t.akustik Producer Set XL Advanced

Bundle offer comprising

5x t.akustik WAS-7 Melamine GR

  • Absorber Panel Set
  • Absorber for improving a room's acoustics
  • Absorber profile: Spikes
  • The precisely cut tiles allow combining and assembling different "the t.akustik" models (for example, WAW-7)
  • The absorption efficiency is increased by a special design
  • The correct use of the absorber reduces flutter echoes
  • Optimises room acoustics and gives the room a professional atmosphere
  • Main effective range: from approx. 800 Hz
  • Material: Melamine resin foam
  • Fire behaviour according to EN13501-1, Euroclass B s-1, d-0: Flame retardant
  • Sound absorption coefficient: >0.9 from approx. 600 Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 600 x 600 x 70 mm
  • Colour: Grey
  • Set contains 8 individual pieces
  • Suitable adhesive: Article no. 481723 (not included in the delivery)

24x t.akustik CBT-37 Melamine GR

  • Absorber Plate Set
  • Absorber for optimising acoustics
  • Especially suitable for the absorption of low frequency sound waves
  • Material: Melamine resin foam
  • Fire behaviour in accordance with EN13501-1, Euroclass B - s1, d0 flame retardant
  • Sound absorption coefficient: > 0.9 from approx. 600 Hz
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 370 x 370 x 600 mm
  • Colour: Grey
  • Set contains 2 individual pieces

5x t.akustik WDS-7 GR Diffuser 4pcs Set

  • Diffuser for Optimising Room Acoustics
  • Diffuser profile: Stepped
  • The coverage pattern has been optimised by a special design
  • The correct use of the WDS-7 optimises the room acoustics and gives the room a professional atmosphere
  • Its light weight makes it inexpensive and easy to install
  • Material: EPS (Expanded polystyrene)
  • Fire behaviour building material class B1 in accordance with DIN 4102 - 1
  • Bulk density of 20 kg/qm Fire protection class E in accordance with EN 13 50 - 1
  • Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 70 mm
  • Colour: Graphite
  • Package quantity: 4 pieces

Note: For mounting, please use contact adhesive - Article Nr. 481723 (not included)

Thomann Hand-Kartuschenpistole

  • Hand sealant gun
  • For t.akustik acoustic glue in 310 ml cartridges (not included, must be ordered separately)
  • Hexagonal plunger rod
  • Red lacquer finish

21x t.akustik Contact Glue

  • Acoustic Adhesive
  • For acoustic convoluted, pyramids and basotect
  • Solvent-free
  • Elastoplastic
  • Single-component special polymer adhesive
  • Fast-curing and more universal than structural and assembly adhesives
  • Especially for the punctual and all-over adhesion of soundproofing and acoustic elements made of foam in particular melamine and polyurethane foam
  • Adheres to customary construction substrates such as concrete, plaster, masonry, cement and wood
  • 310 ml/ 490 g Cartridge
  • For 0.5 m² to 3 m² depending on the substrate and adhesive technology (punctual/ all-over)
  • Note: Working temperature + 5° C to + 50° C
  • Storage: Cool and dry at + 5° C to + 25° C
  • Skin building time: 10 - 15 min
  • Colour: White
  • Consistency: Pasty
  • Base: Polymer dispersion
  • Spec. mass: Approx. 1.58 g/cm
  • Protect from frost and heat
  • Suitable hand-held cartridge gun: Article Nr. 417630 (not included)
  • New follow-up product: Article Nr. 481723 (not included)
Available since May 2021
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Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Number Of Standard Absorbers 40
Number of Broadband Absorbers 48
Number Of Diffusers 20
Miscellaneous Acoustic Modules 0
Room Dimensions Large
Incl. Mounting Material Yes
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