Stairville LED Matrix Blinder 5x5 DMX


Audience blinder effect with LED matrix

Due to the 5x5 arrangement of the 25 lenses an unlimited amount of matrix effects, letters, and numbers can be produced, and each of the 25 3W LEDs can be individually controlled via DMX 512. Also included are some great internal automatic programs, which are also available in master/slave mode (1 x 1, 1 x 2, or 2 x 2 devices). All effects can be triggered by sound to light.

The lenses come with a diameter of 6.3 cm and produce effects of a very high-quality. Camera operators will very much enjoy the star- or flicker effects produced by lenses of this size. The blinder can be easily mounted and positioned using the brackets provided, and thanks to integrated M6 threads several devices can be interconnected easily.

  • Light source: 25 x 3W LEDs (warm white)
  • Lens Ø size: 6.3 cm
  • Control: DMX-512 (1, 4, 26 and 28 channel mode), master/slave, music control
  • LED display for setting functions
  • Dimmer: 0-100%, linear
  • Power supply: AC-100-240V, 50 / 60Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 96 W
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 450 x 450 x 115 mm
  • Weight: 10.2 kg
available since August 2013
Item number 278014
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Construction Type Matrix
including bulb(s) Yes
Bulbs LED
Color / Color temperature [K] WW
Number of lamps 25
Power per bulb [W] 3 W
DMX control Yes
Numbers of LED´s 25
single LED power 3 W
Colour mixing WW
LED Type single color LED
No fan 1
Remote not supported
housing colour Black
Beam angle min. 55 °
Beam angle max. 55 °
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Blinder with matrix effect

The LED Matrix Blinder 5x5 DMX from Thomann's in-house brand Stairville casts white light into the audience via its large lenses. In addition to the range of applications typical for a standard blinder, this one can also be used to display numbers or letters for special show applications, as it employs a comparatively large number of LEDs arranged in a square. You can also create graphic patterns - all in a brilliant warm white. A practical feature of the Stairville LED Matrix Blinder 5x5 DMX is its square shape, which makes the LEDs conveniently space-saving. The large lenses achieve the coveted effect of twinkling stars when shooting videos, as the beam angle of 50° is relatively wide. To increase the effect even more, several of these blinders can be linked together.

White light for the audience

The Stairville LED Matrix Blinder 5x5 DMX's 25 3W LEDs cast a warm white light across the location. Measuring 450mm x 450mm, this specialised device can cover a wide area thanks to the large (50°) beam angle of its 6.5cm lenses. The spotlight has a power consumption of 96W and weighs 10.2kg. It can be positioned both standing upright and suspended, and connectors for joining several of these blinders together are included in the scope of delivery. The light is operated via DMX or using the buttons under the small display on the casing - and 26 shows are already pre-programmed. Letters and numbers are also pre-configured, while music control and optional master-slave operation complete the picture.

For video shoots and music clubs

The Stairville LED Matrix Blinder 5x5 DMX works as a special effect for clubs and comedy stages, and for DJs and videographers. On small stages, even just two single blinders will achieve an impressive effect, and the device can also provide the kind of pulsating white light that DJs like to use on the dancefloor. Thanks to the locking screws on the bracket, the spotlight can be tilted steplessly as desired, and the sturdy casing is ideal for fixed installations. For larger clubs, several of these panels can be combined to form a single surface on which the individually controllable LEDs can be used for information or advertising. When shooting videos, the blinder's countless twinkling stars will also leave plenty of room for crossfades and tracking shots.

About Stairville

Since it was introduced in 1994, Thomann’s in-house brand Stairville has been a permanent fixture in the store’s product range. The brand primarily focuses on the field of stage lighting in general, and its products include spotlights, moving lights, and theatre lighting as well as smoke machines, electronic control systems, and every other accessory you can think of. Thomann constantly has around 1,600 Stairville products on offer, and the figures speak for themselves: Statistically, one in every fifteen Thomann customers owns at least one Stairville product. Incidentally, the name “Stairville” is also a catchy English translation of “Treppendorf”, the town that Thomann calls home.

Perfectly equipped for live shows and video shoots

If you want to rent out your location for video shoots as well as live shows, hang a couple of Stairville LED Matrix Blinder 5x5 DMX units up on the back wall of the stage. Then screw the enclosed connecting elements into the M6 threaded holes on the back - this way, you can put a row of blinders together. The first one is connected to the power supply, while the others are linked via the respective power output of the previous one using the optionally available IEC cables. Next, connect a lighting console to the DMX input of the first blinder and loop the signal from the DMX output through to all of the other units. Now connect safety retainers to the eye bolts, and you are ready to let your creativity run free. A single channel on the lighting console is sufficient for controlling everything - if you want more, however, you can use the full range of options provided by the LED Matrix Blinder 5x5 DMX in 28-channel mode.

Very proud owner
FEJY 22.05.2018
I was very surprised with this product. I initially bought it for showing countdown without a screen, because it can show numbers and letters. but end up using it as a staple for my shows. Great light output and just amazing features. Very good value for the money.
light output


matrix effect
Anonymous 13.11.2014
Lovely little unit.
Slightly cooler colour temp than a Sunstrip, which is a bit disappointing but can be fixed with some creative gel/filtering.
Suprisingly bright at 3w per lamp. I wouldnt want much above this I think!
Simple built in effects that work well across multiple units.
Good build quality, simple rigging possibilities.
Slightly irritating bracket system for connecting to other units rather than the coffin lock system on the ADJ version, but considering the price difference, these are spot on.
Cant wait to get a gig up and running with them and Lightjams organic pixel creation. Should look amazing.
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Halleluja! Es werde Licht
LED Freak 22.08.2014
Mit diesem Blinder hier wirds hell! Und zwar so richtig hell.
Super Farbgebung absolut "Halogenfarben"

Ich war mit meinem Lichttechnik bei thomann und da meinte dieser, dass man sich die beiden doch mal anschauen könnte. Gesagt getan. Ja schöne Automatikprogramme. Zahlen und Buchstaben sind vorprogrammiert. Ja nicht schlecht. Habe mich breitschlagen lassen und einfach mal 2 mitgenommen.
1 Woche später erster Einsatz der beiden im Gewölbekeller zu einer Party.
Mit einem Wort: BADABUMM!
Ich war mir vorher unschlüssig, sind doch nur 25 Lampen mit je 3 W. Ist auch keine Farbe dabei... Ob das so gut war?
Aber das Publikum hat getobt. Effekt ist einfach super. Man kann auch jede Lampe einezeln ansteuern, hat man ne GrandMa oder ne Hog kann man das auch gern machen, ich nutze die Matrizen lediglich im 4 Kanal-Modus.
Dort habe ich Masterdimmer, Strobe, Programmauswahl und Programmgeschwindigkeit. Also alles, was man auf einer Party braucht.
Nach der Party weitere 4 Stück bestellt. Somit bekommt man auch Outdoor verdammt hell.

Was mich persönlich wirklich nervt ist jedoch ein wenig die Programmierung.
Während der Programmkanal im 28 Kanalmodus unter anderem auch vorgefertigte Zahlen und Buchstaben hat, so hat der Programmmodus im 4 Kanal-Modus dies nicht!!
Soll heißen, will ich den genialen Effekt von Buchstaben haben, MUSS ich die Matrix im 28 Kanal Modus fahren. sehr nervig, vor allem, wenn man nur 1 Universum hat. Hier würde ich mich über ein Softwareupdate freuen. Bei 6 Matrizen im 28 Kanal-Mode kommt schon einiges zusammen, vor allem, da man eigentlich nur die Kanale Dimmer,Programm, und Geschwindigkeit benötigt (Im 28 Kanal gibts keinen Strobe)

Ich vergleiche den Effekt gerne mit einem Sunstripe, nur eben nicht in einer Reihe, sondern viel flexibler als Matrix.
Außerdem hat dieser Effekt hier lediglich 100W

Alles in allem mit leichten Abzügen in der B-Note wegen der Programmierung, dennoch ein GIGANTISCHER Effekt!
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Encore une belle invention
Anonymous 19.05.2015
Très beau produit qui pèse son poids avec un rendu juste sublime. En un rien de temps, il vous permet d'éclairer la salle tout entière. Je ne suis en aucun cas déçu par cette achat et le referai sans hésiter
light output