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Shadow SH 800 NFX Kanun Pickup


Nanoflex pickup with preamp for Kanun

  • Nanoflex captures the string vibrations and the vibrations of the instrument's body simultaneously
  • The NFX pickup produces a sound that resembles that of a microphone bridge pickup combination
  • The active preamp with volume and tone control can be mounted to the edge of the instrument
  • The side of the housing contains the input socket for the pickup, a 6.3 mm output socket, and the battery
  • Due to the low power consumption of the preamp, the 3 V cell battery (2032) lasts for one year
instrument type Kanun
Active Yes
Passive No
Incl. Preamp Yes
available since June 2016
Item number 389680
Pickup System Nanoflex
Output Jack (mono)
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Highly recommended kanun Pickup.
EdwinB 31.10.2019
I bought this pickup and I am very happy to used it in all situations. I had no problem to dial a tone from this pickup.
From a musicians point of view, it delivers the exact tone and punch of the Acoustic Kanun. When it is used in a band situation, it easily cuts through the band sound with clarity.
From a sound engineering point of view on a digital mixer you can see a full frequency response and can easily dial a fantastic sound. This is way better than using a condenser microphone on the Kanun. With this pickup there is no feedback problems or uncontrolled overtones. The sound is very clean and punchy. The tone and volume Knobs also work very well to get a good sound. I have already used this Kanun Pickup for concerts and practices. It have delivered well in all situations.
Some tips: Make sure that the pickup is placed securely under the bridge of the Kanun. If you are using a soft case for the Kanun then make sure you must always remove the main device from the Kanun body (This is very easy to do).
I think this product gives good value for what it delivers. We don't have to deal anymore with microphones which is a big gamechanger. We don't waste time to dial a good sound. the device is extremely portable and has almost no weight.
I would highly recommend this pickup to other Kanun players and sound engineers.


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