tc electronic Ditto X2 Looper



  • 5 Minutes loop time
  • Unlimited overdubs
  • Undo and redo functions
  • True bypass and analog -dry -through
  • 2 - Button user interface
  • Stereo input and output
  • Uncompressed 24 bit
  • Looper effects: Reverse and half speed
  • Import and export of loops
  • Free backing tracks of jam tracks central
  • Matching power supply: Art. 409939 (not included)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 135 x 113 x 54 mm
  • Weight: 512 g
  • Power consumption 100 mA
Recording time in minutes 5 m
USB connector Yes
Stereo No
XLR Input No
Incl. Power Supply No
available since January 2014
Item number 329356
sales unit 1 piece(s)
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Available in several months

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Let your creativity flow

Loopers have been a very hot item for a few years now: Thanks to the impressive YouTube performances of countless artists from all over the world, these devices have become something of a “must have” for guitarists and bassists. The ability to successively layer multiple tracks on top of one another opens up entirely new avenues for solo artists and those who aspire to be so. The only thing that can sometimes be a drag is the lack of intuitive operation, and that is precisely where TC Electronic’s Ditto X2 looper comes into its own: The Danish company, which is famous for its innovations, has reduced the pedal’s user interface to little more than two switches and one control knob, thus eliminating any unnecessary obstacles standing in the way of artists’ creativity. The X2 is based on the Ditto Stereo and can thus be combined with other stereo pedals such as choruses and delays with the same level of ease. The “X” in its name represents the pedal’s integrated effects, which provide an additional source of inspiration.

All the controls you need

The Ditto X2’s robust metal housing means it is ready for the rigours of everyday on-stage use. The pedal boasts an unlimited number of loops as well as a total of five minutes’ recording time, and it delivers uncompromising, compression-free sound quality with a 24-bit resolution. The central control knob adjusts the volume of the loops that have been recorded, while all of the pedal’s other functions – such as recording, playback, stop, start, delete, undo, and redo – are activated by pressing and holding the left footswitch in the required manner (long, short, etc.). In addition to a larger format, the X2 also features extended functionality compared to the Ditto Stereo: Two loop playback effects – reverse and half-speed – can be selected using the additional footswitch, and the USB connection allows files to be exported from and imported to the pedal (e.g. Star Jam loops).

Great for solo artists, great for YouTubers, great for everyone

TC Electronic’s Ditto X2 looper is aimed at guitarists and bassists who want to create multi-layered soundscapes and effectively become their own one-man band – something that can be done at home, on stage, or in YouTube and Instagram videos. The Ditto X2 makes it possible for everybody to deliver a complete performance without needing any other musicians to do so, and its integrated playback effects provide an extra creative boost. And the simple and intuitive user interface with which TC Electronic has designed this pedal is aimed squarely at players who want to get started right away without having to read endless instructions or work their way through complicated sub-menus.

About TC Electronic

The Danish company TC Electronic has been known for its innovative products for many years. It was founded in 1976 by brothers Kim and John Rishøj in Aarhus. The company first made a name for itself with the SCF, a stereo chorus/flanger pedal for guitar. Studio equipment followed during the 80s and 90s, notably the legendary TC2290 digital delay in 19-inch rack format. Since the 2000s, TC Electronic has greatly enriched the guitar and bass scene with amplifiers, cabinets, combos, and effects pedals. Here too, TC's innovative spirit is in evidence, for example with its TonePrint technology and the first polyphonic guitar tuner. TC Electronic has been part of Music Tribe since 2015.

A useful practice tool

Loopers are generally associated with players who superimpose several tracks on top of one another to create complex, multi-layered musical pieces – impressive and inspiring examples of which are on display on video platforms like YouTube. But loopers can do a lot more: Among other things, they can be a helpful tool in your day-to-day practice routine and make certain other auxiliary devices obsolete. For example, a looper can be used to record a short, percussive guitar or bass loop that serves as a metronome or drum machine. Chord sequences can also be looped in order to provide the necessary harmonic context for getting to grips with note theory or for improvising. These are just some of the many ways in which a looper can help players to practise more easily and more effectively.

Surprisingly Versatile
Fionn 13.06.2017
An excellent addition to any musicians effects arsenal.

I was recommended this little looper by a friend a while back and eventually I decided to bite the bullet. This thing performs better then most notable loopers I've come to trying out in the past. It has an array of variable options that makes it ideal for both practicing and songwriting.

I especially likened the addition of both the half time mode and reverse effects you can get with this pedal, as well as the ability of being able to import backing tracks onto the device also. These two components make it to be for an ideal practicing tool when in the shed.

The saving function is super neat also. One thing I noticed was that after you save a loop and turn of the power supply the pedal retains said loop for when you turn it back on again. Helpful for when you want to come back later to refresh.

It does take some time getting used to the sensitivity of the footswitch however, especially where timing is concerned. I have never found myself in a situation where I have dabbled with the looper in a live scenario but have utilized it just for fun in rehearsal with a drummer and I find the recorded loop nearly always phases out with what the other person is playing. IMO if you plan on using it live, I suggest working with this pedal around the clock before you feel 110% confident you can achieve a total steady tempo, otherwise it may just end in total disaster.

The benefit of this though is that you become increasingly aware of your timing so perhaps not all bad. :-)

These cons are somewhat unnecessary however considering the fact that this looper is arguably one of the best on the market. Major props to TC and as always to thomann for their exceptional level of professionalism.

Would recommend to anybody.


A truly amazing piece of equipment
DailyMatters 09.01.2018
I've purchased the Ditto x2 after using the Ditto and the Boss RC-3. What I can say is that by having a bigger box, the pedal is much more stable.

The fact that it can have a dedicated stop button makes its handling so much better. Having two switches makes the pedal easier to operate. Th extra effects are really cool. I use it for solo performances and they can give that extra 'Ohhhh' that sometimes lacks in solo stuff.

The only downside I see in this pedal is if you are already used to the original Ditto two-click stop (even though you can use it on the x2), this pedal is less "bang for your buck". The x2 is also bigger and heavier than the original, and that might be a problem for some people too.

I'm completely satisfied with the x2 and would buy again!


Superb fun, excellent features
Anonymous 30.08.2016
My first looper; this pedal is easy to operate with an excellent switch that is easy to step on with accurate timing. It also has some cool features to play with.

It's a superb practice tool which really highlights your flaws back to you so you can work on them; the half speed option, which drops your loop by an octave when slowing it down, is particularly good for highlighting mistakes or timing issues. (Half speed is also useful for creating a bassline type loop to play over, I guess!)

There's a surprising amount of ways to play with the sounds here too- for example you can put a recorded loop at half speed, record a second loop over it, then return to normal speed to get the effect of raising the second loop an octave above what you played.
The reverse effect can create some fun and atmospheric sounds. You can also use the half speed effect and the reverse loop effect together by switching the toggle.

The pedal saves whatever loops are active when you switch it off- which means you can even use it to record a riff for later if you're stuck.

You can also drop a .wav file onto the pedal from your computer to use as a loop, which is a nice feature. There are sample loops available online, but I've used this to practice over tunes from my music collection.


Great looper
aikopt 12.01.2021
I have been using this looper for more than 5 years now and I had no issues with the sound quality, but I do start to see some problems with the build quality.

I use this looper at home for jamming, have not tried it in band context. It has been reliable for about 4+ year , but now it seems, that some parts of it start to wear off. I have all my pedals equipped with Barefoot Buttons, so the Ditto had 2 of those as well. I first noticed a couple of months ago that pressing the Play button with the BFB on did not work. I heard a click as usual but the recording did not start. Taking off the BFB helped for a few months, now sometimes I have to step on the Play button 3-4 times until it actually does something. The Stop button is still fine, but considering that that button is used much less, it is not surprising. Warranty already expired, so did my own research. It turned out that several TC pedals have issues with the spring under the soft-click buttons wearing off after a while. Some people recommend changing or adjusting the spring, but I haven't managed to open up mine so far, due to the weird screws that do not seem to support any screwdrivers I own. So now I guess I just wait until it slowly gives up or I get tired of it and just order something else.

Other than that, it is a good pedal.


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