Sommer Cable The Spirit LLX


Instrument Cable / Sold By The Metre

  • High end low loss instrument cable for stage, studio or installation
  • Extremely low capacitance values
  • Robust, twist-proof and easy to wrap
  • Low-loss, detailed and neutral transmission characteristics
  • Double shielding by combining copper mesh and conductive carbon shield

  • Construction - LI2Y (LS) CY 1 x 0.38 mm²
  • Jacket / diameter: 7.5 mm
  • AWG: 21
  • diameter: 1 x 0.70 mm²
  • @Cu strand per wire: 19
  • Conductor insulation: Foam / Skin PVC
  • Shielding: Tinned copper mesh + semi-conductor
  • Shielding factor: 1--%
  • Temperature range: min. -30 ° C / max. +70 ° C
  • Fire load per metre : 0.26 kWh
  • Weight at 1 m: 62.2 g
  • Colour: Transparent black

Electrical Specifications:

  • Conductor capacity / shield at 1 m: 52 pF
  • Conductor resistance at 1 km: 48 Ohm
  • Insulation resistance at 1 km:> 1 GOhm
Colour Black
Diameter 0,7 mm²
available since October 2014
Item number 351300
sales unit 1 metre(s)
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Too fat for my jack connectors but great cable
mon ami mon ami 13.11.2020
First attempt at making my own jack leads with this cable and I am happy with the results. The cable is extremely durable and well protected. The copper braiding is high quality and plentiful.

However the match with Neutrik NP2X-B connectors is not made in heaven. I should have read up about this beforehand but didn't. The cable is too thick to comfortably close the connectors tight. But not impossible. I ended up slicing some thickness off the cable to allow the connector to seat flush with itself. Even then it was pretty difficult to force the threads to close.

Still now it's done I'm extremely satisfied with the cable, it carries sound same as the pros and seems undefeatable.


SOMMER is a giant!
fataldiz 24.04.2020
The first time I tried a Sommer cable, I was blown away by its durability and quality of construction. Also its clarity was so obvious.
I often do gigs and surely my cables are being exposed in anything but gentle treat.
It was a matter of time before purchasing it by the metre, so I could build my own cables. Excellent cable, with the capacity demanded.
Really recommended over cables that are overpriced without any good reason. +5 stars!!


The Best Of The Best
Steve4542 16.06.2015
The thing about instrument cable is capacitance.

Most instrument cable is made Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) these days, which helps ensure little is lost in conductance, but capacitance can roll of the treble your amp gets from your instrument.

Capacitance in cable is per metre, so the longer the cable run, the more capacitance, and the more treble gets rolled off. This cable has the lowest capacitance of all by quite a margin, at 52pF per metre.

It's not unusual for other instrument cable to have twice or even three times that figure, so it's easy to see this cable is a clear winner.

In practice, it's clear and musical, open and airy, and whether using short or long cable runs, sounds the same. It really is the best of the best, and is extremely hard to source.

The fact that Thomann sell it by the metre at an excellent price is great news, and represents a serious bargain.

Highly recommended.


Another sound...
Doc_Mayhem 04.01.2022
The LLX is a great cable, works -really- fine with the high impedance input of my tube amps and deliver a crisp and airy sound i like veeeery much.
Being quite difficult to plug some RCA Amphenols on it, the assembly requires a little more attention but the result is satisfatory.

Thanks a lot to all Thomann people, top-notch customer care and laser-speed delivery!!!