Stentor SR1500 Violin Student II 4/4


Student Violin Outfit

  • Size: 4/4
  • Solid spruce top
  • Solid maple body
  • Ebony pegs and fingerboard
  • Hardwood chinrest
  • Includes case and bow
Available since October 2007
Item number 137907
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Incl. Bow Yes
case included Yes
Fretbboard Ebony
no tropical wood used No
Flamed Back No
Fine tuners Yes
Fine Tuning Screw for E string No
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The perfect companion for getting started

The Stentor Student II violin is the ideal instrument for students who want to kick-start their violin career with a high-quality instrument. The Stentor violin is carefully crafted by hand from various solid woods, so that each individual instrument is unique. The body and neck of the instrument are made of maple, the top from spruce, and the tuning pegs and fingerboard are both made of ebony, while the chinrest is crafted using hardwood. The result of this fine selection is a very well-defined sound that radiates depth and warmth. To simplify tuning, the tailpiece, which is made of a composite material, has four fine-tuners. The included wooden bow is strung with carefully selected natural horsehair that converges on an ebony frog. In combination with the supplied gig bag, this instrument is the perfect partner for entering the wonderful world of violin music.

A focus on quality

The tonewoods that form the basis of instrument making are dried for at least three years before being processed to ensure quality, stability, and above all a great sound. Stentor uses only natural adhesives to glue its many components, so that repairs can be carried out without hassle in the future - artificial adhesives cannot normally be removed in a precise manner. During production, all individual parts are marked, sawn to size, planed, and glued by hand. In order to guarantee the tonal quality of the final product, the thickness and quality of the material are re-measured repeatedly at numerous positions and at various stages of the manufacturing process.

Sometimes size does matter

Thanks to its great sound, excellent manufacturing quality, and size, the Stentor Student II 4/4 violin is not only suitable for beginners. It is also recommended to all those who have "outgrown" the instrument they have been using up to now. Usually, it is suitable for players over 1.50m tall or with an arm length of at least 60cm (if in doubt, ask an experienced violinist for a personal assessment). This violin comes with everything you need (bow and gig bag with separate material compartment), which makes it particularly interesting for price-conscious yet ambitious (aspiring) violinists.

About Stentor

Stentor is a UK-based world leading manufacturer of stringed instruments. Thanks to their easy playability and good sound, Stentor violins, violas, cellos, and double basses are widely recommended to their students by music schools and instrument teachers everywhere. The product range extends from beginner to professional-level instruments. For more than five decades, Stentor’s violin makers have been continuously developing and improving their instruments and have always consulted music teachers while doing so. And their success cannot be ignored: Over half a million musicians began their musical careers with a Stentor instrument.

"I can do more than Classical music!"

The rumour that the violin is an instrument only suitable for Classical music has been outdated ever since David Garrett hit the stage. The violin, needless to say, originated in a time long before the invention of musicals and film music - but that is exactly where it fits in perfectly nowadays, just as much as it does in chamber music, in the orchestra, in folk and dance music and, of course, as a solo instrument! As it has had a major influence on the development of many of these musical genres (and still does), there is a great deal of literature dedicated to it. With this Stentor violin set, the gates to the world of violin music are wide open.

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206 Reviews

Best student violin!
Jagz 18.09.2020
This violin was recommended by online teachers and students alike, and for the few extra pounds, its worth getting the student 2 over the student 1. I also spruced mine up with a set of dominant strings, but its honestly not necessary and plays great with the standard strings it ships with. It is important to understand that in order to learn, progress and advance as a student violinist, you need your instrument to be able to sing for you - if you are fighting with your instrument to make it sound somewhat like it should (tuning every session or non resonant sounds on certain scales) then it will be difficult to progress - this violin won't fail you, and instead you can work on what YOU are doing wrong instead of figuring out what's wrong with your violin. Don't make the same mistake that I did and buy a "violin shaped object" as a non committal way of deciding if you want to learn to play. Buy one of these, and if you decide not to continue, i guarantee there will be someone out there who will buy it from you in new condition elsewhere!


Best quality/price for beginner adult, but be reasonable for this money
Deniss M 09.01.2020
I played Stentor SR 1400 aka Stentor Student I for some months and Stentor II is bit better, price difference of some 10€ is worth it. Stentor I is more suitable for little hands, kids, it's like small step down. My recommendation for adults is Stentor II.
Case and bow is also totally ok, can't complain.
Sound is not perfectly clear, but good (keep the price in mind).
Pegs keep tuned, ok, no problem. Bridge is in place, ok.
Laquer, finishing is very satisfying. Violing and bow are looking decent, really good, no coplaint. No scratches etc, quality is good.
Strings are playable, cant's say good, but don't have to change immediatly, at your will.
Of course, this set is only for beginners, not even for intermediate.
But it's lot's better than, for example Gewa Pure Violinset HW 4/4, don't enen think about it, it's terrible, tried it.
Don't know about Hidersine Studenti, was also considering this. And Roth&Junius Europe Student. Last one was strongly recommended by Thomann advisors, but is 100€ more expencive... If you're looking for sth more quality, maybe better choice, because made in Europe (like said in Romania vs Stentor in China), worth to try.


Had to reshape the bridge but overall sound quality really good!
Daphne G. 09.02.2020
I have been playing on my Stentor 2 for 1.5 years now. I must say it never ceases to amaze me. I have been told that the sound quality is unexpectedly good for a violin in this price range and it responds well to sound projection.
My only complain about the violin would be that i had to lower the bridge a bit to make it actually playable. The strings it came with only hold up for 3 months of beginner violin playing. The bow it came with is not that good, which is expected. And i had to make the case repaired after a year of carrying the violin around. (It was tearing from the point where the straps were attached at the violin)
I have no regrets regarding my decision to pick up Stentor 2 and start learning the violin. It offers everything you could ask of from a student violin, and much more!


Johan Edelhert 17.09.2022
As a total beginner to the violin, I was looking for a budget-friendly violin that's easy to play and which I could use to learn the basics on without getting frustrated. And it has been exactly that. It stays in tune long enough that you don't have to keep tuning during a practice session, the bridge has the right curvature (as far as I can tell) so isolating strings or doing double stops isn't too hard, and it doesn't feel like the fingerboard is restrictive to get around. Main complaint is that the fine tuner for the E string is a bit hard to turn.

As for the sound and the look, it sounds and looks like a violin. I wouldn't say it has any sense of character though. 'Plain' would probably be a good word to describe it.

All in all I am happy with the instrument. It has allowed me to get started on the violin and it has made me find out that I want to pursue it further.