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Source Audio One Series Nemesis Delay

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Delay Pedal

  • 24 Delay engines
  • 56-Bit signal path and 24-bit delay line processing
  • 8 Presets accessible via the onboard controls
  • 128 Presets available via MIDI
  • Housing made of brushed anodised aluminium
  • Universal Bypass
  • Controls for: Time, Feedback, Mod, Rate, Intensity, Mix and Delay Engine Selection
  • Status LED
  • Tap Tempo LED
  • Toggle switch for switching between beat divisions, which include quarter notes, dotted eighth and triplets
  • Hold control for continuous looping
  • Bypass foot switch
  • Tap Tempo foot switch
  • Preset bank select button
  • 6.3 mm Stereo jack in-/ output
  • MIDI IN and MIDI THRU connections
  • Mini USB port for PC connection (Windows and Mac compatible)
  • 6.3 mm TRS jack footswitch- or expression pedal input
  • Switch for selecting external control units (expression pedal or footswitch)
  • 3.5 mm Source Audio control input to connect with compatible Source Audio devices
  • Compatible with Source Audio Hot Hand
  • Compatible with the Neuro Mobile App (incl. a 3.5 mm to 6.3 mm TRS cable for connecting the mobile device)
  • Power consumption: 200 mA
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 114 x 114 x 51 mm
  • Weight: 450 g
  • Incl. 9 V DC power supply (300 mA polarity (-) inside)
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Analogico No
Delay Time 1,2 s
tap feature Yes
Battery Operation No
PSU included Yes
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Best of the best!
Carnivore 25.08.2017
Let me introduce myself: I am a delay freak.

During the years, both for live and studio applications, I?ve been trying all sorts of delay pedals, racks, multieffects and emulations as from the mid 80?s. From the analog to digital, from the standard to the obscure, for the boutique to the popular units.

At present, I do own 14 delay pedals, 7 dedicated delay rack units, 9 high range multieffects with delay and many digital emulations, including plug-ins.

I did not expect something that surprises me, at any price range. This little pedal did. It would cover ANY possible delay need you may have, the level of external control is insane, it looks good, it sound sick and is built like a tank. Simply fantastic.

The only (cool!) spec that disappointed me was its Android control. Even when the idea is fantastic and well executed, the touch/feel was somehow awkward and complicated to me. But you can just use the pedal from hardware with no worries, so even that is a minor con (aside from being extremely subjective as a perception).

This delay is a master of all trades and compares at par or surpasses by far all other options in the market, including some much more expensive.

Highly recommended from my side


Killer "Super Delay"
mouth 31.01.2018
I love delays, I love delays that offer plenty of tones and tweakability, but are easy to use. I love delays that have character. I found all of this in Nemesis.

I've been using TC Nova Repeater prior to this, since it was easy to use and change stuff on fly, had a nice modulation control and several usable delay engines. It worked great live, but I wanted a change, I missed oscillation and wanted to get rid of the 12V power need to get the best of it.

Enter Nemesis. Its 12 default delay engines are fantastic and already useful a lot. The preset option is exactly what I need to fine tune my favorite tones and easily use them live (especially if I add an external switch). Not only that, but Neuro app (and desktop Neuro) offer extra options, new engines and user shared presets. You can even use it as a bit crusher or a modulation pedal. Awesome! And I didn't even get into the MIDI capabilities, 128 presets that it can open up and stereo delay option..

You'd be hard pressed to find a better "Super Delay" that offers the same amount of options, tones, engines and tweakability it this form factor and this price point. I know I couldn't, not even at higher price point.


Creativity explored
Anonymous 12.03.2017
Having gone through different delay pedals, I should say that Nemesis is definitely a game changer. Packed with tons of features (tap tempo, midi, expression control etc) and a number of delay algorithms and preset selection, this pedal can cover a lot of ground.

Engines are good out of the box, but the pedal offers so much in terms of tweaking that one can easily dial great tones. Setting up the Neuro app was quite easy and allowed me to quickly access additional algorithms (I particularly liked the newly released Echorec inspired engine). This is really a creativity tool which allows one to get lost for hours on an ambient discovery journey.

Pedal controls are very intuitive so one can get lots of customization without resorting to the app. I did find the modulation a bit on the excessive side out of the box but, as already said, very easy to tone things down as needed to match personal preferences. Was a bit skeptical before buying due to the pedal having no dry through (Source Audio went for a full digital path), however I didn't notice any impact to my signal (A/D/A converters are really good).

Overall, really impressed with the pedal, for the value it brings to the table at a really competitive price. Definitely a keeper.


Michal Benes 11.11.2020
Great price. I compare it with Eventide H9 and SA Nemesis win for me. Lot of great sounding delays, tons of posibilities to edit via app. Lof of midi parameters you can change through my switching system.


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