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Compressor plug-in (download)

  • "Beat-Detection"-based Up Compressor and Down Expander
  • Amplifies each stroke individually to reach the set target level
  • Level reduction and expansion follows the beat of the drum with transient accuracy and ensures artifact-free transient reproduction
  • Two different thresholds allow you to edit any level range
  • To influence only certain beats in a track, e.g. Ghost Notes or disturbing interferences, without risking effects on other beats.
  • Operating modes: Mono, Stereo, Dual Mono, Center/Side (M/S)
System Requirements
  • Shipping Format: E-Mail
  • License validity: perpetual
  • Copy Protection: iLok 2 / iLok 3 (401447) / Machine License
  • Simultaneous Activations: 2
  • Windows: from 7
  • Mac OS (64 Bit): from 10.9
  • CPU min.: Intel Core
  • RAM min.: 2 GB
  • add. System requirements: Internet Connection for Installation and Activation, iLok License Manager
Supported Formats
  • AAX native 64-Bit
  • AU 64-Bit
  • VST2 64-Bit
  • VST3 64-Bit
available since October 2016
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Psychoacoustic tool / Enhancer / Exciter Yes
Restauration No
Reverb No
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A game changer when it comes to drum editing!
MrMesh 21.03.2019
Once you own this wondrous multi-tool, you'll marvel how you made do without it. Aside from helping level out the dynamics of (at times) questionably played parts, it serves as a gate with in an internal sidechain, and it can be used creatively with unexpected results by dialling in extreme values on the gain and compression dials. Also a great tool if you use plugins like Slate Trigger where you find that certain hits may fall below the triggering threshold.

Only shame is that there's not a better auto-detect for fills which often require a lot of careful automation plotting.
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A must-have for modern drum production
Punch Sector Studios 25.06.2018
This is one of those plugins that does something that you can't quite do in other ways. At least not without a bit of work.

Drum Leveler makes it super easy to level out real recorded drums, no matter if you want super even hits or just a bit of leveling out. I use it all the time for kick, snare, and toms, and it just does the job.

It does take some time to figure out the controls, but with a look in the manual you'll know what to do pretty quickly. Especially ghost notes can be tricky, but some experimenting will make it work, much thanks to the display where you can see exactly what's going on.

A pleasant surprise that I found was the gate. It's incredibly easy to use, especially compared to most other gates I've tried. Again, the display helps a lot (even though you're not usually meant to mix with your eyes hehe).

To be honest, I don't think anyone really need 20 different EQ's and 20 compressors, but this is a thing that you'll want to have if you're dealing with real recorded drums in a modern setting. I can happily recommend this plugin.
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Schneller Helfer
Nico4482 01.02.2018
Ein wirklich gutes Tool um die Lautstärken der Drums anzupassen. Sehr leicht zu bedienen und bei keiner Produktion mehr wegzudenken. Kann den Drum Leveler jedem empfehlen, der noch mit echten Drumsignalen und nicht nur mit Samples arbeitet.
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