Stairville LED Flood Panel 150 40° Bundle


Bundle offer comprising

Stairville LED Flood Panel 150 40° RGB

  • Compact LED Floodlight
  • Light source: 150 LEDs with a diameter of 10 mm
  • With display for setting the functions
  • Control via DMX, Master / Slave, Auto Run mode or Sound-to-Light mode
  • Thanks to the multifunction bracket, it can be placed on the floor or suspended
  • Beam angle: 40°
  • Power supply: AC 240V~, 50 Hz
  • Max. power consumption: 18 W
  • DMX input and output: 3-pin XLR
  • Power-out for operation as part of lighting chain
  • Optional IR remote control: Article nr 354223
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 260 x 68 x 210 mm
  • Weight: 1.8 kg

Stairville SB-117 Bag 290 x 100 x 390 mm

  • Transport Bag
  • For LED bars and other lighting equipment
  • Ideal, for safe, transporting of lighting effects and accessories (including Stairville, American DJ, Eurolite, Showtec, etc)
  • The bags of the, SB series Stairville protect the effect and accessories from scratches and scuffs
  • With carrying strap and zipper
  • Dimensions: 290 x 100 x 390 mm
  • Colour: Black
available since February 2013
Item number 307706
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Construction Type Flat PAR
Number of LEDs 150
Color mixing RGB
LED Type Single color LED
Floor housing Yes
Fanless Yes
remote control Optional
wireless DMX No
Housing Color Black
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Flat LED panel with double bracket

The LED Flood Panel 150 40° RGB from Thomann's Stairville brand is an attractively priced LED unit for wide-area lighting that can stand on its own two feet – or rather brackets. Unique in its price range, it features an extra-flat housing and is also free-standing thanks to its multifunctional double bracket, which means the unit can either be placed on the floor or suspended from a truss. The Flood Panel’s power outlet allows it to supply power to an additional light unit, which means you can drastically reduce the number of mains sockets required by “daisy-chaining” multiple lights. A power cable is included with each unit. The LED Flood Panel can be operated in different ways, and a remote control is available separately for those who prefer this option. This bundle also includes the corresponding carrying case.

Floods of colour

The Stairville LED Flood Panel 150 40° RGB features 150 LEDs, each with the fixed colours red, green, and blue. As its name indicates, it has a beam angle of 40°, which allows wide-area illuminations of walls, backgrounds, and large displays. With a width of 260 mm, a height of 210 mm, and a depth of only 68 mm, its design is surprisingly flat and sleek, and each unit weighs just 1.8 kg. The LED Flood Panel can be operated in stand-alone mode via four rear-mounted menu buttons located below its display or via DMX in three, four, or eight-channel mode. The three-pin DMX input and corresponding output are located next to the display, as are the IEC sockets for the mains input and power output. The LED Flood Panel offers ten pre-programmed light shows, music control, a master-slave mode, a strobe function and, last but not least, the option of mixing the colours of your choice.

A master of quick changes

The Stairville LED Flood Panel 150 40° RGB is ideal for clubs, bars and restaurants, artists and promoters on tour, and of course house parties. Thanks to its wide-angle beam, the floodlight can bathe entire walls or backgrounds in brightly coloured light, completely transforming their appearance. What is more, the unit takes up very little space and is simple to operate. To use the LED Flood Panel with the corresponding IR remote control, there must be a clear line of sight between the remote control and the front panel of the unit, since the sensor is located in its centre. When on tour, the sturdy metal housing provides good protection during transport. To instantly turn your living room into a party venue, simply position the unit on the floor and let its wide-area lighting do the rest – no installation required. The included carrying case means that the unit can be transported with ease and safety and protects it against dust and dirt during storage.

About Stairville

Since it was introduced in 1994, Thomann’s in-house brand Stairville has been a permanent fixture in the store’s product range. The brand primarily focuses on the field of stage lighting in general, and its products include spotlights, moving lights, and theatre lighting as well as smoke machines, electronic control systems, and every other accessory you can think of. Thomann constantly has around 1,600 Stairville products on offer, and the figures speak for themselves: Statistically, one in every fifteen Thomann customers owns at least one Stairville product. Incidentally, the name “Stairville” is also a catchy English translation of “Treppendorf”, the town that Thomann calls home.

The “light and soul” of the party

Celebrating your next birthday party at home? Then the Stairville LED Flood 150 40° RGB is all you need to quickly turn your living room into an oasis of colour that is guaranteed to make an impression. Simply place two or three floodlights on the floor and let them radiate an orange glow for an authentic sunset effect. If you are more design-oriented, you can connect the floodlights using DMX cables and assign them to a dedicated lighting console with a shared DMX address. During the course of the evening, new colours can be blended in, the rhythm of the programmed transformations changed, and the sensitivity of the built-in microphone modified to match the sound volume in the room when using the music control option.

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Flach, leicht, einfach.
da Wuppa 15.01.2014
Eine durch die kompakte Bauweise vielfältig verwendbare Lichtquelle; nicht extrem, aber hinreichend hell, nicht neutralweiß (daher für Video/Foto nicht universell verwendbar), aber für Effektbeleuchtung absolut nützlich. Der Strahler an sich macht einen am Preis gemessen soliden Eindruck; gut sind die verschiedenen Programme.


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Très bien
doud.bat 22.06.2015
bon produit avec la housse : impeccable.
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