t.akustik DS5-5 Drum Shield Bag Bundle

Bundle offer comprising

t.akustik DS5-5 Drum Shield

  • Sound Shield
  • Transparent 5-segment panel for live and studio use
  • Sound- and noise shielding for drum kits, amplifiers or instruments
  • Indispensable for controlling volume on stage and in the studio and for clean mixes
  • Easy to handle thanks to an accordion-style foldable design
  • Material: Very high-quality laser cut acrylic
  • Consists of 5 panels with connectors (hinges)
  • Thickness per panel: 5.5 mm
  • Dimensions per panel (H x W): 1660 x 600 mm
  • Weight: Approx. 36.0 kg

Thomann DrumShield Bag A2466

  • Bag
  • Suitable for Clearsonic A2466x1-7 and t.akustik DS5 Drum Shield
  • Fleece lining with foam padding
  • Outer material: 600 Cordura (robust, abrasion-resistant nylon)
  • 6 Handles
  • Hook-and-loop fastener inside for fixing
  • 1 Front accessory compartment: 1690 x 430 mm
  • Inner dimensions: 1700 x 620 x 70 mm
  • Outer dimensions: 1770 x 660 x 95 mm
  • Weight: 2.95 kg
  • Colour: Black
Available since June 2022
Item number 546178
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Type Absorber wall
Number of Panels 5
Height in cm 166 cm
Dimensions 1600 x 3000 mm
Width in cm 300 cm
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An acrylic shield that makes a big difference

When recording sound using the overdub method, crosstalk from neighbouring sound sources is usually not a problem. However, if all artists are recorded simultaneously, unwanted crosstalk between neighbouring sound sources can occur, especially in (excessively) small recording rooms. One of the instruments that always stands out in this context is the drums. The DS5-5 Drum Shield from t.akustik is an adequate solution to this dilemma and at the same time offers the advantage that the transparency of the acrylic allows eye contact between the artists. This bundle also includes a carrying case to allow the Drum Shield to be transported and carried more easily.

Transparent t.akustik DS5-5 Drum Shield, front view

Easy to handle and practical to transport

The DS5-5 Drum Shield consists of five individual panels that are joined together with the corresponding connectors (hinges). Once the panels are connected to each other, handling is very simple. To make the DS5-5 Drum Shield portable, the panels fold together in an accordion style, and conversely, they are folded out again during setup - it doesn't get much easier than that. Each panel is 166 cm high, 60 cm wide, and 5.5 mm thick. When assembled, the DS5-5 Drum Shield has a length of 300 cm. When folded and with a total weight of about 36 kg, it can just about be carried under your arm.

Connector between two individual Drum Shield panels

For sound engineers and instrumentalists

Technicians in the studio are by no means the only people who want to shield certain sound sources. There are also situations during live shows where shielding can come in handy, and it can also be put to adequate use in the rehearsal room. The DS5-5 Drum Shield from t.akustik is a transparent acrylic screen that offers reliable sound shielding in every situation and can thus ensure effective volume control. Thanks to its very reasonable purchase price, it offers both professional and semi-professional users attractive value for money. This bundle is ideal for users who need to transport the Drum Shield between the rehearsal room and the stage, for example, thanks to the included carrying case with its six handles.

t.akustik DS5-5 Drum Shield arranged in a semi-circle

About t.akustik

t.akustik has been part of the Thomann portfolio since 1997 and has established a solid reputation through its quality products at affordable prices. The brand specialises in all items that optimise the acoustics of recording studios, or any room in which music is to be recorded, by neutralising possible interferences as much as possible. So, if you need absorbers, sound diffusers, bass traps, and much more, t.akustik's extensive range is definitely worth checking out.

For the stage, studio, and rehearsal room

Even if the DS5-5 Drum Shield's name already indicates its preferred area of use, it is also suitable for shielding amplifiers and other instruments, a job that it does just as well. Apart from the professional areas of use on stage and in the studio, the DS5-5 Drum Shield can of course also be a great asset in private use. After all, the volume in small rehearsal rooms can be deafening, so even the smallest amount of damping is an improvement to the situation. In short: Your ears will thank you.