Steven Slate Audio Patrick Carney Expansion

Extension Pack (download)

  • For Steven Slate Trigger 2 (art. 399480) / Steven Slate Drums 5 (art. 452410)
  • Rough, powerful vintage drum sounds
  • Played and recorded by Patrick Carney in his private studio
  • Provides the sound of sought-after old drumsets from the Gretsch Round Badge of 1961 to a 70s Ludwig Vistalite
  • Refined with the famous EMT 140 reverb plate
  • 12 Presets for Steven Slate drums
  • 18 Presets for Steven Slate triggers
  • Includes four kick drums, four snares, 16 toms, four hi hats (SSD only), 20 crash cymbals (SSD only) and four ride cymbals (SSD only)
available since May 2022
Item number 543810
sales unit 1 piece(s)
SSD 5 Yes
Trigger 2 Yes
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Available immediately

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