Stairville Curtain 300g/m² Black


Molton Stage Curtain

  • Width: 300 cm
  • Opaque stage curtain
  • Material: 100 % Cotton
  • Flame-retardant according to DIN 4102 B1+ franz M1 / EN 13773
  • Weight: 300 g/m²
  • Colour: Black
  • Made in Germany
  • Price per meter
Available since March 2010
Item number 244795
Sales Unit 1 metre(s)
Quality [g/m²] 300
Colour Black
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A reliable helper

Molton stage curtains like this one from Thomann's in-house brand Stairville have long been an enduring classic: After all, organising an event almost inevitably means something has to be covered up or concealed. Users can be sure of complete safety here, as the curtain is specifically certified for use on stage. In comparison to curtains made from thinner materials, such as the Stairville Deco Curtain Black 300cm, this version not only offers greater stability but is also crease-resistant and impervious to light. The Stairville Euro Curtain 320g/m² Black is thicker still, but it should be noted that this version is made from a polyester blend as opposed to 100% cotton and thus has a slightly shiny appearance. These curtains are sold by the metre and available in a range of colours, of which black is undoubtedly the most popular.

Stairville Curtain 300g/m² in Black

Built to last

The Stairville Curtain 300g/m² Black is made from 100% cotton and flame-resistant in compliance with DIN-4102, European standard EN 13773, and French standard M1, which means that it will not continue to burn on its own once the source of ignition has been removed. Users need have no doubts regarding the suitability of the material used here, as these certificates have been issued by a registered building supervision body and will pass any inspections that need to be made. The material is 300cm wide and supplied in the desired length, so it can then be cut to the desired size or sewn into larger curtains.

With the looks to match

The Stairville Curtain 300g/m² Black is an ideal choice for making high-quality stage backdrops and side curtains for live music locations and particularly for events subject to fire protection regulations. The smooth, crease-free molton material will ensure an elegant appearance when hung, making it an equally good choice for restauranteurs who need to temporarily separate their rooms into different areas. When deployed as an encircling backdrop on small performance stages, the Stairville Curtain will also maximise the effect of the spotlights, and it will make an effective screen behind which performers can quickly change costumes during variety or pantomime performances. A range of matching clips are also available for those who want to put the curtain to use right away without the cutting and sewing work.

Stairville logo

About Stairville

Since it was introduced in 1994, Thomann’s in-house brand Stairville has been a permanent fixture in the store’s product range. The brand primarily focuses on the field of stage lighting in general, and its products include spotlights, moving lights, and theatre lighting as well as smoke machines, electronic control systems, and every other accessory you can think of. Thomann constantly has around 1,600 Stairville products on offer, and the figures speak for themselves: Statistically, one in every fifteen Thomann customers owns at least one Stairville product. Incidentally, the name “Stairville” is also a catchy English translation of “Treppendorf”, the town that Thomann calls home.

Always ready to set the scene

The Stairville Curtain 300g/m² Black can be used with flexibility as well as ease by means of Holdon clips (sold separately), which are simply attached to the curtain's upper edge. These eyelet-like clips, which can support loads of up to 45kg, eliminate the need to have eyelets specially sewn into the material, and when combined with the Stairville Spannfix system (in black, of course), they can be used to hang the curtain from a truss or rail in a professional manner. In a theatre setting, the same method can be used to create corridors that can be dismantled again just as quickly, freeing up the material for other uses. Spannfix cords are available in thicknesses of 4mm and 6mm to suit different fabric weights.

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404 Reviews

Nice fabric
Jonathan3471 26.10.2014
This fabric is of good quality and quite thick too, I have used this fabric as a wrap around cloth for my DJ stand. The good thing about it is that light cannot penetrate through it.

The fabric is really hard to crease and stays in place. It would be very hard to rip or tear this as it's quite thick.

I would definitely order more of this in the future as it's a really good price. The black is actually a very dark black compared to the picture on this site which makes the black look like a dark grey, charcoal colour.


Very good material
FEJY 22.05.2018
This is the best material I have come across for making any kind of backdrop or curtains. Is is opaque and has a matte finish. The best thickness/weight for not showing thru any light. Did my whole theatre to blackbox with this material alone. Highly recommended. Great price per meter also. You won't find anything better with this price.


Does what it needs to
Nonsensei 19.01.2021
Thick enough for most applications, easy to cut and handle, not super heavy and therefore fairly easy to hang on the walls. The black color is sensitive to even small pieces of dirt and hair, so if you need pristine and clean fabric, make sure you have a clean space to work with the fabric as well or a tape roller at hand. Vacuuming will likely just make the fabric fuzzy.

We lined the walls of our rehearsal space with this and instantly got a more professional looking room.


Good quality and up to the job
Tony5161 16.04.2015
I have now bought 2 sets of these as I was so pleased with them. They are surprisingly good quality and great value for money.

The curtains feel like 'real' stage curtains but a little lighter in weight. They are very black and very matt. They feel like thin felt and do not reflect any light.

The curtains do not come with any eyelets in them so I bought the stairvile holdon midi clips to hang the curtains from a truss and they also work really well. They grip the curtains well and feel like a quality item. I decided to have eyelets put into the first set of curtains I bought, but the material was not quite thick enough to hold the weight. The holdons are a much better bet.