6-Channel analog studio mixer

  • Ideal for smaller professional recording setups, podcasts and post-production
  • 2 Recording channels with 2 SuperAnalogueTM Mic preamps (66 dB Gain)
  • 75Hz High-pass filter
  • Separate line-level input, which can also be used as instrument input
  • One knob compressor - based on the classic SSL channel
  • Compressor
  • 2-Band EQ - Shelf or Bell curve switchable
  • ALT input, insert and 2 stereo cue ways
  • 2 Stereo channels with two stereo cue paths each
  • 100 mm Fader
  • Up to 12 channels can be used for summation
  • G Series Bus Compressor with fixed attack, release and ratio
  • Professional monitoring section
  • Matching protective cover: Art.513998 (not included in delivery)
Available since March 2019
Item number 461406
Sales Unit 1 piece(s)
Simultaneous channels 12
Mic-In 2
Mono Line-in 2
Stereo-In 2
Hi-Z Input 2
Phantom Power 48V
Master Out XLR
Aux Ways 2
max. Pre Aux Channels 2
PC Interface No
Interface Input 0
Interface Output 0
Multitrack-Recording No
USB/SD Direct Recording No
Rec Out (Analog) No
Low Cut Yes
Inserts Yes
Direct Out No
Parametric EQ No
Compressor Yes
Panorama Yes
FX Processor 0
USB Playback No
Bluetooth Playback No
Lamp connection No
Footswitch No
Matrixmixer No
Bag 512496
Zones 0
19" Rackmount Optional
Width 270 mm
Depth 310 mm
Height 120 mm
Weight 3,5 kg
Rackmount 475396
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High-quality six-channel mixer

The SSL SiX is a an analog mixer for studio applications, with which users can mix up to six channels. It offers the iconic sound of the large SSL mixing desks in a compact format. They have proven themselves thanks to their professionalism since more than 50 years in the most renowned studios in the world. The two SuperAnalogue channels of the SSL SiX offer microphone preamps with a gain of 66dB for low-noise recordings and were taken out of SSL's Duality and AWS mixing desks. With the exception of the headphone output, the signal path of the SSL SiX is completely symmetrical. Equalizer, limiter and compressor are quickly switched on to improve the quality of the audio signal. With this compact mixing desk, the famous manufacturer SSL offers a compact solution for high-quality and versatile recording sessions and mixes.

SSL SiX 6-channel mixer with 2-band EQs

Versatile and sophisticated inputs

The input jacks of the mono and stereo channels are to be found at the top of the user interface on a small plane. Users can switch between an XLR and a line input featured on the two mono channels. In addition to that, users can switch between Hi-Z for connecting sources with a high impedance like an electric guitar, line level, as well as 48V phantom power for using condenser microphones. Users can also activate a high-pass filter. These two channels are equipped with the high-quality SuperAnalogue preamps, which offer a top sound. The two stereo channels consist of four 6,3mm line input jacks. Added to these connectivity options, this compact mixing desk features an input for an external talkback microphone, as well as two external inputs that can be summed to the main mix. The G-Series Bus Compressor is easily operated with just two buttons and can be applied to the latter inputs. The Cue/External can be used for sends and returns.

SSL SiX LED level meter

Competent in live and studio applications

Thanks to its versatile features, the SSL SiX is a perfect match for professional podcasting and post-production. It also proves itself in live applications on-the-road, as this compact mixing desk features a solid craftsmanship, with which it offers a reliable use for many years. On its rear side, users can find versatile connectivity options into every setup - among them are two DB25 plugs for Send and Return of effects, two stereo foldback outputs, a stereo bus output, as well as two stereo outputs for connecting monitor loudspeakers. These outputs are indented for practical use into the casing of the SSL Six, with which cabeling uses less space and connections can be made properly. For a fixed installation, the SSL Six can be recessed into a desk or mounted into a rack, for which the two side panels need to be removed and replaced with optionally available mounts.

SSL SiX studio mixer with 2 SuperAnalogueTM Mic preamps

About SSL

Solid State Logic (SSL), is a renowned British manufacturer of high-end mixing consoles and hardware. It was founded in 1969 by Colin Sanders and is based in Begbroke, Oxfordshire. Initially the company developed transistors to control church organs, hence the name Solid State Logic. At the end of the 1970s they made huge advances in the domain of large mixing consoles with the 4000 series which pioneered the oncoming era of the ‘super’ consoles. Later, the 6000 and 9000 series also proved to be a great success and are still being used in countless recording studios all over the world. In 2005, Peter Gabriel and David Engelke took a majority stake in the company and then sold it to the Audiotonix Group in 2017.

Three mixes in one desk

Besides Cues and Sends, users can also access the Bus B channel, which allows to create three independent mixes in parallel to each other. With Cues 1 and 2, users are able to place these two signals in a stereo panorama. For individual listening, the headphone output can be assigned to the cue channels. Cut, Dim, and Mono are helpful functions for monitoring mixes. The talkback channel can also be repurposed to a third recording channel with a gain of 64dB and the Listen Mic Compressor. Numerous LEDs offer visual feedback, with which every production can be reliably monitored. The function Pre Fader Listening allows a precise adjustment of the two SuperAnalogue channels for distortion-free recordings.

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41 Reviews

Superb !
Mr. Nelson 13.02.2020
I learn much easier by having a hand on approach to music production, and the SSL SIX has helped me progress so quickly.

It is a very versatile table which forces you to be creative in finding the best ways to route your output gear to achieve your goal. Some might find this cumbersome and complicated, but reading the manual over and over again can quickly make you an expert on the machine.

The 2 Super Analog preamps are amazing to have and the fact that you can insert outboard gear (pres, compression, equalizers, fx etc) on the channels allows for great versatility.

The onboard eq and compression also allows for tone shaping abilities; the effects of which are clearly audible when engaged. Having them at you fingertips has reduced my fear of baking in character elements which cannot be changed in the post production stage.

I work with the G-series bus compressor always engaged when producing, which helps me achieve a more coherent finish to my work.

I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to have such a table at home. I remember when I used to pay $100 and up for 1hour studio sessions in order to have access to such material and expertise.

Today I can provide my own expertise from experience, and get the sound that I have been used to; while sitting at home.

I don't know anything else on the market like this at this price point and would recommend it to anyone who wants to step into the SSL world of sound.


SSL means SSL
Juno101 17.05.2021
I tried several of non-SSL analog mixers before purchasing a SSL SiX. And I am very happy that my journey for searching for mixers, which went on for years, ends with this SSL SiX.

1. Sound : Incredible. Preamp sounds super clean and deep. EQ is very easy to operate and sounds and behaves like SSL EQ, and both channel Comp and Bus Comp sound very good. I used to own a G-series Bus Comp, and I can tell this sounds like it. I never imagined that a small mixer could have this sound...Also this mixer has the lowest amount of noises.

2. Routing : This mixer has so many routing possibilities and this can be used as 11-track mixer, out of box. (you need D-Sub connection in order to access last 2 inputs)

3. Build Quality : Designed in UK, Made in China. :) But all the components seem very high quality. Faders feel amazing. Knobs are tight. Switches are all working well and they do not make "pop noises" when switching.

What could have been nicer.
1. Inserts on Stereo channels
2. Built-in USB interface (imagine...)
3. Phase Invert on Channel 1 and 2
4. Mid-Side option


Little Monster
alexbrunori 16.10.2021
In short: it's a killer.

This SSL SiX is a natural born deceiver! One may be tempted, looking at it, to think it is limited and pricey, while it's actually quite the opposite: for the sound quality it gives you and the many, well thought of, configurations it offers you, the price may be even less than what it should! Couple it with a great sounding A/D interface and whatever you will send through the Six will end up being recorded with the same sound quality that the big SSL desks are known the world over for. The summing mixer option with a decent amount of channels to mix is just a joy and the simplified compressor is easy to use and will give your mix (or recording) THAT sound. A no brainer.


SSL SIX mixer
GrzeGorsk 2GStudio 09.10.2022
A great analog sound mixer. I recommend SSL SIX to everyone who wants to feel the real analog sound.


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