Superlux PS 418-S


Phantom power adapter

  • For all Superlux microphones with 3 Pin TQG connectors
  • Operates directly with the mixing console such as Stagebox
available since July 2013
Item number 315064
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Phantom Power Adapter and Feed Units No
Phantom Power Adapter Yes
Phantom power No
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The adapter you need for your headmic ;)
Anonymous 30.10.2016
You can buy this adapter to use with your headmic.

I've bought this adapter because I've bought the thomann's "t.bone HeadmiKe - O AKG". This is an omni headmic with an AKG connector (aka mini XLR). Even though the majority of headmics sellers will suggest you to use it with an wireless transmitter you can also use this connecting it directly to your audio interface. Luckily for us, Thomann is selling this affordable mic without the extra transmitter apparatus.

Besides not having to spend extra money in batteries this adapter also has a clip which enables you to hold it on your belt. Please keep in mind that, although this adapter is small, it is also quite heavy for its size.

Usage is pretty straight forward: 1) connect the mini xlr to adapter 2) connect xlr cable to adapter 3) connect cable to audio interface 4) turn on your audio interface 5) turn on phantom power on your audio interface.

Too simple right?
And it just works perfectly.


Just great!
Laura B 06.09.2019
Bought this to interface my the t.bone EarmiKe - D AKG with my soundcard live, the pair is a winner! Thanks to this unit I don't have to bother with wireless devices that need tuning, transporting etc. Just wear the headset, plug it into the Superlux, connect the Superlux to my soundcard's MIC IN with a standard mic cable and hey presto! I have a near invisible headset that stays put and I can hardly feel and a super sound :) :) :)

The superlux is heavy for it's size but it clips very nicely to my belt in my back and once there I can forget it all together.

Does what it says on the box, and very well built, very solid. Highly recommended!


Hit and miss
Geoffrey735 17.06.2015
I ordered this wireless to wired adaptor for a spefic show, and was let down. I tested it before hand on a budget Berihnger mixer with phantom power activated, and it was fine, but on the night powered by a Presonus desk , I had no signal from it, despite changing on leads/channels in the signal path etc.


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Angenehm rauscharmer Adapter, defekt bei Ankunft
Christian Vogel 06.04.2016
Ich verwende diesen Adapter um ein Headsetmikrofon mit Speisespannung zu versorgen, diese Aufgabe verrichtet er ohne Probleme. Alles in Allem ist der Adapter hierbei auch angenehm rauscharm.

Man sollte sich jedoch das Diagramm im "Datenblatt" zur Verbindung mit Elektret-Kapseln genau ansehen: Nur 3-polig angeschlossene Mikrofone können 1:1 verbunden werden, für zweipolige Kapseln ist ein zusätzlicher Widerstand in das Steckergehäuse zu löten! Wenn man diesen weglässt (und wie bei anderen Adaptern möglich Speisung und Signal verbindet) erhält man das "dumpfe" schwache Signal welches in einer anderen Bewertung erwähnt wird!

Die Speisespannung an Pin 3 des Mini-XLR beträgt bei 48V Phantomspannung recht hohe 6V.

Zur Verarbeitung: Eines der hauchdünnen Kabel zwischen der Platine im Inneren des Steckergehäuses und dem Mini-XLR-Stecker war bei Lieferung gebrochen, an der Endkontrolle sollte Superlux also noch arbeiten. Ich habe mich entschlossen es schnell selbst zu reparieren, normalerweise wäre dies aber natürlich ein Rücksendegrund!