Stairville Quad Par Profile 5x8W RGBW 25°



  • With 5 x 4-in-1 QCL LED
  • Sleek design and rich colorus in pastel range
  • Due to its compact size the Quad Par Profile can be installed almost anywhere
  • The 8W Quad Colour LEDs produce a high output and can create any colour

Technical data:

  • Light source: 5x 4-in-1 8W RGBW LEDs
  • Light output: approx. 9000 Lux @ 1 m (RGBW)
  • Beam angle: 25°
  • Control: DMX 512 (4, 6, or 8 channels), sound control via built-in microphone (adjustable sensitivity), automatic mode, Master / Slave, infrared sensor for remote control is included (Article Nr #322277)
  • DMX input and output: 3-pin XLR
  • Power in- and output: IEC (IEC cold device connector)
  • Cooling by temperature-controlled fan
  • Power consumption: 32 W
  • Power supply: AC 100-240V, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 164 x 164 x 105 mm / 255 x 235 x 105 mm with bracket
  • Weight: 2.1 kg
  • Includes remote control and folding double bracket for installation on a truss or simply placing on the ground
  • Suitable case for holding up to four PAR lights: Article Nr 407570 (not included, must be ordered separately)
available since August 2013
Item number 307515
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Construction Type Flat PAR
Number of LEDs 5
power of the single LED 8 W
Color mixing RGBW
LED Type x-in-1
Floor housing Yes
Fanless No
remote control Included
wireless DMX No
Housing Color Black
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Good value for money.
Aristotelis 25.09.2014
I have the Mega Tri Par Profile 5 x 3W (ADJ) and i wanted an upgrade. So i tried the Stairville Quad Par Profile 5x8W. Looking at both of them, is like comparing a FIAT to a Mercedes. One feels plastic, while the other one feels alot more solid.

Light output, i would say the Stairville is about 2 times brighter. Very rich colors, especially the red's or darker colors, that seem "weak" in other less-bright pars.

The Cons : Its definatly heavier than the Mega tri par profile (thats not necessarily good) and the metal stands dont open very wide, which makes it unstable when you put it standing on the metal bracket.

I would also like the light to have a very slow transition from one color to the other, like the older Stairville 64 10mm LED pars used to have (with the switches in the back). That slow-transition color option was awesome.

All in all, at the moment, i dont think there's a better value for money. Recomended.


Decent light
Steve835 14.07.2014
I now have a dozen of these lights and am intending to purchase more - so would easily recommend them. The only criticism is that the remote control isn't the easiest to set up and use so that can be a bit frustrating. Fortunately I only use these with DMX controllers so they're fine for that. They can be used on stand alone and the menu system is quite extensive so you'll need to spend a few minutes learning that - for stand alone operations you can select pre-defined colours or individually adjust the red green blue and white levels, though that may take a while. I've only given four stars for light output - whilst the overall brightness is better than a halogen Par56 the white LED s on their own is fairly poor so I tend to cheat by adding in a small percentage of the other colours to compensate


Best led can there is!
Michael5544 16.11.2016
I use 8 of these every week for many different situations and gigs, they are bright enough to be impressive in a club with a dmx program and elegant enough to be placed in a dance hall as uprisers.

For their tiny size there built strong and robust, bright and such a good quality beams of colour such as mixing as primary colours. Very responsive to dmx programming and have a great feature of power daisy chaining male and female IEC connections. Really says you can use as many as possible without the fuss in many mess.

Very transportable and slim so easy to store and great to assemble both on ground and off a stand. Legs are narrow well brackets when on floor there used as legs but they are manageable.

As far as tricolour rgbw go they are of fantastic lighting quality and build, few minor plastic parts that can be of issue but treated with regular care should be no problem.

Overall great to use great effect to any club or venue great for mobile use and very responsive to dmx channelling. Come with individual remote controller and very affordable. Cheapish but very much able for the pro gig.

10/10 excellent par can that can be used for everything!
colour mix
illuminating power


Stairville Quad Par Profile 5x8W
TrevorG 10.03.2019
I have 2 of these & use them in-between other lighting units to fill in & add colour. Very happy with the quality & function of the lamps & will probably buy more in the future. They fit nicely into a stairville bag along with some power leads. Definitely recommended.
colour mix
illuminating power