StudioRTA Producer Station


Professional Recording Workstation

  • With built-in 19" racks above and underneath the main work surface
  • A total of 33 U rack space (2x 14 U below and 5 additional U located centrally above the work surface)
  • Pull-out keyboard shelf for keyboards of up to 8.25 cm in height
  • Upper shelf for speakers and computer monitor
  • Lower shelf for computer and printer
  • Built-in CD rack for up to 16 CDs
  • Huge worktop with a width of 183 cm and a depth of 76 cm
  • Robust steel framework that can still be moved easily with 8 castors (2 with locking brake)
  • Dimensions of table (W x H x D): 183 x 76 x 76 cm
  • Dimensions top unit (W x H x D): 152 x 28 x 39 cm
  • Dimensions keyboard shelf (W x D): 670 x 300 mm
  • Colour: Black/Maple
available since April 2005
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Almost perfect
Zwavelbron 02.07.2020
After searching online for weeks and comparing many, MANY different offerings, I decided to go for this workstation because it seemed to have everything I needed:
- Wheels, so I can move it around and reach the cables behind it more easily for maintenance etc.
- Solid looking build
- Platform on the bottom that allows me to put my desktop PC, UPS, and subwoofer there
- Sufficient amount of rack space and useful distribution
- Keyboard drawer, so I can have my MIDI keyboard on top and my PC keyboard in the drawer - everything ready when I need it
- The additional top surface consists of a single section - my studio monitors have their own stands, and I prefer having a 'middle section' to put my screens on, as opposed to 'left and right sections' intended for putting studio monitors on
- Affordability
- CD racks for all of the CD's I bought last century! (just kidding, I left those things out to increase my usable surface area, which does not seem to affect structural integrity)

Came very well packed (you can build your own village out of all the cardboard). Build feels solid. I finally have all the space I needed and every centimeter is useful. Due to the added weight of all my gear, it doesn't roll away by itself (I'm not even using the brakes), which is good. But it will still roll if I push it hard enough, which was my original requirement.

As for the downside: The top spaces in all 3 rack areas don't seem to fit any of my 19" hardware, so I have to leave it empty, causing a gap and reducing the amount of usable rack space.
This is not a major problem for me, since I never intended on filling them up completely anyway, and from my seat I can't see the gaps. In fact, the gap in the top rack has a nice side-effect; it allows me to clearly see all buttons and lights on my 1U recording interface, which has been relocated into the second-to-top rack slot due to the top one not fitting.

I did struggle with another 1U item as well. Though I did get it into the rack almost where I wanted it, I had to leave out the top screws because the hole was misaligned. Not 100% sure if that's due to the rack in this desk or the sizing of that 19" unit, but it had been in another rack before without issues. To put this in perspective though, the other 19" equipment I put in the rack (5 items varying from 1U to 3U) fit just fine.

In the end, I'm extremely happy with this workstation. I have a mix of rack gear and other stuff, and I got all of it in there in the way I wanted. However, if you intend to fill up every single rack slot, you'll probably be disappointed (unless you're good at DYI and figure out some alternative solution).


Great Value
Mick1 21.08.2014
The RTA Producer workstation is a big heavy and very good value for money studios workstation. It is very heavy and is well packed for delivery. Tons of rack space, great sized work surfaces and practicality for lots of different kit. I added 3 x 4U and 1 x 2U Thon lockable rack drawers to mine, which gives excellent storage for cables, mics etc.

The sliding keyboard and laptop shelves are sturdy and smooth. Cable management is made easy with various rubber grommets, cutouts and a rear tray. Heavy duty wheels with the two front wheels able to be locked to prevent it moving around when you don't want it to. It has 16 spaces for CD storage but personally I won't use these.

The only disappointing thing I have found is that the rackmount screw holes didn't perfectly line up with the mounting holes on the drawers and rack gear I have when trying to install them without gaps between. They had to be fitted with gaps between each piece of gear and I found the gaps are not evenly spaced, some gaps are bigger than others. This problem has been mentioned in several reviews and I think the manufacturer needs to consider altering the design to correct this. It would perfect a great bit of kit if they fix this issue, though it's not so bad that I am unhappy overall.

For the cost of this you will struggle, as I did, to find anything else that even comes close to the design, quality and features it offers. It is robust, functional and looks great in my home studio. I'm very happy with the product and would highly recommend this over a cheap and flimsy, or really overpriced and expensive workstation. I knocked one star off because of the problem with the rack mounts not lining up without gaps but I would still highly recommend the product. I'm sure it will give me years of service!


Amazing but beware of what you're buying.
Anonymous 17.11.2016
For me this desk was great especially for the price. Now I own a few racks mostly my audio interface (2U) and a rack mount tape recorder (3U).
So I built up my desk and when it came to fitting my rack equipment it wasn't the easiest or the best solution. My audio interface is only held in by 3 out of 4 screws as one of the holes in the rack mounting shelf is off which seems to be common on all of the rack railing on this desk. The same with my tape rack but only 2 out of 4 screws will fit.
So my advice would be if you are looking for a big desk to hold all your keyboards, drum machines, basically anything thats not rack mounted buy this desk. However if you own a lot of rack equipment this desk might be a big disappointment and good luck sending it back as you have to tear the box open, plus it weighs a ton and is delivered on a pallet in two separate boxes on a wagon. So think first.
Now I love this desk it fits everything i own on it including my macbook pro, my MPC, my keyboards and synths, my 2 two racks, my turntable, my Markbass amp head and 2x10 cab, my Fender Blues Jnr, my drums, studio monitors and whatever else with room to spare.
The upper shelf also places the studio monitors at a great height for recording and mixing.
So if you are a digital musician with just a few racks but mostly hardware for table tops, get this desk. But if you want this desk for studio racks look for something else as from most reviews this is a common problem.


Superb home studio desk
Andrew J. 24.10.2015
I researched extremely thoroughly before spending what I consider to be a lot of money and I opted for this product from a list of many. However other products on the list were all more expensive and often not as suitable.

Construction took only a couple of hours in a cramped space that is my home studio. Assembly was easy if you're familiar with flat packed goods or basic home DIY. Once assembled a little tweeking had it tight and solid (before it wobbled a bit but just tighten the main bolts from the legs up into the underside of the main work surface and you're grand).

I have room on the top shelf for a 32" monitor, 2X Adam A5Xs and my Macbook Pro 15" open to work as a 2nd monitor. The main surface area is plenty big enough for my 61 key Novation SL mkii, lacie hard drive and turntable with my computer keyboard and mouse on the pull-out drawer under. My soundcard sits on the upper pull-out drawer. I purchased 5 Thon Rack Adapter 1U 25 shelves which are useful for various books, CDs, Microphones and bits and bobs (i don't have any hardware unfortunately) and my vinyl sits under these shelves.

To summarize, it is a compact serious desk that, at this price, is unrivaled. I had no issues with assembly and probably would have paid more, now that I have first hand experience of the quality.


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