole could make one up with a bit of 5/8" threaded bar, but... :)

I must also mention the great Thomann prices and service, as I've come to expect over many years. I'll keep coming back for as long as I'm able!


Good for the price. Super multi-purpose amp.
LeoS. 31.03.2022
I bought this to amplify a electronics drum set. And at the same time being able to connect a mic and external device. The volume and the sound is punchy, with a little too much on the mids and too much treble and bass but turns out to be good for using the electronic drums for practicing. The construction quality is good for the price and it is easy to transport and use anywhere. In general a good product.