the box MS 12


Active Multifunctional Loudspeaker

  • Loudspeaker configuration: 12" / 1" Neodymium
  • Power: 150 W RMS
  • 4 Mono Mic/Line inputs with switchable Phantom Power
  • 2 Stereo inputs
  • 2-Band equaliser for each channel
  • Individually switchable digital effect for channels 1-4
  • Monitor Out
  • Record Out
  • Speaker output 150 watts at 8 ohms
  • Integrated audio player via Bluetooth, USB stick or micro SD card
  • WAV or MP3 playback formats
  • 35 mm stand mount
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 39.0 x 37.0 x 51.5 cm
  • Weight: 14.6 kg
  • Suitable cover: Article no. 464900 (not included)

Two Ways to Hallelujah

The box MS 12 is a keyboard amplifier that is also suitable for many other purposes. Its speaker combination consists of a 12" bass cone and a 1" high frequency driver. Its power of 150 W RMS and 122 dB SPL maximum volume make it a compact sound companion for small sound reinforcement tasks ranging from 55 Hz to 20 kHz, despite its relatively small size. Its four mono mic/line inputs alone make it especially versatile. Equipped with switchable Phantom Power, so that condenser microphones can also be used. External Hi-Fi devices can be connected via RCA inputs/outputs, and with the Bluetooth function, USB port and MicroSD memory card slot, MP3s and WAVs can be played via the amp's digital section. Via DSP, the amplifier's sound can be optimised for voice reproduction at the touch of a button, and there’s an adjustable stereo monitor output too.

Sound Refinements and Optional Features

The four microphone/line channels of the box MS 12 are equipped with straightforward tone controls. Here, treble and bass can be boosted or cut separately by up to 15 dB each with a filter. For each of these channels, the internal effects section can also be switched on and adjusted globally across all channels. External effects can also be integrated if required, and with the optionally available water-repellent protective cover, external influences can be kept away from the amplifier.

So Many Possibilities

Wedding singers can use the box MS 12 to playback from a USB stick at a small gig. In a small party, it can be used to play karaoke songs via Bluetooth, and instrumentalists who use the amp for practising or songwriting can record their progress with an external audio recorder via RCA output jacks. Solo entertainers can easily test their set with the box MS 12 without having to set up a small PA. Singer-songwriters can even play small gigs in pedestrian zones and at living room concerts with this amplifier, without the shop windows shaking or grandma's dishes breaking in the cupboard. It can even be set up overhead on a tripod. Drummers who don't like in-ears can also use this multifunctional amp in a slanted position as a wedge monitor.

About the box

The box products have been part of the extensive Thomann range since 1998. Manufactured exclusively by renowned manufacturers, the products stand for outstanding quality and durability. Price-conscious customers often reach for the active and passive speaker systems, bass cabinets, keyboard amplifiers or drum monitor systems - every fortieth Thomann customer has already bought at least one item from the box.

Put Down, Raised Up, Laid Back

Thanks to its screwed-on transport handle, the box MS 12 is easy to transport, with its weight of just over 14 kg. The set-up possibilities are more diverse than they seem at first glance. There's a 35 mm stand mount on the underside of the amplifier, which means that the MS 12 can also be set up at head height. In addition, the speaker cabinet is bevelled at the base of the rear so that the speaker can also be used with a diagonal angle, allowing instrumentalists to use the MS 12 as a monitor speaker in the rehearsal room and at small gigs.

available since October 2017
Item number 415616
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Width 390 mm
Height 515 mm
Weight 15 kg
Type Floormonitor
Woofer size 12
Number of woofers 0
Ways 2-Way
Power (manufacturers info) 150 W
Monitor slope Yes
Mic Preamp 4
EQ per Channel Yes
Bluetooth Play Yes
USB Player Yes
Low Cut No
Fan No
Housing Wood
Color Black
Power 150 W
Internal Effects 1
HT Driver in Inch 1
Number of Tweeters 1
Midtone Driver in Inch none
Number of Mids 0
Power in RMS 150 W
SPL in dB 122 dB
Line Out 6,3mm unbal.
Flyable No
Stand flange mount 35 mm
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Great Box
David18 27.03.2018
The MS12 is a solid but portable box. It is great to have 4 inputs with mic and line sockets. Each input having its own volume, equaliser and effects. This means that the singer can play and mix her keyboards, guitar and vocals to the right levels all in the one box, and at 150 watts be heard alongside acoustic drums in our band. The sound quality is excellent, no distortion, hiss or unwanted noise.

The built in MP3 player is handy but simple, again with a versatile range of connection.

We are very pleased with the MS12. It provides a lot of functionality for a very reasonable price. It looks good too!


Welleman 07.08.2021
ik heb dit toestel nu ongeveer twee jaar in mijn bezit ,en ben er erg tevreden mee , ik speel gitaar in een fanfare en het handige van dit toestel is dat ik mijn opnamen van de repetitie kan afspelen op mp3 en tegelijkertijd mee kan spelen met de gitaar zonder daarvoor een andere versterker te moeten gebruiken , ook de bluetooth funktie is mooi meegenomen want zo kan ik van mijn pc ook draadloos muziek beluisteren ,Top apparaat


Ok, dispersion isn't great however
trb123 22.04.2020
HF has knife edge like dispersion. It's very easy to move out of the coverage.
Built in effects aren't useful.
Built in Bluetooth is very hand though.


good in price
stanly12 13.08.2019
i recomend, but only for small action with low quality. this is music monitor for training or small presentation. it has good mechanical construction, a lot of functions in price level, strong sound for 30-40 people listening one player. but do not except studio quality for 200 euros.