SKB 3i SKB56 Single Cut Case


Guitar Case

  • For single cut guitars
  • Water proof hardshell case made from casted plastic
  • Reinforced frame
  • Durable hinges
  • Locks with "TSA Approved Lock"
  • 3 Handles
  • 2 Reels
  • Colour: black
  • Weight: 8.89 kg
available since April 2010
Item number 241960
sales unit 1 piece(s)
Colour Black
Cases For ST-Style Guitars No
Cases For T-Style Models No
for double cut models No
Cases For V-Style Guitars No
foe semi-hollowbody models No
for single cut models Yes
Cases For Jazzguitars No
For Other Models No
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Flew 'checked in' all the way to Costa Rica
yamilhas 04.05.2017
I flew home (Costa Rica) with my beloved 2013 Gibson Les Paul Signature 'T' and was FORCED to check in my guitar for such flight.
I already had a hard case but did not want to take my chances with my Gibson so I decided to spend my hard earned Euros on this thing.

The thing is HUGE.. its heavy and its robust like nothing I have ever seen before.
The guitar fits inside nothing short from PERFECT in its bed. Mind you, mine has that Force-G tuning system (which is the biggest and clunkiest tuners found on any Gibson) and the most projected part of the tuners stays clear from the bottom of the case by at least 2 cm or more. Meaning, I cannot see how on earth the headstock could possibly touch the case even with the most ill intended and hateful treatment that the airport gorillas provide.

The case arrived in my beloved country safe and sound after 22 hours of flight, 3 airplane changes!!

When I got home I could immediately tell that the airport luggage handling gorillas DID beat the hell out of it as I found some serious scratches and dents on the outside bottom of the case. When I opened the case while sweating cold like a zombie I found the guitar was 100% intact inside!!!

What else do you need to know? Visit Costa Rica with your Les Paul :P


JimJammer 03.03.2021
TL:DR version: NOT for PRS Single Cut Guitars but great for a Gibson Les Paul.

LONG version:

I have 3 Gibson Les Pauls and 3 PRS Single cuts. An array of gig bags and hard cases in various states of repair encouraged me to go looking for a serious hard case for my beloved, favourite guitars and I figured that just going straight to the top would be as good a place as any to start. I spoke with Thomann and the information I got was "These cases are good for single cut guitars". I thought, right, ok then, just enough capacity in the shaping to allow for discrepancies between the shape of a Les Paul and the shape of a PRS. Awesome. Let's do this...".

This case is seriously hardcore. I'm confident that if the plane came down while shipping me and my guitar somewhere abroad, crash investigators would find my guitar and the plane's black box recorder in the wreckage and the black box would be asking my guitar how it came through the incident without a scratch. Properly robust. And worth every penny... if you've got a Gibson Les Paul-shaped guitar.

However, not so much for a PRS single cut. My Tremonti, Myers, and Marsden PRSs do not fit. Well they do, but with one serious issue.

Your PRS single cut will fit into the shaped cavity reasonably well. Not as precisely as with a definite Les Paul shaped guitar but with a little wriggling, pretty well. Not well enough for you to think "Perfect!" but well enough that you'd be satisfied.

But then...

Inside the case, on the lid side, there is a pad that sticks out and is designed to hold the body of the guitar in place, just behind the hard tail piece. The carved top of a Les Paul allows that to work perfectly.

However, the PRS single cut has a neck heel that is shaped slightly differently to the Les Paul. What happens is that the guitar will *just* fit into the cavity but when you close the lid, the pad behind the tailpiece pushes the body down into the cavity while the neck heel does not want to go any further into the moulded shape. This results in the tail of the body moving down, and the headstock and neck moving up away from the case, with the heel as a point of rotation.

This means that the neck of your beautiful PRS single cut will be bent backwards when the lid of the case is fully closed. And I'm fairly sure you do not want that! I certainly don't.

I really want these cases for my PRS single cuts. But I suspect I'm going to need to talk to SKB directly to find out how/where I can get one, 'cos it ain't from Thomann.


SKB 3i SKB56 Les Paul style/ Single Cut Case
Michael5689 06.10.2015
If you plan to fly with your guitar, from my experience there simply isn't a better case that these iSeries SKB cases. I fly and travel with my band alot so I needed to find a case that would stand up to it. This particular case is designed to fit Gibson Les Paul style guitars (also fits left handed Les Pauls like my own one) It also fits similar shaped guitars such as theESP/Ltd Eclipse , Yamaha SG, and Ibanez Artist style guitars. There is also plenty of room inside the case for your spare strings, tuner, spare leads etc.
The handles on either side of the case and wheels are very useful when you have to walk long distances with the case as it is quite heavy. The 4 TSA latches are high quality, two of them can be locked if desired for extra security. There are even holes to padlock the case too! These cases are also air tight and water proof! I have done 4 flights so far with the case and it is still perfect apart from the usual scuffs cases recieve when thrown around by baggage handlers at airports.
The iSeries cases are a bit more expensive than the standard SKB cases or other brands cases, but it is well worth paying the extra money for the level of protection these cases offer. I now have total peace of mind when I fly with my vintage Gibson Les Paul knowing there is no chance of it getting damaged from mishandling.
Full marks, well done on a greatly designed case SKB.


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flight case ultime
FZD 08.06.2012
Ce n'est sans doute pas l'étui guitare le plus subtile du monde. Si vous cherchez du bois, du cuir et de la noblesse, celui-ci n'est pas pour vous. Construit aux normes militaires dans un plastique à l'épreuve des balles, cette boite semble plus prévue pour transporter un lance-roquettes...
Reste qu'une fois votre Les Paul calée au mm dans son écrin de velours (un peu rêche, le velours, mais sans danger pour les vernis les plus fragiles), vous saurez que votre investissement est à l'abris d'une guerre nucléaire (ou d'un tsunami, vu que l'étui est totalement étanche)

Fonctionne aussi bien pour droitier que pour gaucher, compatible avec les security locks, espace de rangement suffisant pour câbles+sangle+cordes+petit bordel habituel.

Enfin pour ceux qui se posent la question (judicieuse) du poids, c'est un rhinocéros et demi. Mais SKB a la parade: une paire de roulettes bien silencieuses (et facilement remplaçables, c'est monté façon roller-blade).