Shure SM57LC Bundle II


Bundle offer comprising

Shure SM57 LC

  • Dynamic Instrument Microphone

Dynamic cardioid microphone for recording instruments and vocals. Its bright, clean sound and carefully contoured presence rise make it the ideal tool for live performances and studio recordings. The cardioid pickup pattern isolates the source and effectively reduces the recording of background noise. In the studio, the SM57 is ideal for recording drums, guitar, and woodwinds. The SM57 is not only the first choice for professional musicians, it has also been at the podium of the US President for over 30 years. Its outstanding performance, legendary reliability, and diversity of application make it the choice of performers, producers and engineers around the world.

  • Cardioid
  • Contoured frequency response for clear instrumental and sonorous vocal recordings
  • Decrease of percussion, drums and instruments amplifiers in professional quality
  • Cardioid for isolated signal source and reduces distracting background noise
  • Pneumatic shock minimizes handling noise
  • Holds even heavy use in stage use was
  • Frequency response: 40-15000 Hz
  • Output Impedance: 310 Ohm
  • Open circuit sensitivity: -54.5 dBV / Pa (1.88 mV)
  • Dimensions (L x Ø): 157 x 32 mm
  • Weight: 284 g
  • Incl. clamp, 3/8"Thread Adapter and Bag
  • Matching windscreen: Art. 264694 Substitute basket: Article 149561 (both not included)

Roadworx Mic Stand + Cable 10 m Pack

  • Microphone Stand Set
  • Consists of microphone stand and microphone cable
  • 10 m Microphone cable with 3-pin XLR connectors
  • High quality flexible cable
  • Microphone stand with boom
  • Plastic tripod base
  • Maximum usable height of the stand including boom: 190 cm
  • Adjustable height of centre column 75 - 130 cm
  • Length of boom: 65 cm
  • Diameter of stand: 64 cm
  • Transport length of tripod: 74 cm
  • Thread 3/8" with 5/8" adapter
  • Weight of stand: 1.46 kg
  • Includes clamp for cable routing
Available since April 2010
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Microphone Set For Guitars Yes
Microphone Set For Drums Yes
Microphone Set For Vocals & Speech Yes
Microphone Set For Cameras No
Microphone Set For Wind Instruments Yes
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411 Reviews

Industry Standard!
Graham W. 31.05.2013
This a great mic for many applications. It works effortlessly on Guitar amps and Snares as well as Acoustic Guitar...well just about everything really.
It can even be great on Vocals (voice dependent of course).

It's built like a tank to the best quality, like every Shure mic i ever used.

As for extra features....its doesn't have any extras cos it doesnt them.

Simply put, there is a reason every studio in the world have multiple SM57's in their mic lockers!

If you don't have this mic, do yourself a favor and buy at least 1!

All over it's a 5 Star must have.


Great value, great mic
JamieB 30.04.2014
When I was looking to add a few more bog standard microphones to my recording setup the obvious choice is to go for a Sure sm57. Its a no frills but super well built and durable microphone. It is also a time tested industry standard for many applications whether it be a snare drum or guitar cab. So as I looked around for the cheapest price I found Thomann to be the go to place. I then realized that for ridiculously low additional cost that I could get a mic stand and XLR lead along with it as part of the bundle. Mic stand is well built and reliable, XLR is much the same.

An all round good buy.


Shure sm57
Kaos13 10.06.2013
for those who havent heard of this legendary microphone: the shure sm57 is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid pickup pattern (40hz-15khz low impedance). The sm57 comes with a stand adaptor and carry case. The sm57 is probably the most versatile microphone on the planet and features on almost all recording out there. I use it to mic up my guitar speaker cabinet, but it can be used for recording snare drums and vocals because of its clear and precise sound reproduction. This microphone can take a beating and you will not have to buy a new one. On top of that, this microphone never depreciates. Dont think twice, go get one now, you will not regret it.


Little but so powerful !
Stephane4242 20.11.2013
I am no sound engineer but I wanted to try and record something. I heard that SM57 were a great dynamic mic to capture guitars and snares. After buying a SM58 I wanted to get another "tool" in my recording kit. I have this friend, metal head to the core, wanted to get a demo done. Told him I was eager to learn and I wanted to help if he wanted. He said yes. Read you need to find a sweet spot on an amp, found it and we put the SM57 in front of his Marshall head. It was a pleasure ! we capture the guitars in no time, we barely touched the sound in the mix, just an EQ and a light compressor but nothing else. The SM57 did the whole job for us.
You can here what we've came up with here the same experience with my own drum kit. Place the SM57 over the snare and bang, it got it, it was like the shure got a mind of its own, knowing exactly what to do and what to capture. This is a great piece of equipment, every home studio need to have one. All rounder, small, lean but very powerful. The only little down is that the ring around the head rotates endlessly. It feels like you are unscrewing the top but you don't really. It gives me a weird feeling of "it's not robust enough". Don't get fooled. It is worth every cents.