Sommer Cable The Spirit


High End Instrument Cable

  • For stage, studio or installations
  • Very punchy, clear sound for bass, guitar, keyboard, etc.
  • Thanks to special stranding and a very thick wire cross section
  • Triple shielding by combining copper mesh and conductive carbon shield
  • Low loss in transmission due to low capacitance
  • Very flexible and easy to wind thanks to use of fine individual strands
  • Extremely durable and robust thanks to a special, high-quality PVC sheath compound

Technical data:

  • Wire cross-section: 1 x 0.50 mm²
  • Jacket / Diameter: PVC / 7 mm
  • Cu strand per wire: 28 x 0.15 mm²
  • Conductor insulation: PE 2.4 mm
  • Shielding: Double tinned copper mesh + PE layer
  • Shielding factor: 100%
  • Temperature range: -30°C to +70°C
  • Fire load per metre: 0.26 kWh
  • Weight per 1 m: 66 g

Electrical data:

  • Capacitance conductor/shield per 1 metre: 78 pF
  • Conductor resistance per 1 km: 38.2 Ohm
  • Insulator resistance per 1 km: > 1 G Ohm
Colour Black
Diameter 0,5 mm²
available since July 2005
Item number 183601
sales unit 1 metre(s)
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Good sound, medicore quality
alseick 09.10.2019
The sound of this cable is quite balanced and punchy, quite tight. The only thing which it lacks in my opinion is the thickness like in LLX or tweed series.

Unfortunately I think that Sommer has kept the old prices but the quality of their cables is worse, the font has changed, and to me it seems the white material used to cover the hot wire and the black screen changed as well, now it is less clean when screen is removed and white material melts easier. It used to be good compared to other products, now it is nothing exceptional.

Since it is cheap, I would say it deserves a good note compared to more expensive Sommer models, which seem to bring same quality for much higher price.


Best Sommer Cable for your money
Anonymous 06.05.2015
I initially got this cable to make some stationary patch cables,
since I read that it's a bit too stiff. Well, it's not.

If you're thinking about going all "Sommer" with your cables, this cable is
probably the best choice for the money. It's low capacitance, even lower than the
"Sommer Cable The Spirit XXL" cable, which is more expensive.
It goes well with all kinds of plugs (I've soldered the cheap thomann, Amphenol and Neutrik plugs on it) and is easy to skin and solder.

It's flexible enough for a stage guitar cable, which will last a good while. I prefer it
over ther "Sommer Cable The Spirit XXL" cable because of the better price and sound quality. It makes a very good decent quality standard instrument cable suitable for stage and studio.


Sounds great and easy to work with
Anonymous 26.10.2014
This a great cable choice for wiring guitar rigs. It sounds great, is flexible enought for use in racks and on pedal boards and is easy to work with.

I used this cable to wiring a large guitar rack and pedal shelf, and it's proved an excellent choice.

It's very flexible, which is important when trying to keep a rack rig neat and manageable, and is exceptionally easy to use when wiring jack plugs. The jacket and shield will strip easily and take ther pain out of making hundreds of cables in a single sitting.

It's hard to evaluate the tone of a cable without having several other types to compare against, and even then is doubtful that there will perceivable difference. When wiring a whole rig however, and using nearly 100m of cable and approx 50 individual cables and the cheaper stuff tends to reveal itself with treble loss and the need for buffering. The Sommer cable however, performs brilliantly.

A great product. It would nice to get it in soem different colours though.


My favourite
Martin33 02.12.2021
My favourite instument cable. No signal loss, sturdy. Using these for years withnout any problem!