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Tama Starcl. Walnut/Birch 3pcs -LSO

Tama Starclassic Walnut/Birch, WBS32RZS-LSO, Colour: Laquer Shamrock Oyster, high gloss laquered shells, material: 6mm / 4 ply birch + 2 ply walnut at toms and floortoms, 8mm / 5 ply birch + 2 ply walnut at bass drum, configuration: 22"x14" Bass Drum (without bass mount drilling), 12"x8" tom, 16"x16" floor tom, MC69 single tom holder, quick lock tom bracket, die-cast hoops, Star-Cast holders, perfect ratio of walnut to birch that produced a superior quality of low-to-mid frequency warmth that perfectly complemented the clear attack and higher frequency projection of birch

Bass Drum Size 22"
Number of TomToms 1
Number of Floor Toms 1
Shell Material Birch, Walnut
Shell Finish Lacquer, High glossy
Shell colour Green
Sparkle No
Fade No
Burst No
Colour of Shell Hardware Chrome
Incl. Snare No
Item number 509896
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In stock within 3-4 weeks

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