Sony MDR-7506

Studio and DJ Headphones

  • Closed
  • Circumaural
  • Impedance: 63 Ohm
  • Sound pressure level: 106 dB
  • Frequency range: 10 - 20 000 Hz
  • Cable length: 1.2 m
  • 3.5 mm jack plug
  • Screw-mounted 6.3 mm adapter
  • Weight with cable: 298 g
  • Weight without cable: 230 g
  • Including bag

Further Information

Design Over-Ear
System Closed Back
Impedance 63 Ohms
Frequency range 10 Hz – 20000 Hz
Adapter Yes
Replaceable Cable No
Color Black

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Sony MDR-7506
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Sony MDR-7506
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They work great with electronic percussion.
Gerardo5491, 16.07.2020
I wanted to get headphones for electronic drums, I read a lot of reviews and the two headphones that were mentioned the most were the Beyerdynamic DT770 (80 ohms) and the Sony MDR7506.
Now why I decided to buy the Sony, because of the cable length! which it is extremely important when playing an instrument, so it won't disturb me on the snare drum, or I can pass the cable around and below the piano, etc.
So in this case I chose the Sony over the Beyerdynamic with short cable.
Now, I ordered the Sony MDR7506 and two more headphones who had great reviews, the TDJ 1000 and Superlux HD330.
The price difference is huge! Yet I can tell you those two last can really stand a battle against headphones with higher price.
I compared those three with a MacBook Pro, a Piano Roland FA08 and electronic percussion Roland Octapad.
The results.
Cable length and flexibility, Sony wins!
Bass or Low Frequency - TDJ1000 has very deep bass but sounds a bit like inside a box, if you are a bass lover your might feel like you would like your Sony MDR7506 to have a bit more bass, don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they have no bass, they do, just not super boom. And at the end, what is good about it, it is good that the Sony offers a loyal reproduction of the original recording without enhancing or creating a fictitious extra bass.
And I questioned myself, if they are not the most powerful in bass then why many people advice them for electronic drums?
After I tried again and again these 3 headphones, I arrived to the conclusion that with the TDJ1000 and the Superlux HD330 there seemed to be a little bit of a problem managing all the music pressure sent by the instrument, I understood that the Sony MDR7506 have enough of what it takes to manage to transmit on time the music pressure sent by the instrument, in this case electronic percussion, the Sony are performing very natural and you will feel like you can hear every instrument, not only low frequencies but also high, while with the other two headphones seems like you miss something when you play fast on the snare drum.
To be honest, listening music in computer or playing in the piano Roland FA08 the comparison was though, but there was a clear difference when testing the headphones on the Roland Octapad.
So I chose as best the Sony MDR7506, they can handle it all.
A few more words about the bass on the Sony headphones, you won't feel the type of boom that sometimes might feel cheap and like inside a box, but instead you will feel the bass in the aspect that you feel the pressure of music bouncing the headphone magnets.
In fact, if you are in low budget and the cable length is not a problem, then the best are Superlux HD330 for around twenty something Euros, amazing price. If you are only about bass and nothing else matters to you, then the TDJ1000 for less than 20 euros. If you are gonna use professional instruments, electronic drums, both high and low frequencies matter, cable length matter for confort, you want a very loyal reproduction of the music you are playing, then the Sony MDR7506.
They come with a jack adapter on screw type which is great.
A headphones bag.
Cons - feels like the ear pads material won't last so long, feels slim, and I found out that the ear pads replacements cost around 20 euros each one, so on two of them that makes 40 euros which it is 50% the price of the headphones, this is simply stupid by Sony.
I lay it down, you play it out. Make your choice ))
Thanks Thomann for great customer service available in several languages and staff always competent, polite and happy to help. Great variety, prices, fast dispatch and delivery, safe packing.
It usually takes less than 10 days to arrive to Saint Petersburg, Russia, tracking code provided.
Greetings from a Mexican living in Russia.
Vielen Danke!
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an upgrade worth having
Karyan , 14.05.2019
the purpose of this monitors is to tell you the truth and that's exactly what they do, i am using them to "train" my ears to be sharper and more accurate and they are wonderful for that purpose.
in my case is for voice and vocal monitoring and they pick up a WIDE spectrum of sound and deliver it as advertised.
Pros: honesty of sound and good build quality, as well as look good in my opinion,
Cons: price can be an issue , but they are an industry standard .
And as mentioned, comfort is not their strong suit. after about 30-60 mins you feel ear fatigue and have to re-adjust them.
Pro&con: the non detachable curled cable ,is conformable while recording, but in editing after a while you feel the weight of the bulky cable on your left side.

conclusion : BUY! its the best education that your ears can get if you wanna advance your skills .
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colinrobot, 05.08.2020
I bought these after buying a pair of Audio Technica M40X . Both were for use as home studio monitoring and field recording with a Zoom H4n Pro (Black) . I found the ATM40X Very heavy, hurt my ears and had quite a lot of bass. So i bought the Sony MDR-7506 and found them more pleasing to the ear and a lot lighter on the ears physically and way more comfortable.
That said the structure is a little feeble and the small wires protruding either side are an accident waiting to happen. The coiled cable is great for getting across the room but the weight and the fact it's not detachable isn't great.
All in all i'm happy with them they sound great especially in use with Sonarworks Reference Software . They work really well with the H4n Pro shame the cable is so long in that respect but you can always coil it up in your pocket while searching for sounds in the field.
If your looking for studio or field recording Cans on a budget these are for you and you can't go wrong with that price tag!!
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I'm hearing sounds I couldn't hear before!!!
I purchased these headphones after I heard a sound engineer recommending it in an audio course. Before these headphones I had invested only in cheap, poor quality headphones that cost around $10-50.

I thought I could hear most things with those kinds of headphones although with a weaker bass. When I put these on and I listened to some of my favorite music, I started to hear sounds I had never heard before.

I even listened to the audio course again and I could hear some hum and buzz I couldn't hear before. I hear lower frequencies easier with these headphones without too much emphasis on bass so it doesn't sound like bass speakers you put back on your car.

The comfort, luckily, is great since I have used other closed headphones where my ears start to hurt after a few minutes, an hour or so since I wear glasses(!). These are very comfortable and I can adjust the headphones easily to fit my slightly big head.

These headphones are also great for computer games where audio is extremely important. In one computer game I could suddenly hear my opponents better and I would hear echoes of my weapons that I had never heard before (not even in $50 headphones).

The 1/4" connector adapter is great if I would ever need it sometime. Right now, I am using the 1/8" standard connector. And a final thought; I love the fact that you see "R" (for right) and "L" (for left) on the headphones. It's such a simple thing but nonetheless, crucially important, particularly if you want to hear things correct (whether audio work or computer games where you need to listen).

I highly recommend these professional (and very cheap, in my opinion) headphones to anyone who either wants to be hear their opponents better in computer games, hear better when doing audio post-production or if you just want to enjoy all instruments and frequencies in every high quality song you have.

I would only mention one warning about these headphones (or any closed for that matter); if you haven't been using any closed headphones for a while, you will have to get used to hearing your own voice in a slightly lower volume.

I talk in Skype and Mumble and I tend to speak louder now because I cannot hear myself the same way I used to and some people say that I "speak louder than usual". Just a small thing to keep in mind and get used to when you get closed headphones.

So, throw away your cheap headphones and invest in these ones instead. They are DEFINITIVELY worth every single penny of the price! ^^,
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Available immediately

This item is in stock and can be dispatched immediately.

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