Sonitus Acoustics The Kicker 2.0 22"x20" Pillow


Bass Drum Pillow

  • Suitable for 22" x 20" bass drums
  • With a suitable groove for boundary microphones such as Shure Beta 91 A
  • Also suitable for any other microphone with Sonitus Acoustics The Kicker Mic Stand (article nr 366695 - not included)
  • Small cable duct
  • Made of high quality polyester
  • Batter head and resonant head are damped simultaneously
  • Eliminates unwanted frequencies
  • Provides powerful and very precise sound
  • Colour: Anthracite

Note: Mic stand and microphone not included

available since February 2015
Item number 358015
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Type Muffling Pad
Size 22''
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Great product, but beware the size!
Anonymous 08.07.2015
This muffling system works wonders. Easy to put in place and stays in place, and gives the drum a rich and deep bass tone without dampening it too much. Absolutely loving it! However, the size is listed as depth x diameter, and not as the more common diameter x depth. My bass drum is 22" diamater x 20" depth, so this was the wrong size for me when I ordered it. I still made it work though, by cutting down the depth by 2" so it fit into my bass drum. As I said, it still does a great job muffling the bass drum! Just make sure you order the right size. :)


The perfect pillow!
Anonymous 09.01.2017
I bought the kicker 2.0 because I wanted something to muffle my bass drum without worrying about size. I also don't use a microphone, I just wanted it to be smaller.

Needless to say, this is a perfect fit and it does it's job!

As for the quality, the foam material is strong and it doesn't feel like it'll give out. The velcro is glued on very well. I don't think you'll have any problems with using a microphone inside the bass drum.

As far as the sound goes, I use this with my thick GMAD head ring and it is quite punchy which I like! It still keeps the overall boom of the bass drum but makes for a good snappy rock kick.

Overall a great product, I recommend it!


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Love this Kicker!
Killerwhale 30.10.2017
This has done wonders for my bass drum sound! I truly recommend it!
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