Superlux HD-681 Evo WH


Studio Headphones

  • Semi-open
  • Circumaural
  • Dynamic
  • Self-adjusting headband for comfort
  • 50 mm drivers
  • Peak SPL: 98 dB
  • Impedance: 32 Ohm
  • Frequency Range: 10 - 30,000 Hz
  • Power Consumption: 300 mW
  • Detachable cable
  • 1 m and 3 m cables with 3.5 mm stereo jack
  • Weight (including cable): 291 g
  • Weight (excluding cable): 269 g
  • Colour: White
  • Includes: 6.3 mm stereo jack adapter, carry bag and one pair of Velour earpads
Design Over-Ear
System Semi Open
Impedance 32 Ohms
Frequency range 10 Hz – 30000 Hz
Adapter Yes
Replacable Cable No
Marrone/Argento White
available since April 2013
Item number 297906
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Frequency range min. 10 Hz
Frequency range max. 30000 Hz
Max. SPL 98 dB
Sensitivity 98 dB
Type Of Connector Mini Jack
Weight 269 g
Color White
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This is probably just a write-up of what you already know...
Tim2787 29.05.2015
What can I say? They're a sub-?30 pair of Superlux headphones.

Having tried the old HD-681s which were an amazing pair for the price, I can say that the Evos are that and bucket-loads more!

I was pleasantly surprised upon opening the packaging to find two cables; a short one, perfect for use with a portable device and a longer one, perfect for use with, well, anything that's a little further away. The headphones themselves have a male 3.5mm jack on a short cable extending from the left ear cup. This allows you to replace the cable with any after-market cable should you so desire. As both cables are female on one end, they can be combined to create what is possibly the longest cable I've ever seen on a pair of headphones out of the box!
Also included is a small clip which helps ensure that the attached cable does not come lose, but use without it was not an issue in the slightest.
A 1.4 inch jack is thrown in for good measure along with a second pair of pads made form a soft, breathable fabric which is extremely comfortable and is great for longer wearing sessions.

If you've owned or read/watched/heard reviews of the old 681s, you'll have heard many say that they had quite sharp and fatiguing treble. A common fix was to place a cotton pad in the ear-cup to act as a sort of filter. This has be addressed in the Evos and adds even more to their great sound. I primarily use these for light gaming at times when I'm not at liberty to use my surround setup and as such, the semi-open build lends itself quite well to my needs.
The sound-stage is excellent without sacrificing isolation and without having to fork out a few hundred euros for a much higher end pair of cans. On top of that, the detail throughout the spectrum is great, with clean highs, warm and 'full' sounding mids and deep, mud-free bass.

Overall, these headphones are hands-down the best pair I've yet to use in this price range and are a must have if you're looking for a great value pair to add to your collection, or maybe to start it!


Decent sound, not the most comfortable fit
Dimitris! 03.01.2022
These headphones perform reasonably to great in terms of sound, especially considering their price. They come with a carrying case, two choices of cable length and a separate set of earcups.
Build quality seems okay, but would not be quite comfortable giving them a beating.
In terms of fit and comfort they are a little too snug for me (might be a case of big headedness) and they start hurting my ears after an hour or two of use.


Affordable general-purpose stylish headphones
Anonymous 10.12.2016
These headphones are good all-around phones, very cheap for their quality. As a general rule of thumb, you will notice a difference when you compare these ones with most big brand ¤150++ phones but for any budget under say roughly ¤80 you won't so you'll save quite a lot. Just equalize them to your liking, but out-of-the-box it's also good. I use them often to practice guitar, bass and keyboards, and compose songs, without any significant hurdles.

Comes in black and white and I must say even though I usually prefer black, white is quite stylish on these!

The most notable con is that others will hear your music, but you'll have to shell out more for good sound isolation anyway. I use them in a studio and not in public so that hasn't been a problem, ever.

The installed pads can get hard on the ears after 1-2 hours, but the included replacement soft pads are somewhat better. It can vary from person to person (my head circumference is about 59 cm).

It's a 3.5 mm socket on the phone, and an included 3.5 mm cable running to my interface, which is then feeds into my monitor with an included 3.5 to 6.35 mm adapter.


Great for the price but a big dull overall
Peegeebee 08.02.2021
You'll hardly find a better pair of over the ear monitor headphones at even double this price. I use them when recording vocals and they're a bit more dull and bassy than I'd like, but once you get used to them they're good for a simple voiceover job, and the price is astonishingly good for the quality. Recommended


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